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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 20, 2020


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I'm really happy to hear that you've prioritized your health and well being. Sometimes it's hard to let go of causes/projects that we love but the long term prospects are better when you prioritize your health. Good luck, Lucy!

Gaina Owen

I love your blog and look forward to reading the all the snippets of what’s going on in your life! The photos are uplifting,and it’s like taking a walk along with you. I seem to be crocheting baby blankets non-stop lately, for family and friends of!, I can’t wait to get back to making big colourful throws again!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and creativity with us all. I’m so glad I found your blog that day. I will continue you follow along with you, (and everyone else) now that I’m also self isolating. ‘Stuff’ will be finished!,😂
I hope you and your family will continue to thrive, and everyone else out there too.
Happy crocheting!!! Gaina XXX


Good idea to retire from Yarndale. You've done a brilliant job, but life changes and reducing stress is paramount. If it's any consolation when I see pictures of you at events, you really do not look in your 50s! This is the time of life when you need to revaluate and top of that must be your health. Best wishes to you and your family and take care. And your blog is a little beacon of light in these dark times and a bonus is, it doesn't involve waiting in a queue!!!


Thanks for written.... I LOVE your blog!!!

Mary Sparrowhawk

Hello Lucy I would like to thank you for giving me the confidence to start crocheting. I have made a few of your blankets thanks to your
brilliant tutorials. I was fortunate enough to visit Yarndale last year for the first time and found your stand but unfortunately didn't get to meet you,but enjoyed walking through the park with all the crochet buntings for Yarndale. I enjoy reading your blogs and giving us a peep into your life and the lovely scenery surrounding your part of the country.Take care and keep well.


You gotta do what you gotta do. I do enjoy your posts.


Same to you, Lucy. At the moment, it seems there's a possibility that there won't even be a Yarndale, but let's hope that this awful virus is gone by then.

You and your family should come first. We all do what we can do. Any more than that causes stress which is not a good thing. Denny and I are now working at home and enjoying that we can now take walks around the neighborhood at lunchtime together which was not previously possible. There are definite advantages, but I hate seeing what it's doing to the economy. I realize that many people can't work from home, so it's much harder on them and on people with children. Hang in there! Hugs to you ♥


Thank you Lucy for being there ! In France schools are closed, shops are closed except for fresh food, churches are closed .Fortunately internet keeps working and is the way to stay Connected with families and friends. Your blog is so sweet and colorful. What we need at the moment !


Dear Lucy
Aaaawwww, I hate to see you leave Yarndale, but I totally - TOTALLY - get it. There are so many things happening when you reach this age and with children in teenage years... You want to hold on, embrace the precious time left with them in the house and make sure you have a venture for yourself to avoid the big emptyness that will follow them leaving the nest one day. For example, and so many other things aswell.
In these challenging times I can't help but rethinking everything I have and do and don't do in my life, it is a real eye opener, health and family is the most important after all... I've turned to blogging, never thought I would again, but the last few days I've shared and shared and it has felt so good to reconnect with old readers. Our community is fantastic! I hope to see you around in our Blogland, maybe we could meet up for an online coffee at some point. Would be nice. Take care Lucy and see you around. you know where to find me and I'm not going anywhere (as if???!!!).
Much love and courage!



EL from FL

I am very glad that you will continue this luminous, inspiring blog. I follow it every day. You are a source of color and light, and you do make my day brighter.

Miss Daisy

Aaugh , getting older. I will be 65 next month and I have to say it's been different, definitely an eye opener. We adjust , slow down , prioritize , it's all Good. You are refreshing , not at all and I love that , you're approachable. I know you will be missed at Yarndale. I admire you for so many reasons. Sooo, just keep being you , take care and be safe. Do we dare hope for more posts , love going on your ramblings.


Lucy, you taught me to crochet and I feel I have come to know you and your family through reading your blog over the years. I look forward to each new post and I have tried so many of your wonderful patterns that you share so generously.
Thank you for the pleasure you have given me. Crochet has helped me to survive some very difficult times in the past few years and I couldn't have done it without you and your Attic! Your difficult times will pass and you can find your reward in knowing the pleasure, peace and comfort you have given to others. Thank you.

Mary Bradshaw

I share the sentiments of Patricia Brambley:
Lucy, thank you for teaching me to crochet through your pages. My absolute first attempt was your ripple blanket and I am currently working on the wonderfully colourful dahlia blanket CAL as I am stuck at home, socially distancing due to health issues. Was it really only 2 weeks ago you and the wonderful Emma Varnum shared your experience at Blacksheep Craft Barn? Oh how circumstances have changed!
Let’s all take some time to reflect on what is important, and use the time to enjoy simple pleasures. Stay safe everyone,


Take care of yourself, Lucy. It is very good that you are lisening to your mind, body and spirit and following your instincts on what you need at this time.I did the same myself on my blog one year ago for the exact same reasons. I am in my early fifties and developed some health issues that required mental rest as well as physical to get back in top of things. I left my blog and crochet designing and let me tell you from my experience, you will feel the benefits of the right decision you have made in short time. It will invigorate your mind and you will feel refreshed on different levels. And, creatively, you are giving your mind the chance to grow and expand. I leaned alot on your blog for comfort and an escape while I was healing. I am still recovering but am recognizing changes that will most definitely reflect in my blog when I start back. So, take the most you can from this hiatus from Yandale, relax, revive and rejuvenate...and everything will come out swimmingly in the end.

