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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 22, 2020


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Angela-Southern USA

Yes, do share with us your France trip and projects. Speaking of better late than never, just today I put the finishing touches to a embroidery project from two years ago, it didn't need much really to be finish, just one of those things. It feels so good to have it done though. Love the little red house, well done! Cross stitch has recaptured my attention of late. Have a lovely day! xxxxxxx

Pearline Storer

I love reading your blog and would love to hear about your French trip. Thanks for sharing your crafts with us all.


I love my Planner, Lucy! Thank you for pointing me in the direction of ordering one. I think it has already made my year better. And of course thank you for your inspirational and cheerful designs that are fun to crochet and beautiful to have in the house. My husband loves his Woodland Ripple Blanket.


Tell us about the little felted house on your mantel. I’m intrigued.
Not every year will go as hoped. As we age we hope for shorter and shorter good times. I’ve already disappointed myself with January, so I’ve moved my January plans to February. Now I have an an entire week to finish what I’m doing and get ready. I find that attitude adaptation is most important.

Jeanette Renting-Reuvekamp

I would love to hear about France.


Your photos/ideas are always inspiring. If nothing else separate project posts of the photos from projects that 'didn't get the love' last year? But what ever works for you. And I'm loving my afghan, the colors are so rich.


Love to hear about your time in France, Lucy. Also look forward to seeing those squares being made into a bag. I've made your other bags and love them.

Annette Ostrowska

Thank you Lucy for another beautiful and inspirational blog. Please do share your memories from last year’s trip.
I was lucky enough to receive a craft pod from my daughter and really enjoyed your cross stitch thank you.
I hope your hands feel better soon and really looking forward to seeing all your wonderful work this year XXX

Estelle de Bruyn

My word but I love following your blog - the first time I discovered you, was a bag that you had posted, one of my first projects about 5 years ago. Since, I have made neat wave blanket, neat ripple blanket and one of your buntings - Love crochet and all the other little things you do about your house. Looking forward to making your sweetpea blanket at some point


I thought this might cheer you up - a rather lovely and positive spin on one of your least favourite colours. Very cosy and very Susan Branch.


Your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Please share whatever you want and know that we will love it. I too have problems with my hands and have learned that if I limit time to 30-45 minutes and stop and next time knit instead of crochet. Hands just need a rest. Visited France a few years ago and loved it. Looking forward to whatever you wish to share. Think Spring!!

Mitzi G Galus

I just want to say thank you Lucy, for your wonderful blog, fabulous patterns and yarn packs. I've made blankets with your neat wave pattern, including a small moorland, I've done the Persian tiles pattern with your woodland yarn pack, several cushions with various patterns and colors. Your blog always inspires me to explore my creative side. I also love your pretty little town and lovely countryside. It's wonderful in these times to feel connected to people across the world, which is what your blog and Facebook page help us do. Thank you!

Mary Lloyd Jones

Have missed your posts recently,Lucy!what a luscious one this has been. Look forward to the next one. Thank you.

Sharon S. Miles

I can never get enough of anything about France. And you in the mix
? Perfect Bring it on LUCY


Looking forward to read about the trips to France as well as to see your creations from these 2 workshops.
It will be a great joy.


Yes, please do share about your trip to France! I would love to go someday. I also love the sneak peek of your dream catcher....pattern coming soon, I hope. 😊
Love your blog...love you!❤️


Whatever you'd like to share is fine with me. Thoroughly enjoy your blog--every little bit of it!

Daphne goodenough

Just love your blogs whatever you write about Lucy, and as I have said before, you are such an inspiration, so sorry you have had to take time away from crocheting at present, but as you know, rest is the only cure. I am wondering if you have pernicious anaemia, which happens because the body cannot absorb the vitamin B12 I know you have suffered from the lack of energy in the past, I'm sure you will have had tests for this, but if not it is worth asking your gp, I myself have to have 3 monthly injections for the rest of my life, but it certainly helps.Hope you feel better soon x Daphne

Peta-Ann Cowan

This is a nice start to the new year. And how much cheer you are bringing with the Dahlia cal. Having your blog as a reference is important in ways you will never know. 2019 was a very difficult year for me. To soothe me in the first half of the year I made four blankets from your blogs back to back. It was a life saver. I did the Sweet pea cal, then Cosy, then Moorland then Woodland. They went to my 4 grandchildren. years are what they are, but not only are we in a new year but new decade so we can hook our way gently in. Do what we can! Thank you 🙏

jane halvey

So lovely to read one of you chatty posts again. If the glimpse of the crochet ring is anything to go by I would love to see more of your French trip.


Hope this year will be better for you <3. I had a similar experience last year and all I want for 2020 is that everyone I hold dear will be healthy.
That dream catcher looks beautiful; would love, love, love a tutorial for it <3
All the best!

Elise Speed

I love a new planner in January as well! Makes me so very happy. I'm so sorry your energy levels have been low this year, I can totally relate and I imagine we are about the same age. And I would love to see your photos from your second retreat in France. What an amazing experience. Seems very glamorous to this plain ole American!


Oh, I would so love to attend one of your crochet retreats should you return to France one day!

Mary W

If I had an assortment of UFO's (oh, wait, I do) I would make a brilliantly bright banner that said potential and possibilities then put it over a shelf that contained the UFO's so that it caught my eyes. Maybe that would work? Maybe UFO's represent my belief that I'll live a long life? Maybe my inner spirit is a sloth? Maybe I just like pretty piles! Your site inspires me so much with it's gorgeous colors and cool projects and ideas. Would love to see France from your workshop's point of view.

Susan Sullivan

Thank you, Lucy, for sharing your beautiful photos and inspiring me in many ways. I love cross stitch, too, and your lovely little cottage in the woods is perfect!

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