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January 03, 2020


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Linda Hendrickson

I bought the yarn for dahlia woodland blanket. I just need to know the sequence of the colors. thank you Linda

Dorothy Bradham

Love these colors

Sandra Cencelewski

I am so confused. How are there only 99 rows in this blanket for the color wash? Just doesn’t seem like it will be very big. I want to crochet the color wash and I’m looking at the colors from the blog and I can’t make sense of it. Please advise! Is there a list that I am not seeing for the full color of the pattern? It looks like it is way more than 99 rows when completed. Thank you. Sandra Cencelewski

Mrs Frances Grassi

Hi From Wales. I am half way through the Dhalia blanket and so enjoying the process but, do you have any instructions on how to finish the border as it is not listed on the download I printed off? Many thanks in advance.


Any chance someone can give me the order of the colors for the color pack I just ordered.

Renee Odierno-Kronenbitter

Hello, where do i find the instructions for the colorwash after line 15? Thank you

Debra Watts

Hi Lucy, I am working on this beautiful blanket. Love the colours! I do have a question, where do I find the instructions for the border? I printed the pattern, but it doesn't include the instructions for the border. Are you able to help me?

Many thanks.

Shelley Lewis

Lucy, I was so excited today when I,went to the mailbox and my package of lovely yarn came!! Also, the bag that the yarn comes in is awesome! I would like to know if you know when your English video would be available?

Have a wonderful day!!🌺🌸🏵


How much wool would I need for a lap throw please? And how many chain to start- I know I have seen that but now I can’t find it again thanks

Betty Lewis

I would love to do this pattern but I’m sorry to say that the colours are just not me and the only flower l don’t like are the large coloured ones l did see on your blog that there was a sample of a blue one is it possible for me to have the pattern with a pack of these colours ?

Teresa Cox

My yarn pack has arrived, got every thing ready now going to start. the pictures look wonderful,my sample came out smaller and more holely than i like so might try a size4mm hook before i start.


Hi Lucy, I always say I'm going to join one of your CALs but never do! I think I'd feel too much pressure to keep up lol.
I always love reading your blog. Hope it will continue for a long time to come xx


Lovely crochet project for a new year! I've been looking forward to this all during the holidays! I have looked for the tips on darning in the ends for the Dahlia blanket but can't seem to find anything except the comment under one picture. Are there more pictures anywhere?

Jeannine Traverse-Healy

Hi Lucy. Commenting from West Sussex. This is so lovely & I have learnt so much . Thank you & I hope your family are feeling stronger and better able to cope with the new year. Take care

Fiona Sherwood

I have just found your blog but seem unable to follow you the subscribe button just produces loads of text. Please advise what I have to do

Lynda Robinson

Goodness I love this post....it is so happy on such a grey miserable day. I love dahlias so much and adore the colours you have chosen! I would dearly like to join in but as I have never finished a blanket I started 10 years ago (I know shameful) I don't think it would be a good idea to start another....not yet. I will of course enjoy looking at the progress you yourself make and pop over for a slice of sunshine and colour every now and again!


cik skaisti :)


Hello from Greece! Have a happy new year, full of blessing for you and your family. Be always creative and thankful for all simple things. Thank you for your beautiful posts, that make us happy!


Hello from Virginia, USA. I too loved the colors in this blanket from my first view and can't wait to get started. Now that it is a cold and gray winter here, I love looking at the colors of this blanket and dreaming of warmer days. Lucy, I sincerely appreciate all of the time you took in creating the photos and blog posts of how to make the stitches. They are so clear and detailed. I know I will be a better crocheter because of your efforts. Thank you so very much.


Wow - what a fantastic tutorial! This must have taken you many, many hours Lucy.
Thank you for taking the time to share with us so that we can enjoy making your beautiful design too.

Lisa Matthews Sutton

I so love your blog. Your color selections are the best. I buy my yarn from your woolwarehouse collections. It does not matter if I am hooking a particular pattern, I simply choose from one of your yarn packs and get slowly hooking along. Although my #3 grand kiddo is my current work in progress, I bought two of the dahlias, because I so love the colors and your inspiration.
I too have SAD, and the winter months in Utah don’t offer enough sunlight, mainly due to smog. So I look at all your stunning blog pictures, to bring calm and happiness into my heart.

Linda from Boston

Beautifully written instructions. I appreciate the printable directions and color chart. Very useful. Got my tension right and have picked the colorwash version. Got five of the 15 rows done. Had to force myself to stop for the day!!!


The loveliest colours. I'm a huge fan of dahlias, they're just the best. I shall looking forward to seeing all of the blankets taking shape. CJ xx


I’m so excited! This is going to be so much fun. The colors you’ve chosen hit all my happy colors



lovely blanket but I can't open the printable post or the sneak preview of blankets a;; the others open

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