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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 27, 2020


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I just came across your blog on accident.. but I'm so happy I did!! I can't wait to dive into your blog and read more of what you've written:)

Pat Lee

I live in Eastern Kentucky, USA. I used to hear my grandparents say Fair to middlen. This brings back memories. I don't hear it very often anymore.

Keep writing your stories and displaying your pictures. It's like going on a trip and not leaving home. I love your blog.

Carol Hanson Draper

Im 75 and have always lived in New England. My father and my husbands father always said it and you dont hear it much any more around here but lately I say it a lot and people get a kick out of it. Fair to middlin’!

Thea Drury

I happen to run across your blog and I loved it. Love the beautiful landscapes, it reminds me of Holland where I grew up. I love your colorful afghans, my favorite hobby besides reading and I also tried my hand at embroidery and cross stitch. Still crocheting doilies is what I, old fashioned me, love best.
Wishing you well and strength to get through this difficult time, which I call bumps in the road.
Thanks for sharing.

Judith Thompson

Hi Lucy, I am currently in bed with flu. Reading your blog this morning made me feel as if I was doing the walk with you 😊
I don't know what's going on in your life but rest assured that all of us miss and care about you all the time, especially when you miss a blog or two!
Please take care, be mindful of your needs and think of the sun, warmth and colours in Madeira.
Much love.

Katharine Thomson

Hi Lucy,

I too have struggled through the winter months but this year has been better than others. Last September I discovered the power of essential oils and I have been diffusing, applying and taking different blends to lift my mood and my health. What s difference, I feel able to face the day whatever it brings and am empowered to do something positive to change my emotional state rather than take a pill. Spring is almost here. Xx


Fair to middling here in MD, USA as well. It's what my grandfather used to say when you asked him how he was doing. He'd either say that, or "Can't complain:)" I love your blog for the incredible beauty it brings both visually and spiritually. Thanks for coming back:)! I've been following you for the better part of 10 years now!

Angela- Southern USA

January and February has been a real slog of a time for myself and I cannot wait for spring, with high hopes my mood and health will be better in those sunnier days. Wishing better days ahead for you in the attic as well. xxxxxxxx

Denise Henderson

Sending you blessing of peace and all good and hopes that things are looking up in your corner of the world.


I love your blogs Lucy, the good, the bad and the ugly. Allthough I would never want to wish bad times on anyone, it is a nice feeling when you realize that you are not alone in misery. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is rejoicing and you are stuck on the sidelines. I also love all the photo’s of your walks. I spent a great deal of my childhood holidays visiting my grandparents in Sheffield and I miss those days a lot. Being a born and bred Dutchie, the UK is very much in my genes and reading your blogs make me feel at home. I am visiting Skipton in April and can not wait to seek out all the familiar places. Sadly only one day to do so, but I am counting the days. Thank you for your honesty and I wish that all the bad stuff will sort itself out and Spring will be upon us soon. A big hug from across the pond. Xxx

Jenny Boucher

I love reading your blog Lucy. It's probably because I do not feel alone while reading it. You are a fabulous person Lucy, and bring me great joy, both with your written words and your beautiful photos and of course your patterns. I love that you 'share' your feelings with us and would be quite surprised if others did not feel the same way.
Winter time never used to bother me too much several years ago, but as I get older (I'm not old yet), and suffer from osteo-arthritis, I am not feeling the same way about Winter. Autumn is my most favourite time of the year as Summer can be too hot, Winter too cold and due to allergies Spring is not a happy time for me. I do love the beautiful colours of flowers though. They just don't love me unfortunately.
I live in Australia, and have definitely heard both the 'sayings' and they bring back a lot of memories.

Kathryn Ashe

I miss your cute photo that was at the top of ulyour blog for so many years.

Mary H

Love your posts, Lucy. Your photos are always so evocative. I live in the state of Georgia in the Southeastern USA, and fair to middlin' is a common phrase here, too. It means just so-so.

Chris M

Fair to middlin’ is a saying I grew up with and use. But, I have never heard, “by a long chalk.” That made me smile. I loved your pictures of the park. Years ago, I took a bicycle trip through England and Scotland. I’m from the USA. I have a distinct memory of biking on a sidewalk through a park just like in your pictures. It was so wonderful to remember.

