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January 10, 2020


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Hi Lucy
Wondering if Katz has released a PDF file for the summer harmony blanket as yet
Regards joanne


Dear Lucy and Friends —

I am about to start on the colorwash and wondering if anyone has doubled the width of the stripes while cutting the number of stripes in half? Since they appear to be in sets of 4 that should be an easy modification. I’m wondering if you find it looks less color blocked and more washed?

P.s. I’m still loving the sweet pea stripe which was my last large project!

Nora Mcgrann

Just so beautiful..admiring all
the gorgeous variations in such uplifting colours..
Thank you Lucy ❤


Following all the crochet fun, but will never, ever use these colours as there is just too much orange in there for me. :-)
I followed last year's CAL too and ended up doing the pattern in a mix of white, pink & blue baby colours for a lovely new baby gift.
Gave away a Granny Stripe blanket yesterday to some visitors.
Loved the look of the Ripple Dahlia best of all the above photos.


Another winning blanket. Thank you for all of your hard work. It takes a special talent to put the many colors together and it is a talent that you definitely have.


I would like to knit a king size blanket using the shell pattern but with these cheerful colors in this pack. Do you think I would need more yarn for that design? Would I need to buy 2 or 3 color packs? By the way, I’m not a crocheter so I will be following your awesome tutorial. Thank you.

Janet Knight

Thank you Lucy ! I can’t wait to get my teeth into part 2 . I love love love the super squishyness and softness of this lovely stitch❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️


Thanks Lucy. Awesome pattern once again. and Yes the colourwash lists are on page 2 ;)

Linda from Boston

Wow!!! The creativity of everyone blows me away. I’m not on Facebook, so I appreciate you posting the pictures of all the different ideas. Beautiful. Started part two of the colorwash version of the Dahlia blanket. Enjoying it very much.


Beautifully done, it's lovely to see everyone's different versions. And especially lovely to see the dahlia field and your outdoor hooky in these short dark days. CJ xx

Sarah Cockburn

I’m on my last colour for week 1 ! Being very new to crochet , I’m loving it. I taught myself using your Dune Blanket yarn and pattern, few mistakes along the way but 10 rows away from completion. I just had to start on Dahlia 🧡

Pamela Elliott

Thank you so much, Lucy. I've finished part 1 and it has kept me smiling all week. It is the most joyful thing I have ever worked on. Just seeing it fills me with happiness. Simply glorious colours and so perfect to cheer up winter days.


Oh my look at all this beauty you have inspired xx

Heather Bentley

Thank you Lucy I'm really enjoying doing my colourwash version and itching to do part 2, you really are amazing!!! love Heather xxx

Fiona Snow

Hi Lucy. Your Dahlia Blanket, like all your designs, is lovely.

I was hoping to send you an email about another matter, in relation to a volunteer project in Australia. Is there a chance that I could have your email address please,

Thank you for your crochet passion and creativity.

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