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February 21, 2020


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debbie cameron

Hi Thank you ever so much for all your patterns and tutorials. I 'dropped' a coffee for you.

I have just finished a dahlia spike using Sweet Pea colours, just because....! Then I edged 2 sides with Sweet Pea Trellis and 2 sides with Dahlia Spike edging. Well pleased. With wool left going to try Cosy Stripe now.


Oh I am so in love with this border, I’m onto the last row and it is looking amazing!!! This is my third one of your designs, I have the dune pack calling me to get started on as well. Love, love, love it!!!

Elizabeth Jessop

A bit slow but have finally completed the blanket it is absolutely lovely. This is my fourth one and I have enjoyed every one of them. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


I may have made a mistake...uhm 'modification' in your edging...lol. I have so enjoyed the colors. You just rock the flower afghans! (Your seashore one was pretty too, but flowers get me every time.)


Another great blanket! Bright and cheerful for the Winter weather. Thank you Lucy.


looking ahead to doing this border. I was blessed with two woodland kits last Christmas . So having made one woodland blanket I am experimenting by using the dahlia crochet pattern but following the woodland colour order with the second kit. loving it so far

Kendall Toewe

This is my favorite of your border designs yet. Lovely contrast to the blanket in terms of the stitches used and really provides a delicious frame to the main work!


Just beautiful! You are inspirational, so generous with sharing your skills and your time with others who love to crochet....learning to crochet through discovering your wonderful blog and the best tutorials has been incredibly uplifting.Thank you very much Lucy for all that you do.


Loving this border - both the colours and design are so pretty it really is perfect!! Thank you so much Lucy.

Sassa Wade

I have a question rather than a comment. If I buy a second pack and double the width, will I be able to make a double size blanket?


Hi Lucy I absolutely love the border pattern, it is absolutely perfect you could not have done any better. I am sorry to hear your hands are still painful I do hope you manage to find some relief very soon. Huge gratitude for everything you share so beautifully with us, certainly you brighten my life and I know thousands of others feel the same.

Wendy theakston

What a lovey way to brighten up a dull grey cloudy day...well done for your colour choice and design...I love the crochet stitch you’ve used for the blanket.
Very very colourful and pretty.

Linda from Boston

I’m on row 4 of the border and it is beautiful!! Almost looks like little hearts 💕. Love it. I appreciate your tutorial with the photos. Very helpful!!


I hope you, your family and community are safe and dry Lucy. The BBC Is reporting flooding in your neck of the woods.


Absolutely perfect border! The colors are spot on. I’m definitely a fan of a bigger border and I love this one. It reminds me of a beautiful ribbon. Hopefully your hands are feeling better soon. Wishing you a great day..., thank you for the beautiful crochet inspiration. I always love catching up with you and so enjoy both your crochet as well as your beautiful photos of the English countryside. Cheers.


The border is perfect! So sorry about your hands - that must be driving you crazy! I had lots of problems with mine a couple of years ago - I think it was during the Woodland CAL. I had a 3 month break from crocheting and did other things instead and then came back to it gradually - 10 minutes at a time, very strictly enforced (with a timer 😆) and nowadays they are fine - I’m much more aware of stopping regularly and taking breaks though. Never did get to the bottom of what it was, other than “RSI”. I found dunking my hands alternately in very hot and then very cold water helped relieve the pain a bit.

Kath Stephenson

Beautiful blanket. I love the stitch. Considering using this for my Dune pack.
Hope your hands soon heal. 😃


You are truly a "spark" of creativity, encouragement, support, and wisdom when it comes to crochet. Thank you for being you and bringing flowers to our daily lives when the calendar and tilt of the earth doesn't allow them in our Chicago-land gardens. However, our local jollies are made when looking at the witch hazel in bloom :)


Beautifully done, the border is genius. I shall look forward to the ta-da very much and hope that your hands ease up for you very soon. CJ xx

Barb W

What a beautiful border! I'm working om Part 3 Mixed Stripe so it will be awhile, but I'm already thinking about a companion colorwash version. Thank you, Lucy!


I love the border. I can't wait to get started on my blanket. I was planning to make the Dune pattern with the Dahlia color pack. I bought 2 color packs so I could make a larger size. But I like the spike stitch pattern too. I'm torn. I started the swatch of the Dune pattern yesterday, but ended up with only 5 shells instead of 6, so I have to start over. It will be good practice, since I don't know how to crochet and have to follow along with your fabulous tutorial. I am excited to learn.

Linda from Boston

LOVE the border!! A perfect finishing touch. I’m making both versions!! I’ve finished the colorwash and just have a few rows left on the mixed stripe. So, that has to take a backseat to the border. I’m on the second row. My son, Eric, who is 27 and lives in his own apartment, has called dibs on the Colorwash version!! The mixed stripe will be for me. Hate for the journey to end. It’s been such fun. I have the yarn pack for the cupcake stripe waiting for me!! Onward to a new journey. :) I do hope your hands feel better. As a crafter, I know how sometimes the old joints hurt. Sending healing vibes!! Take care.

Catherine Selway

I truly loved doing this CAL and being a part of such a wonderful community of happy hookers! Thank you Lucy for creating and providing such an inspirational project that has once again united us on this Dahlia journey. Bless you for all you’ve done to make this such an amazing adventure.

Beverly Kinsley

I can't imagine a border that would look better than this! It's beautiful! Thanks for brightening up my Jan and Feb. I share the struggle of getting through the winter months. I hope your hands are much better soon.


Thank you for the joy this blanket has brought to my Jan/Feb . Hope your hands improve, I can imagine it must be frustrating xxx

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