Donna Dunn

Hi Lucy! I appreciate you and your posts! Your pictures of the countryside during your walks make me long for travel to your side of the pond. I'm here in Virginia, USA, but my great-grandfather was from Eastry, Kent. My grandmother, even though she was born in Virginia, was very British in many ways! And I do remember hearing her say quite often "fair to middlin" mostly referring to her health or state of mind. I'm just about finished my mixed stripe Dahlia blanket, part 6, stripe 93, then on to the border, which I am looking very much forward to. I have a second Dahlia yarn pack. My original intention was to make a double size blanket but dreaded the thought of making such a big blanket. I am glad I decided against the double blanket. I have decided to colorwash Dahlia is awesome too, so that will be my next blanket. I love your blankets. I started with the Mooreland, then the Cosy stripe, then the Coast ripple, then the trellis blanket, and then the Dahlia. I have the Cottage Ripple and the Hydrangea packs waiting. Again, thank you, Lucy!!! Love you and your creative mind and thanks for sharing with everyone. Take Care.


This is a hard time of year for lots of people, even when they have no specific troubles. But Spring IS coming, so keep the faith! Thank you so very much for your beautiful photos. My wonderful father used "fair to middlin'" freely and naturally, most often to describe how he was feeling. I don't think I heard but one other person say it, but I think it used to be a pretty common expression in the American South. His people were from the area around the central Virginia/North Carolina border. He had some other interesting expressions not frequently heard, as well, and I suspect they were brought with his earlier forebears from your area of the world. Best wishes, and thank you for your lovely post.

Annie Jones

Hello Lucy.
Your post has resonated with me on so many levels.
I am going through such a sad time right now, but Spring promises new growth.
The flowers won’t be held back by bad weather or circumstances, they just push through anyway....
They give us a hope and are determined and intentional.
So today I will look for signs of happiness and love even in my circumstances. I will get my blanket out and will start going up and down those colourful rows of woolly goodness.
We’ve got this....
Love Annie ❤️


Lucy, you are amazing!! I really appreciate your authenticity and thoughtful posts. I always look forward to reading them. We are all fighting battles if one kind or another. We are all in this together! Kate

Carolyn Dietrich

Lucy, you sharing even when you feel you have nothing much to say means so much! It's encouraging to know that you have good times and difficult times just like the rest of us. I always enjoy your posts and I am a total fan of your beautify work. I look forward to reading your blog. I am so grateful you continue to do so. Love your crochet - you do a fabulous job of choosing colors. Fair to middling is a commonly used phrase in the States as well. Spring is on it's way and I'm too am looking forward to it!

Bev Farrall

Thanks for sharing Lucy - my visit to Skipton was such a quick one I didn't get to experience those lovely walks you enjoy so I really appreciate the photos. Take care, often think of you. Read this the other day - " If you feel like you're losing everything, remember that the trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come" Cheers Bev

Donna Philpott

Ive missed you muchly but realize you do have a life; & life cannot always be shared. Here in mid. Tennessee I have heard "fair to middling" all my life, but of course most of my family came originally from England.

Tracy Sutton

I adore your blogs they are one of the reasons I started crochet and knitting socks.
You are an inspiring lady and have got many a person hooked on attic 24 it’s certainly my guilty pleasure. I’m also self employed and understand all the ups and downs
Life throws at you. Sometimes you have to keep your personal life just that. I have been a victim of social media bullying and I always have to think before I press that button. Some of them stole my dreams of being on a papercraft Design Team which entails making samples for TV to promote new products. I’ve found myself returning to a granny stripe blanket I started two years ago and am
Now on the last block of stripes. Keep blogging and try not to let life get you down.

Linda Betts

Fair to middlin.’ How many times have i heard that expression? Growing up in north central Texas it was SO common. Mostly when someone asked about your health or well-being. I always thought it was just a Texas colloquisim, but who knew it was such a wide-spread expression? Literally universal! An interesting etymological study, that an expression could mean the same everywhere.

Hoping for warmer weather and longer days for you and all of us who long for daylight hours.
Thank you for all you do to brighten the days for all of us with your beautiful, colorful, designs!

Lyn Z...

Like you dear Lucy I too have been pulling in the reins on screen time and as well working through issues of managing time and balancing must dos with want to dos! Its been a while aw well since I have actually sat and read one of your blogs so it seems perfect that I found this one!!! I find I need your beautiful writing and photos to center and calm me which amkes this post a treasure!!!


Lovely to read xx

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