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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 29, 2020


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Family Solicitor UK

loved it

Sara Johnson

I must say that my life hasn't changed as much as it has for a lot of people. I work from home, as does my husband, and we don't have children to entertain and home-school. I've got a neurological issue which limits my mobility and I'm happier snuggled up on the sofa with my crochet than being outdoorsy! And the main person I see (being a socially anxious introvert) is my mum, who I'm still seeing - albeit at a distance - to deliver shopping and do some bits around the house to keep her going. So, around here, it's largely business as usual!

Kari Dent

I knew there would be some internet police commenting on your 2 walks per day. There is a thing called quality of life. I dearly love England but right now I'm glad I'm American. I simply would not be able to stay home 23 hours per day. I take a 2 hour bike ride every day and it is glorious and necessary. Many blessings, Lucy.

Carolyn Dietrich

The blanket is stunning! Love the bright colors. Your photos of the blossoming trees lifted my spirits. So glad you have a space to be outside - how lovely that it now includes trees! Thank you for sharing your life with me. It fills me with joy during this strange time. I'm glad you and your family are staying safe!

Jennifer Riley

Lovely post! I just finished my Dahlia CAL lockdown project as a single bed spread for my 8yo daughter. It's wonderful! If anyone reads this... It's there a pattern for the coaster/doily you have under the flower vase?

Marjory Gardner

Loved the gentleness of your blog, and the beautiful photos of your walk and the sunny spot in your garden. Here in Melbourne (Australia) we are bathed in cool days and Autumn colours, and our local scenery is stunning, though in a different way to yours. Our planned travel to the UK for June are out the window unfortunately, but reading blogs like yours is the next best thing! Keep safe.

Julie Terry

All right for some I would say. We are NOT allowed to sit on a park bench. Most of us dont have lovely walks on our doorsteps either. I have to stay home and haven't been out for 8 weeks . . .


As Winwick Mom says, thank you for keeping up your gentle sharing of pictures from your walks. It helps me when I drop in to "visit" via the blog to feel the normalcy of checking in. I'm feeling fortunate to stay home safe with my husband and two college student kids. I've been using my crochet projects as meditation and to add normalcy - a Moorland blanket in estuary colors for a nephew graduating high school. He loves to see the progress I've made - virtually, of course. I've also started learning new (difficult for me!) stitches for another granny square project using up my stash. I understand the peace an early morning walk brings and you inspire me to take a walk in the morning, too - well-suited up, of course. Take care and thank you, again.


Lovely to see the blossom when it's autumn here in Australia! Your walks look wonderful. And the colours of the blanket on your camping chair - stunning. Your blog is an oasis of beauty and calm, thank you.


Wonderful post as always Lucy. It is so important to find joy in the simple things in these difficult times. Like you I will never accept our lack of freedom as normal. Well done for your honesty. Love to you and your family x

Lucy, Kent ~ England

Well commented Scully. Lucy I too love your pics & blog and I try to appreciate the frustration of being surrounded by family in close confines. I have the exact opposite I as advised by my GP on 12th March to go into `Sheltering' until end of July. I live totally alone and speak to someone on the phone twice a week. I've so far lost 8 people to this virus, with 3 more in hospital on ordinary wards and 2 in intense care. I am unable to go into my tiny front garden as it is unsafe for me to access. Please, Please Lucy don't encourage people to break the rules. This is hard on us all. I have a friend in Cumbria who like myself is severely disabled and unable to get out, lake Windermere is as close as your park but off limits to her. She lives with a husband (they were starting to separate/divorce when lockdown came) and two late teenage sons in a 2 bed house. Another friend's Severely disabled & Autistic son does not understand the restrictions. You may see no one, but do you sit on the bench? It's now known the germs from this pandemic last on surfaces. You could be a carrier and never know. I write this as Scully did, not to be mean but to ask you and your followers to be aware of the dangers of "but it's only me doing it". Lucy, Kent


Hi Lucy,I love your little potted fruit trees and hope you get lots of fruit. The blossoms on the trees are so pretty and give you somewhere lovely to sit. Also really like your bluebell cross stitch. I have a cross stitch project too but it is going to take a while to finish. Wishing you a happy and safe weekend.

Nancy in Indiana, USA

I finally got around to making your oat pancakes this morning - delicious! It's always lovely to read your updates.

Nora Mcgrann

🌈❤🌈❤🌈 thank you Lucy xx


Here in the Illinois side of the St.Louis area, we’ve been in quarantine since March 19. It hasn’t been too bad for hubby and I as we’ve been retired and pretty much together for years now. I do miss going places but it’s okay because this virus is deadly. I’m mainly a quilter and have recently started cleaning out all my fabric places and putting things in boxes I want to get rid of. Our trees are still blooming and many of my flowers. Right now I’m anxiously waiting for my many iris to bloom. I saw our first hummingbird the other day and will set out our feeder for them. The birds have been very busy at our feeders lately and we’ve seen some new members coming in for a meal too. We have a huge family of about 2 dozen male Cardinals and their spouses that live in our bushes. They sing constantly to us. My lilacs are blooming near the feeder so they hide in the thick bushes for safety. We’ve recently seen a huge raccoon and a possum at the base of the feeders eating the black sunflower seed. I’m wondering when the deer will come to thrust their long tongues into the feeder. It’s spring and I’m so happy to be here.


