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January 03, 2020


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Sally Richardson

Lovely colours and an amazing start for this CAL, however when i click on the colour wash link, i get the mixed stripe order page, is this correct? thanks Sally


This is a beautiful blanket. Being slow and having many interruptions I am still working on my Summer Cotton Ripple. I love the colors and softness of this yarn pack and decided that it wil be mine. Although I have made several of your blankets I have given them away. Thanks you for another beautiful blanket.


My yarn just arrived. I am so excited to begin on such a special project. Thank you for all the effort and expertise to bring such a beautiful project into a forum that so many can share. I look forward to learning and improving my skills as I journey through the next few weeks with you and all who join this group.
Many thanks,

Mary W

I'm going to make a teeny, tiny star (from your previous post) using each color of the Dalia Yarn pack. That will be used for a reference and then turned into an ornament. I think your winter fireplace banner circles would look wonderful with a tiny star hanging in the center of each circle if I can figure out how to keep the circle center open. Then I will go back and do the same with all the leftovers from my blankets. My tree can be decorated with crocheted ornaments make from my blanket colors. Now I'm very excited to do this. If I can figure out how to make an open in the middle circle.

Su Wilson

Heck, I 'm still knitting my Sweet Pea blanket!


This blanket is so beautiful! I appreciate the extra work you’ve done with the printable color lists - your tutorials and instructions are easy to understand and follow. Your expertise helps me be a better crocheter.

Gladine Stapleton

This post is absolutely brilliant! I was nervous to start my first CAL but you have made is so straightforward and crystal clear. Thank you for all of your hard work and sharing this with us. You are blessed with an inspiring gift of color. You are truly amazing! You have a dedicated fan in the Pacific Northwest. Team mixed stripe here we gooooooo!

charlotte m.

Lucy, as usual your photos are such a help. I have my yarn, but am not allowed to start until I finish my Dune Blanket, which I have been working on Since November. I am a quilter also, so I really juggle my crafts. The colors for the Dahlia are amazing. I did the colorwash for the sweet pea, but for this one I am drawn towards the mixed stripe. I love the way the light colors pop out to separate the stripes. Can't wait to get started. You are so good to us here in the Attic fan club.

Jane Cox

Hi. I would like to do the colour wash, but why can’t I double the width with two packs of yarn? New to crochet, so apologies if silly question! Kind regards Jane x

Miss Daisy

ABSOLUTELY LOVE those flowers and the colors - great choices. It is definitely a happy creation. Have a Blessed week.


Thank you so much for your work.


Happy New Year Lucy from the Dorset Dahlias! We are off and running and meeting on 2.Feb in West Bay, to share our progress. Any of your many fans are welcome to join us. :-)

Heather Coady

Lovely colours and patterns ,just can’t make up my mind!

Roslyn Mirrington

Happy New Year to you Lucy! I have been joyfully anticipating this post, as have so many others around the world. Thank you for all your hard work in putting your CALs together each year and bringing such pleasure to so many. It sounds like special thanks are due to you this year given the illness of your father-in-law and the loss of your mum's partner. I am sorry for your hardships. It shows enormous generosity of spirit that you have managed to get your CAL organised considering what has been going on for you. Thank you! I am writing from Australia and look forward to getting started on your Dahlia blanket. Ironically, we are in the midst of an horrific summer here, with terrible bushfires ravaging our beautiful country. Tomorrow's conditions are forecast to be especially extreme. Despite the heat however, there will be much comfort in starting such a bright and cheerful project. Thanks again, and best wishes, Ros.

Bea Ramaekers

Hello Lucie,

Again its a beautiful blanket. Of jou want to see more dahlia's look at www.corsozundert.nl, its Dutch but the foto's are speaking for themselfs.


Thank you so much for including my photo of my sample squares. I'm looking forward to this evening when I've finished work and can begin this gorgeous blanket with its' warm, summery, vibrant colours :)


They are both gorgeous but I think I'm on team mixed stripe. Dahlias are my absolute favourite flowers by the way.


What a beautiful design!! Thanks for all of your hard work and sharing this with us! Can’t wait to start this blanket. My yarn pack is ready & waiting.


Thank you! The colours are amazing, now I just have to pick which set of stripes to do!

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