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March 24, 2020


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I find it sad that your daughter bemoans the fact that she's missing celebrations, proms and music festivals. Not sad that she's missing them but sad that she obviously doesn't understand just why she's having to miss them.
When proms and music festivals are more important in a child's life than the utter crisis that's happening in the world then that says a lot about how that child has been brought up. Your child needs lessons on empathy.


HI Lucy
It's the small things that matter. I see spring is coming on quickly in the U.K. Enjoy! And oh my how I can identify with the kids and their struggles to digest the fact that school is over and socializing too. We've had ups and downs for a good two weeks over here. Not easy... But we're finding our way. We are all in this together, right?


Liesel Short

Oh I feel so sad for your children. There are so many things in education that are a right of passage and for many they will not get to do these things. I said goodbye to my wee class last week and have to admit to having a wee cry on the way home in the car. Especially for my P3's who would normally have a big celebration at the end of next term before moving to another school for P3-7. It is a strange time but I'm loving the joy that your wonderful colourful blog always brings xx


My 18 year old son took the stay-at-home order quite hard. He will be leaving for college in the fall and he was looking forward to all the things seniors do. I've tried to put myself in his shoes and give him the space he needs to grieve and feel that disappointment. It's hard to be a teenager right now and feel so isolated. Thank goodness for technology so they can keep in touch. But as an introvert, I'm loving being forced to be at home, nothing I like better! Plus I don't have to fix my hair or put on any makeup! Woohoo!! Thanks again for the beautiful peak into your world.


Hi Lucy,
I love reading your blog and enjoy all the colourful things you make. The nature around you is so beautiful, I would really like to see more of England one day.
Take care and be safe.
Have a lovely sunny day.

Sweet greetings,

julie king

i love your blog, it's always so colourful, like a continuous rainbow to cheer us up, thankyou x

Nora McGrann

Another beautiful blog Lucy..Wonderful to see the first signs of Springtime..
Glad you and your family are all safe and sound..

Take good care
Nora xx


Thank you for your tutorials! I’ve been struggling for days to make a flower, and I followed your tutorial and did it first time round! Made a couple of leaves too now. Thank you! Loving your blog! Angelica x


Dear Lucy

I have just received the Hyacinth blanket pack from Wool Warehouse. It will be so soothing to have this project on the go during the lockdown. I love reading your blog and wish you and your family all the best. Thank you for your inspiration and excellent tutorials.

Best wishes


So so lovely to have you back. Your pictures take me away from it all for a few precious moments,I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on me. l feel like we're old friends even though we've never met and can't thank you enough for the colour and creativity you bring to my life and I hope you have the strength to continue bringing sunshine to our hearts. Heartfelt thanks to you.x



April Winn Vaughn

I'm sitting here cozy under my Hydrenga blanket with a mug of tea! I'm in Colorado and we just got the lockdown order too! Crazy times. I do feel for all the kids missing out on the end of year fun and especially those who are done this year! Hugs to your family. Oh and I love your accidental color palette! It works!


Feeling a bit glum as our group had to cancel a crafty weekend away.Then your blog popped up, hooray.Made a coffee & read it,feeling the love.
You are a life saver Lucy.x

Gillian McM

Thank you for the lovely lovely post, Lucy! It's so good to hear from you, it brightens the day and makes me feel close to the whole Attic24 community which has enriched my life immeasurably. What a gift to have all your children with you, so precious while it lasts, before they fly off. I'm crocheting away, and I have you to thank for my picking up the skill again after so many years, when I came across the Attic. It's keeping me going. All the best to you, may your spirits be lifted, you are loved by all the people you've given so much to!


Sadly I've been pronounced a key worker, but drawing solace from magnolia flowers against a blue sky in the evenings, the green of new hawthorn leaves and the scent of spring in the air. It's amazing what gives us comfort and hope in difficult times.

