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February 07, 2020


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Hi, does anyone know where I can find the pattern/ post about the granny square blanket in the back of these pictures? I’m quiet new to crocheting and that is exactly what I want to attempt. Thank you

Susan Jackson

Working on colorwash, just started with the saffron. What gorgeousness!! Thank you for this pattern, it's lovely.

Emily Kelly

What a surprise to pop into the Attic and see an Oregon scene. I have many pictures from that same spot as it is one of my favorite drives and areas to hike.

Elizabeth Jessop

What beautiful blankets all you people have made I am doing the one provided by Lucy as I am not as quick as other people at crocheting I have just completed colour change 50. I am loving doing it and hope to finish it eventually. Thank you Lucy for yet again another masterpiece.


Another beautiful blanket and another great post. It is very exciting to see the weather and blankets around the world. I too have hand issues so i crochet for about 30 minutes in the morning and maybe again later in the day. If i try to do more my hands get so sore that i need to skip a coupe days.

marie jo

hello my name is marie jo i really like your work and it is the first time that i send this kind of message. keep up the good work it's a treat

Jennifer Keast

Ha - had to laugh Lucy - I’m sat in the exact same spot with Dahlia on my knee when I paused to read this blog post! Still sunny!!


Hi Lucy, I’m the one right in the back of the middle at WestBay. And it was really breezy. The waves were crashing but the sun shone.
Thanks for bringing us all together.

Teresa Kasner

Hello Lucy! I totally enjoyed all the "into the wild" photos in this post and I'm so honored to be a part of it! Thank you! I have loved working on this blanket. I'm making it afghan sized so I only have 9 or so rows to complete before I'm ready for the border. I am looking forward to that pattern! Do take care of your hands as they are your golden goose.. lol! Sending love across the pond and over the hills to you.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oh my goodness, all of those blankets outside in beautiful locations, wonderful. My favourite ever round of crochet along photos of other blankets I think, there is something so enticing about sitting outside with a lovely view, stitching away. Sorry your hands aren't great at the moment, I hope they improve very soon. And yes, I am indeed thinking about growing more dahlias this year. Just yesterday I was looking at pictures of them all and trying to make a choice. I couldn't decide at all, there are so many gorgeous ones. And then I got sidetracked into roses and then I was in flower overwhelm and I had to go and have a sit down. But I am thinking about being bold and maybe doing with an orange or two. And definitely something bee-friendly. CJ xx


There seems to be a problem with the images? Lots of fuzzy lines coming across the www??

Miss Daisy

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ! If I could afford the yarn I would make everything you have created , not just the blankets. All the beauties you have made. Love your cup. Have a Blessed weekend. Wish it was cold here.


Fabulous post. The Dahlia colours look so good in the wild. Always a thrill to see our West Bay Group mentioned! :-)
The thought of travelling round the world visiting other groups sounds WONDERFUL - that's a trip I'd love to make.


Hi Lucy - lovely post as usual. So sorry to hear you're having problems with your hands though. Do hope it's just temporary and that you're making good progress!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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