Mary W

Change is very hard but your decision is made for the right reasons and you will be missed, I'm sure. I would never be able to attend Yarndale but have very much enjoyed seeing your projects and also how the show is set up. Seeing your ideas gave inspiration to others for shows that they are involved with. Your creativity has been sprinkled around the world and will be enjoyed for many years as we have all learned so much from you. Thank you so much for all that you share.


You have left an amazing legacy in Yarndale. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Health and family always come first and in many ways. Wishing you all the very best for the next chapter xxx

Karen Defoe

Dear Lucy you are such a lovely lovely lady and you’ve given so much.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited Yarndale, even met you - you’re an absolute gem. You were apart of Yarndale from the beginning and it’s developed into a massive thing which is heavy on your time etc. You are very conscientious, it’s in your nature. Sometimes, as you’ve found, you realise you have to step back for your own wellbeing. You matter the most. Hats off to you for all you’ve done regarding Yarndale.

I’m pleased you’ve worked out what was right for you.

You triggered me to have the confidence and gave support, via your blog (which also is costly in your time) so that I was able to create 3 beautiful crochet blankets for my grandchildren. A massive thank you for that. I’ve the wool pack to create another blanket, which I’ll possibly and finally get round to doing during this social distancing period.

Right now I can imagine you’ve all kinds of emotions running. Remember this too will pass and a new norm will evolve. Take care Lucy and thank you once again x


I live in the USA but spend several years in Britain as a military wife when I was in my late twenties/early thirties. I so look forward to your blog and what is going on in your part of the world. Britain always felt like coming home to a piece of myself that had been missing for most of my life! Your photographs and the little details of life there have been such a welcome part of my week. Like a mini escape from the toils of life that can overwhelm us. Do take care and stay safe and well.


A perfect example of self-care. Good for you! I’m sure that even though it was a tough decision you probably felt a tremendous weight lift. I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing the projects you are doing for you.

Marcela Straguzzi

Dear Lucy, I was stunned when I read your post. Yarndale will not be the same without you - for me, you are the heart of it (without underestimating the fabulous team). As a part of the festival last year, I saw you behind every detail... listening to everyone who approached you for all sorts of reasons to chat. And always with your smile and kindness. I met you for the first time in 2016, then 2018 and 2019 and breaking my shyness I always approached you to say hello from the other side of the world. I'm very very grateful for the kindness you showed me. I can imagine how difficult it was to take the decision. I'm almost at the same stage with my own work. Wishing you the best, I say to you ... “see you soon!”. And THANK YOU. Marcela Buenos Aires, Argentina


This seems like a good time to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Your photos are wonderful. I don’t crochet, quilting is my jam. But I appreciate all fiber arts, the beautiful colorful yarns are a delight to see.
I also enjoy the outdoor photos, so different from my corner of the world in the USA, Minnesota where we have dramatic seasonal changes. Right now I still have a foot of snow in the yard and am longing for spring to come. Green grass and leaves on the trees will be a welcome sight.
The glimpse of your day to day life and lovely walks in nature are like a mini escape to another place. Thank you.
We are practicing social distancing to slow the spread of the virus as our government asks. School, church, non-essential businesses, social gatherings are all shut down. I am grateful to be snug and warm in my home. I have my sewing projects, books to read, television and social media to keep me connected. However like everyone else I look forward to the time when this health scare passes and everyday life resumes. Thanks for your help in passing the time. Peace be with you.


Chai is delicious and very comforting. I've made my own powder by using this https://www.whiskaffair.com/best-homemade-chai-masala-recipe-tea/

I put about 700ml of water in a big jug with a teaspoon of the powder in the microwave (800W) for about 6 mins. Add 2 spoons loose tea and put it back for a our 2.5mins. Add a good slug of soya milk to make it the right colour and give it a final couple of mins. Strain into a nice teapot, add sugar or sweetener to taste, I use 2 tsps, put a nice cosy on it and sit back and breathe!

It's very very flexible, you can make it on the stove in a pan, change the spices, add more or less powder/tea/milk/sugar, everyone's recipe is unique!


At the turn of the century there was a lot of hype about phytoestrogen and how it can help combat symptoms of the menopause. So I started drinking soya milk in my tea (sorry it curdles in coffee). My body eventually changed about 10 years ago and I had almost no symptoms other than drying up. I can't say for certain it was soya milk that helped but it certainly did no harm! You could give it a try. I'm still drinking it in my tea, even hot chai, because I miss the taste now. I can recommend Sainsburys unsweetened soya milk or Alpro but there are plenty of others.

I don't blame you for giving up organising Yarndale, it's a huge and very popular event now. But I hope you'll still be there in your knit and natter corner!

Nora McGrann

Hi Lucy

Many thanks for all you share with this community...

time now for yourself......

I wish you well, as countless others do so too

take good care of yourself and your family

love, Nora

Patricia Brambley

Lucy, thank you so much for teaching me, and giving me the confidence, to learn to crochet. I am so proud of my achievement, and will now start on my Dune blanket, to while away the time, while in self isolation, due to health issues. I have followed you from the beginning, and will continue to. I just love your blog. Keep yourself and family safe, and hopefully we will all get through this together. Take care.
Pat Brambley.

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