Annette Ostrowska

Thank you Lucy for your beautiful post. I love your honesty and openness and the fact that you are willIng to share so much with us. It does me so much good to be able to connect with like minded people at the moment and I am extremely grateful that we have the technology to be able to share in each other’s lives even if it is through our many devices. What a joy your walk with family must have been, I am so glad that you were all together. My family are grown, apart from youngest, and live away and we have just had a grandson who we cannot hold yet. But normality will return at some point and who knows we may all be better for this quiet time. Keep doing what you do Lucy and thank you 🙏

kate bates

Hi Lucy. My lad should have been sitting A levels too and, like yours is heartbroken not to get the "goodbye" to his school and mates, plus the uncertainty over Uni. My heart bleeds for them but we are promising a huge multiple-18ths/Prom/Reunion party when we're out of this, even if it has to be at Christmas/this time next year! May regret this....!!
ps. Hope you managed to snaffle some woolie supplies before studio-lockdown!


Lovely pictures Lucy and lovely sentiments too! I really feel for all the year 11s and year 13s who will not get the chance to sit exams, or have those end-of-term rituals that are such an important part of them growing up. Hopefully there will be lots of reunions and postponed events when this all settles down. I have two 19 year olds and a 20 year old home from uni and here for the duration - two of my own and one hanger-on which actually makes for a more harmonious household so I am very grateful for his presence. Today is also my husband’s 50th birthday - we should have been away but obviously that got cancelled, so we are trying to have a fun day here - cake, banners and balloons, party buffet food for lunch, silly songs played loud...! I’ve enjoyed reading several blogs today as people start to post about what they are doing whilst they are in #stayathome mode xx


Thank you for sharing about your every-day-life in thees strange times in history. We are not in lock down but people over 70 should stay at home and no visits are allowed to grandparents or elderly citizens. It becomes clear that we are habitual people who do not like to change our behavior as quickly as required of us. The government in Sweden is not yet as strict as your government, but we do not know what comes up next. Stay safe and don't take any chances. Take care


So glad to hear that you are finding the best things about our unfortunate situation. I'm doing the same. I think my sister is secretly loving having her two "kids" (15 and 20) home from high school and university. The kids are having the roughest time, but they too are trying to look on the bright side. And I'm sure that a LOT of kids are thrilled to have their exams cancelled or postponed. Just goes to show that we never know what life has in store for us. I'm glad that you and I can see all the advantages and cope with the disadvantages. It makes life so much more fun.


I have just finished my third Positivity mandala hoop.I just love them.Thank you .

Mary W

Sure enjoyed this walk today with you, thanks!

Gaina owen

Hi Lucy, such a lovely post again! We’re also in lock down up here in the Scottish Western Isles. I’m a little (a lot) pleased that I cannot go out to work at the moment, so many projects to finish at home!! Looking forward to starting a new blanket this evening- I’ve had the yarn for a while waiting for time to enjoy it properly! Lots of finishing off things completely. Sometimes I get a bit excited about a new project and leave ‘ends’ to do later... Keep safe, all your followers too, and let us all enjoy a little more hooky time! 🧶😍💕

Angela- southern USA

Hard times for everyone, my heart aches for all the children for the disruptions in their lives. My Dad has a lot of health issues, high risk. I can only visit with him over the phone. Our youngest daughter works in a large city around a lot of people on the front lines with this, I worry for her and we've not been face to face for awhile now. I'm so thankful for the healthcare workers! I'm also glad we have this crafty community to support each other, and my stash. : )) Take care! xxxxxxx

Muna Nana

Thank you, Lucy, for all the Colourful Joy you have brought to my life since I first came across your blog years ago when it was in its infancy! Although this is a really tough time for the global community with so many of us under lock-down and some not being able to visit their elderly and some International students stuck far from home due to the pandemic; there is also a strange TOGETHERNESS in the fact that ALL of us, EVERYWHERE in the world, are going through the SAME EXPERIENCE! It's this digital age that allows us to be TOGETHER APART. There is a Camaraderie-Sans-Frontier feel about these days.... oddly comforting in spite of the current Chaos, Stress and Hardship.

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