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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 26, 2020


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Thanks for sharing this article, I love to read this.


Hi Lucy, I start following you years ago when I had time to do my crafts. I love your site and it makes me smile every time I visit it. It is my first comment here..I couldn't resisit..you have that delicious Greek salad and it literally hit home for me!
Thank you for who you are. Keep spreading hope, love, and inspiration.


Your blogs came into my world and my life changed. I love your colour choices and the lovely stitches and brilliant instructions and photos. I now have straight-sided blankets.
May peace and serenity stay with us all at this time .
Good to hear from you always.

Stay safe.


Lovely post, Lucy! Thank you for such cheer in these troubling times! I am currently working on your Summer harmony blanket and seeing those little stacks of colourful squares grow is giving me great pleasure and sitting down with my crochet hook to add a few more rows, in between jobs, is so calming and restorative. Discovering your blog, when I became an empty nester eight years ago, has literally been life-changing and brought me so much joy. Thank you so much, and stay safe!


Lucy: take care.I really love reading your writing . Be safe.

Rosemary Dargan

Another great post as usual Lucy. I am travelling home on a sunny autumn day from the Bendigo Woollen Mills in Victoria, Australia. I have just bought all their colour range of cottons to make Mandalas from your instructions. I know you would love all the colours, so bright and so many to mix and match with. Autumn is a great time of year in my opinion and Mandalas are a great way to use my spare time.

Genie Pinheiro

Such a lovely visit. Thank you for sharing xxxooo

Kath Stephenson

A beautiful cheery and uplifting post.
Thank you Lucy x x x x

Lynn Roberts

Lucy, you are a woman after my own heart. I can relate to everything you write about(the ups and the downs).Looking at pictures of your lovely, cosy home makes me feel so relaxed too. I live in north east licolnshire and love to visit your neck of the woods. You are very fortunate to have all that loveliness on your doorstep. I have never commented on your blogs before but always read them and I have used several of your patterns, you make them so clear and easy to follow, it makes rochet in a pleasure.


What a cozy post! Love the rainbow picture. It's really amazing to think that all over this world all of us are going through this - I'm in the USA. One stinkin' little germ has its hold on us. Good health to all of you on this blog!♡

kate bates

Love the idea of Today's happy things posts! We certainly need them and you have such a cheerful "voice" it would be perfect! love to you and the family. Keep safe, keep sane!


Lucy, your posts always make me feel good! I love your artistry and creativity! Your designs live in my home! Looking forward to your Spring mantle. Sending love back to you from the USA. Stay well!


Whenever I've read your posts it always felt so homey, as if I saw a friend I hadn't seen for eons. Today you wrote 'faffing it' and I was reminded of my two decades in South Africa where they used to say this. Bittersweet for me (miss it) but wonderful to 'feel' the meaning of faffing again. I am making the Bower bird for the second time. Thank you for all your sharing! Nicola from the NL.

Teresa Kasner

Thank you for the positive and sweet post, Lucy. We bloggers need to share our good things during this difficult time. I have been posting about some little Peep bunnies that I'm crocheting, 3 so far, and what we're cooking and the flowers in our farm garden. Sending love from Oregon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Donna Philpott

Your post was a very happy thing to me in these anxious times! Thank you so much!


It's beginning to warm up here as well, It will be 83 degrees F! I love this time of year and I'm so thankful this quarantine happened when the weather is nice. I'm also enjoying this time with my husband and two boys. They are always on the go so everyone being together is a real treat. Trying to focus on the good things right now. Thanks again for your lovely blog.


Dearest Lucy, I have read your blog since almost the beginning and I love seeing your photos, especially as I visited your town last year for 1 glorious week and walked in your footsteps in the woodland, the park, the amazing farmstore (oh how I loved it, especially the huge g&t display!) and the canal. It was heavenly. I am so happy I can still visit virtually as who knows when travel will be possible again. Those memories are so precious to me. I am ordering yarn, sadly not through Wool Warehouse as they are not delivering to Australia at the moment, to make your divine Dahlia blanket to cheer me up through the coming chilly weather.


Hi Lucy, in my part of the world - the East Devon coast- we have had glorious blue sky’s this week as well, but with a chilly easterly wind. Despite the turmoil going on in the world the weather has lifted the spirits. I’ve dried loads of washing outside for the first time in ages. I have a lovely sunny garden so I do feel fortunate. A couple of nights ago a leaflet was put through my door explaining that the red and green sheets of paper could be put in the window. Green if everything is ok and red if you need help with anything plus a phone number if you just need a chat. Like you our immediate neighbours are all very friendly though now we have to chat at a distance.
We are living in strange and difficult times but by pulling together we will get through it.


I just looked back at the Granny Patchwork post, and there was this chubby little hand clutching the blanket. Goodness, how time flies....


Ah such simple joys. Fresh foods to eat. A fire to snuggle by. It is too hot here for fires. This afternoon I rejoiced at a beautifully bright rainbow in the late afternoon sky.

Stay safe.


This sunny morning I am still reeling, felt emotional after joining in the clapping in our road, first time I’ve been in the front garden for well over 2 weeks. DH has stayed home since last Saturday, we plan not to go out at all until it is safe.

I have so many knitting and crochet projects, DH has the garden to tend and wood for wood turning, we both have so many books to read or reread, the chores are done at a leisurely pace.

Thank you for your blog.

Jacqui Galloway

We have our fire lit too. It's very comforting.

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