Your new normal sounds delightful. I always enjoy your pictures and accounts of life in England. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, we are in Week 7 of shelter-in-place. We are encouraged to go outside and exercise within 5 miles of home as long as we can keep our distance from those not living with us. Like you, Denny and I are taking walks 2 or 3 times a day as too much sitting makes us crazy. Pictures from a recent walk will give you an idea of how isolated it is, although we do see people from time to time:


In a few days, some non-essential businesses will be allowed to re-open with restrictions. I'm a bit worried. We won't be changing our habits until there's a vaccine. Stay safe, and thanks again for sharing!


Your words & photos are a bright spot in these dark days. Here in L.A. we've been on lockdown since Mar. 19 & required to wear a cloth mask in public, so I've been sewing masks. Only going out to grocery shop & "that ain't easy" wearing a claustrophobic mask & trying to distance 6 ft., & find anything, but a small price to pay to save lives. It's very hot now & our a/c has been broken for a week now-ugh. But, definitely no going to a cool place or the ocean, so just lying in front of the fan, making little things & very grateful for all that we have..our lives.


Whilst I love your photos Lucy and understand the need to be alone...going out twice is a no-no as you put it. Where you live might be wonderfully quiet with very few people around, but if everyone who read your post decided to think it was a good idea to go out twice can you imagine how many more people that would be going outside?
I’m not saying this to be nasty, I’m saying it because it’s my job to advise people to follow the Govt advice....On a daily basis I’m seeing 100s of reports from people reporting Covid Breaches and for everyone they have to be dealt with and often officers have to risk themselves by going out and speaking to people. Ultimately it’s everyone’s responsibility to follow the guidelines so that we can get out of this lockdown earlier.
Again, not meaning to be nasty and I know your photos bring a lot of joy to people all around the globe, but it’s probably not wise to write on a public blog that you are breaching the guidance from the Govt. Stay Safe 💜

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy!
Thanks so much for your wonderful blog & photos. I love all your crochet tutorials, but also the wonderful photo journeys! It really makes me feel like I'm visiting you! That's such a gift!
I'm crocheting , papercrafting, gardening, & baking. I should be doing more housework, but the peaceful hobbies call to me more:)
Your bloom season is a bit ahead of ours(Akron, OHio,USA). It's so revitalizing to see the blooms. Thanks again for all you do!
Sue Floyd


We have been locked away in our house since 21 March BUT tomorrow we get to see the outside world for a 5km walk from our homes between 6 and 9am. Heavenly! I imagine we will see loads of trees turning for the winter. We have seen our autumn aloes flowering twice this year which has brought a new sunbird to our garden. So grateful that the weather has been sunny and we have been able to soak it up like lizards (oh and breathe all that lovely fresh air!) The gentle routine has been good for us and many things which kept us busy before will need to work hard to earn their place in our routine going forward. The one thing I miss desperately is we always hosted a variety of friends every Sunday for lunch. It was a weekly highlight - how much more now!!! I’ve loved getting out my grandmas cookery books and having time in the kitchen making things with my daughter talking about the hardships my various grabd and great grandparents went through and how their is nothing new under the sun (it just happens to be new to us). Have four crochet projects in the go to keep the hands busy. Thank you for sharing your safe from home life. It is lovely to know e are in it together. xxx

Winwick Mum

I'm really enjoying reading your home safe blog posts, I like the familiarity of being able to read about the things that still ticking along despite our unusual circumstances. And yes, of course that includes your crochet! :) xx


Ahhh so lovely to awaken and read your lovely blog with a warm cup of coffee in hand. In my spot across the pond from you, I feel so lucky during these strange days to live surrounded by tall trees now fully leafed and to have winding, wooded trails just out my back door. And now with the luxury of slowed time, I’m often walking, reading, contemplating and of course crocheting to my heart’s content—well not quite—there’s a dog and some chickens that need attention. Oh and also there’s a hubby and oldest son trapped with his parents at home who occasionally like a cooked meal. 😉 Thank you Lucy for everything you do and I cannot wait for the blanket you’re working on. x


Down to circumstances a few of my plants and trees ended in pots and were in there for ages. One of them is my now 40 years old cherry tree. It's a bonsai but a tad bigger ;>D Gives me hundreds of cherries every year. I've got a clematis the President and a Notofagus Antartica in pot to just like a Pinus Sylvestrus and a Sambucus nigra cerulea. All thrife with a yearly gift of old chicken manure of my own chickens. It's all possible. Isn't it a miracle, those flowers of the prunus? Love their abundance in such a short period. Oh yes, remember those days of 5 o'clock in the morning when my youngest with his loud personality woke up all of us. The oldest couldn't appreciate it. They can all sleep until noon now ;>p


I love your trees and your suntrap, perfect. I was just looking at a walnut tree I've got in a pot this morning and thinking it was looking good, although it doesn't have blossom. It's been glorious out there lately hasn't it. I've had my chair out in the sun after lunch and it was wonderful. I'm missing it now! My three are early risers as well, we're all still up first thing. I'm doing PE With Joe too, with the littlest boy. His biggest brother was doing it, but stopped, then the middle one tried it and it ended badly (fight!), so now I join in. I've been doing the loveliest dog walks with the youngest one in the evenings as well, all golden sunshine and lovely little front gardens to look at, the odd tree to climb, it's been good. I love the hot colours of your new blanket, brilliant, I shall look forward to seeing more. CJ xx


I too love all the blossom and, spiritually, I absorb all the beauty of the blossoms alongside you. After reading your commenteers, I think that bench must be pretty full as you enable us to enjoy the blossoms with you!
Stay safe

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