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January 02, 2020


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Amazing. I bought some of these cards to help with blanket pla ning and they have been AMAZING!!!


Marili Bezerra

Eu, aqui do Brasil, sinto muito por sua perda, preocupações e momentos de desânimo e falta de energia.
Espero que tudo fique bem, que a vida tome um rumo de Luz, Alegria, Amor Paz, União e Aconchego.
Amo suas postagens e tudo que vc faz. Vc enche meu coração de alegria e calor. Gratidão. Feliz 2020 para todos nós. Um beijão.

Sara Johnson

So sorry to hear about your loss and ongoing worry. I hope that 2020 brings you and your lovely family better times. xx



I am trying to subscribe to your blog but the Subscribe button won't work for me. Could you please subscribe me? Thanks!


I'm really sorry about your mum's partner, love and prayers to you all. x

Anita Forster

Hello Lucy


Happy New Year and decade Lucy. Lose is so hard at any time of year and I feel for you as you must be missing your mum as Christmas approaches already without the sadness of loosing her partner too!. I lost both my mum and dad in 2019 and can understand why you are especially struggling this autumn/winter. Keep looking up and out but also inwards so you can look after yourself xxx Hoping there is some good news for Js dad. I am a knitter but always love the visual feast your crochet gives and am making 2020 the year of crochet, maybe not a blanket yet but am going to work through some of your smaller projects, thank you xxx

Angela-Southern -USA

The end of a decade, and the start of a new. May the new one be filled with all that's good and joyful for you and yours! So wonderful Santa still visits your house, He does bring the magic for sure. Sorry for your loss, sending warm thoughts and hugs your way, and hoping all goes well for J's Dad. The blanket is so cheerful, well done! I'm starting a blanket and just gathering supplies now. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynne Stankard

Happy New Year to you and the family Lucy - hoping things go well for John's Dad. Thoughts of your Mum losing Grandpa B., how hard it must be for her - and you all. Your post was beautiful , so many glorious pics too - thank you. So pleased you finished the Christmas garland - it looks amazing. Take care of yourself Lucy and every good wish for the coming year. Lynne xxx


This is such an enjoyable post and your photos are beautiful! So sorry about Grandpa B and wish J's father improved health. Hugs.

Mary W

This was a beautiful post that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm sorry for your Loss of Grandpa B and hope your Mom's new year will bring beautiful memories and joy along with energy to face new challenges. I had completely forgotten about the beautiful bag of yarn that is waiting for me to dig into. Today is a wonderful day - thank you for making it special.

Jo Murphey

Popping in for the first time.
Sorry for your loss. Rain drops are tears of those departed showing they miss you too.

The weather has been the same for us and still continuing in the NE GA foothills. Rain, rain, rain.


Sorry for your loss Lucy, and that J's dad has been unwell, I am sending you my best wishes. I'm attempting some healthier eating as well, and you have reminded me that I should drink more water. Caffeine is a new thing for me this year, and I probably never should have started on it. But sometimes I am oh, so tired. I am wishing you and yours a very happy 2020. CJ xx

Miss Daisy

Sorry for your mom's lost , 3o years. I know all of you will miss him. I miss your posts but understand the joys of daily life should always come first. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Elizabeth Sawyer

My deepest sympathy for your loss Lucy. Good luck with your New Year projects and plans and thank you for such a lovely blog💕


Lucy, happy new year to you and your family! Thank you for sharing these moments of yours... It was really lovely reading them and inspiring at the same time. Wishing you the best for what is to come. xx

Nadine Bell

Lucy, I just wanted to share with you some simple advice that was given to me that I am really going to follow this year. “Be kind to yourself because you deserve it”. Nobody is harder on you than you and you don’t need to apologise for not having the energy to do everything. It is clear that we all think you’re pretty amazing.

Ariadne Desarro

My heart aches for you. Holidays seem difficult when you lose a loved one at this time of the year. Sending many huggs for you and your family. Huggibg seems to lessen the pain if only briefly. Thank you for all you do and who you are!!!xoxo


Such a beautiful post, I enjoyed every word,


Such a pleasure to read your blog, and the breathtaking photos. Australia is burning, so I took myself through your photos, which gave me much pleasure. Keep up the good work.


December was such a mixed bag for you. Do hope the start to the new year is much better. Hugs

Jools Morgan-Jones

Sending you love and hugs, Lucy. Grieving at this time of year is so hard xxx


Best wishes Lucy. Life is hard sometimes x

Teresa Kasner

Hello from Oregon, USA, dear Lucy! I enjoyed the catch-up and the great winter photos, especially your colorful and cozy home. I have my Dahlia yarn at the ready for tomorrow. It will go very well with the colors in my beloved Sweet Pea blanket. The colors will add joy to a gloomy winter as I work on it. I'm sorry to hear of family illness and loss. Sending a big warm hug your way. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Pat Hibbs

Lovely blog and beautiful photos. You and your work are inspirational and I especially love the colours you use. By the way, your Christmas garland is gorgeous and I would keep it up all year, not just for Christmas!!
Happy New Year xx

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