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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 20, 2020


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Sarah Tarrant

Sadly I very much doubt Yardale will even take place this year :(


Hello Lucy, As many others, I have been following you and have been inspired by you for quite a while. Lately, I’ve been out of the loop, saw attic24 and immediately brightened up and came to visit. You certainly bring a happiness to your guests, so thank you so much. Understanding how life can change at this stage makes me want to wish you health and peace in your life...be well🌻

Maria Mc

Hi Lucy, just before this lockdown I ordered your Sunny Colours pack from Wool Warehouse. Am making the granny stripe blanket rather than the Log Cabin design.
The colours are so lovely and cheering to look at during this difficult time. I am so going to enjoy making a blanket - im usually an amigurumi maker , have no patience normally for blankets! However I can see the therapeutic value right now so you have made me very happy xxx

Suzanne E

Yes, do take care of YOU. Most important and we We women are not always so good at that.
Like your corner of the world, life here in the US has become stressful with the lockdown, and being separated from my daughters, with no idea when we will be able to see each other next. One of the first things I did was turn to my yarn stash and my favorite Attic24 patterns. Thank you for being there for me.

Judy Kiesow

I understand your decision as we all have to make difficult decisions in our lives. I'm so glad that my friends and I were able to come to Yarndale 3 years ago from the USA and meet you and Christine. I think most/all of us who follow you will cheer you on in whatever you do. You bring a lot of joy to us and we thank you and only wish the best for you and your family.

Carol John

Sending you a big hug and thank you for making a difference to my life...and for making the worls a happier, more colourful place. xxxxx


Hi Lucy, I love your posts and have been following them for many years now. I love seeing your part of the world. Such lovely photos you share with us - letting us have a little peek inside your world. I just wanted to say thank you for all your crochet patterns that you share. I ordered two of the Sweet Pea thinking I would make a large afghan.... then realizing I don't NEED a large blanket so I settled for a single (which is just perfect). I was a little dubious when the yarn order arrived - so many colours (I am not really a colourful person). I have a hard time starting things, but decided in February to have a go. Well, I must say I have finished this afghan in record time for me (well, the body is finished). Under 4 weeks to finish the body (can only work on it on the weekend). I love the colours, I love the pattern - and I enjoyed working outside my comfort zone.


Dearest Lucy, as a mother I always felt like a some sort of superhuman with all the things children and family related being top of my priority but lately as I'm in my early forties I find myself being frustrated with not having enough energy to stay all the things necessary for life itself so I recently stepped back and thought - just enjoy day to day as it goes - every minute is a minute we'll never get back. I'm sooo grateful for your blog, your invisible friendship and all that it entails you have no idea. I'm sure I'm not the only 1 that feels this way - I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy no matter what goes on outside - you were born to not only inspire but to lift downtrodden spirits of those who feel no one shares their vision for positivity. Thank you !!!!

Debbie, Essex

I can totally understand and so agree that you must do what is best for you and your family.

I hope that you can continue to keep your blog going - I think we're all going to need each other even more now and this online community may end up being a lifeline. But you have to look after yourself first.

Stay safe, stay positive, we will get through this. just need to take one day at a time and look for the small joys each day xxx

Jane Garry

Lucy I’m sure everyone completely understands your decision. I’ve organised a few large events for years on the trot but it does take a toll on you & those around you. What an amazing thing you started but as you say time to step down.
I just love looking through your gorgeous blog at all the colour and loveliness.

I love doing your CAL’s and patterns & look forward to many more. Be kind to yourself and stay safe xxxxxx

Hanne Abrahamsen

So glad that you will still blog! It is enough bad news lately! Good luck with your new time...

carolyn jackson

I always enjoy your posts and patterns Lucy, it was you who got me hooked on this great interest.. You have done a great job with Yarndale but I think you are wise to take more time for yourself and family ,and take time enjoy a more peaceful life, you have certainly given a lot to others, Im so pleased your blog is still there for us. Take care.


Your posts are always a bright spot for me. I especially appreciate your photos of the countryside. I started reading your blog when I thought England was going to be my permanent home. That's since changed, but your photos remind me of the love I share for your country.

Thank you for all your do and share!


Sounds like you are making a very wise decision. Good for you. Those types of decisions are so hard to make but good for you!

Tracy Sutton

Thank you Lucy. Time to take care of you, we do t know what is around the corner especially with what is happening at the moment. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the wonders of crochet. Yes I can do it, but you no5 only sent me down the spiral of crochet stash but also introduced me to sock knitting and the wonderful Winwick Mum. I literally love your designs and look forward to what you come up with. But please take care of yourself.

Daph e Goodeniugh

Well done Lucy you have made a very wise decision I think, it sounded that your life was getting overwhelmed, you are such a special inspiring person, and will continue to be so, yours was the very first blog I read, and I was entranced, and ‘hooked’ you have inspired so many people, be proud of that. enjoy life and your beautiful family and keep well, and hopefully write a few little blogs for us all, no pressure, you are a joy. Daphne xx

Donna Philpott

I have been very aware that you had "too much on your plate" at this time in your life, because I remember the stress of my own life at your age; "just" keeping up with teenagers & living thru that is all the stress a person needs! I've made many of your creations & plan to make more; right now I'm working on your hydrangea blanket; I love it. Since I got on the internet a couple of years you've been my go-to source for crochet. Do take care of yourselves; your family needs you; we readers need you! God bless you & us all!

Mary H

I was so worried that you were going to announce the end of your blog! I enjoy it so much and have done for years. Thanks for all you do here. I imagine what a hard decision Yarndale must have been for you but take care of yourself.


Thank you Lucy, as you say we need this little community more than ever now. Although I rarely comment, your blankets have inspired many of my own. Stay safe and well.

Nadine G

Chère LUCY, il y a des choix, des priorités dans la vie. Nous ne devons pas vous dire si c'est bon ou mal. Le principal c'est que vous vous sentiez heureuse et que chaque minute soit un bonheur.
Pour Yarndale c'est une pause, faite de votre vie des multitudes de choses plaisirs. Continuez à nous faire partager de tels moments sur votre blog comme vous le faites si bien. Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches, je vous embrasse.

Linda Thompson

Lovely blog always. Good or sad. Keep safe up there in Skipton. Will be a while before I get the chance to visit but that chance will come.

Rosanne Dial

Hello from California USA. Yes, Lucy, it's call a wake-up call - a call to what is most important to your health and peace of mind. You are doing the right thing :) I, for one, miss the little things you used to post ie little recipes, the beautiful breads you made etc. Wishing you and your family safety in these times and good health.


Sending love and virtual hugs
Been following your blog since I had a house full of babies and my youngest is 10 this year . So grateful to you for all the connection and joy Attic 24 has given me over the years
May you be safe , may you be well, may you be at ease xxx

Angela-southern USA

Always wishes you the best in all things. We are lucky in this digital age and this time of social distancing to be able to connect online. Take care! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lucy, you have been doing so much good to the community of crocheters and yarn lovers. Your colorful sharings have always been a great joy and inspiration to me. Your integrity and honesty is amazing. I wish you the very best in these surealistic times and look forward for your next post.

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