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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 18, 2019


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Hi Lucy i would love to subscribe to your web page when i click the subscribe button on the top just a load of letters and numbers come up i don't want to miss any of your amazing crochet blankets.

اجاره خانه و آپارتمان

I like it


I have been a subscriber since you started Attic 24..what I loved about it is the pleasure you find in the common day to day living and your positivity .
I waited eagerly for your posts and your photos. I don’t crochet so of late your posts are mainly about that and very less about daily life,cooking, cleaning etc and so I don’t wait for those posts ..so try to add such homely posts once in a while
I love the way you write

April Winn Vaughn

I have been a funk myself. I have been having a hard time leaving the house and just want to hunker down and make stuff. I appreciate that you take breaks when feel the need.

Sherry in MT

...and with a bang you are back. No guilt for taking a break - all bloggers have that and sometimes those that only read but don't blog don't understand the work it takes to post. I am just now getting back to READING and writing. Looking forward to catching up on everything.

Allison S.

Hi, well I am glad that you are still into your blog. I was curious if you had the name of your pattern underneath your socks I would Love to make it! Thanks Allison


I always love your posts but totally understand the need to switch off from time to time. The colours in your latest blanket are to die for. Your work is wonderful and it is such a privilege to share your life via your blog. Take it as easy as you can. Xxx

Cathy Dutnall

please stop worrying about keeping other people happy. if you feel like blogging great. if not that's OK too. we all need to learn to put ourselves first sometimes. you are doing well. one day at a time. one stitch at a time xx

Cindy Huxtable

I could tell by your Yarndale post that you were worn out. No worries about needing a break. This should be fun for you and us!! Your designs is the ONLY reason I taught myself to crochet.

Thank you

Karen Bond

Crikey Lucy! No way on earth should you feel guilty about NOT blogging! any one who has read even one of your blog posts should know that: you have bouts of the black dog, you have children who live at home (and who therefore will have just had half term, you do YARNDALE!!!! with all it entails, and that Christmas is coming. Give yourself a break my lovely xx

Maria Louka

Hello Lucy, you clever clever lady - you have noooo idea how much I look forward to your blogs - to say you are a breath of fresh air is an undestatement. I cannot wait to start on this blanket even with my soon to be 18 month old man in tow lol. Thank you for inspiring all of us to just loose ourselves in yarn once in a while.

Lynne Stankard

Lucy please don't stress about your blog - it's such a treat when I see your post. You have been missed - I've been checking daily for the last week and this morning yippee.....there you are with the lovely photos and lovly colours. Bless you. Please take care of yourself and cuddle up whenever the need strikes, take notice of the wise and wonderful methods of Tilly. (((Hugs))) Lynne. xx


Lucy never apologise for taking a break and looking out for yourself! You were so busy with Yarndale and all the stress and strain of it , it’s really not surprising! Always lovely to see you when you can! X


💕 Lucy, Rock on ...Be yourself and post at your OWN pace and leisurely mood days...looking forward to Dahlia mania days...All the best to you and your family..


Hello Lucy I too look forward to checking what's new on your blog always a highlight however when you need to take care of you that must be your priority and the rest of us will just have to cope until your next post and if they are further apart well so be it rather once a month than none. Keep up the great work (at your pace) you are a marvel so many hats you wear well!!💕

Ella Winifred

No need for guilt at all Lucy. I fine November is a depressing month I never feel like doing much at all. Once we get to December I feel better so it's worth waiting until you feel like writing. Glad you're feeling up to it now, this post was a lovely one with such gorgeous photographs.
Your dahlia colours look so summery, look forward to seeing your new ideas. Take care.


No need to feel guilt. It is your Blog and you decide when you have the time and the need to write.We will patiently wait. :-) I look in every day because you are on my list of Blogs that I want to visit. Inspiring photos and always a good story even when you have gloomy days. November does that to me also and the darkness and gray days seem to bother me more the older I get too. Looking forward to see your Dahlia blanket tomorrow.Take care


I don't think you should feel guilty.. it definitely wasn't a tactful or even very polite comment..

But I think it's fair to say that we've missed you.

I started reading your blog posts around January when you were doing the sweet pea CAL and sort of fell in love with you.. you come across as the nicest person - and reading your blog make a us feel like we are your best friends (I realise it's very one sided!)

I have actually been back the early days of your blog and reading though those posts. I wish I had been with you from the beginning..
But by reading them now I can sort of feel like I was.

Without hugely over sharing reading your blog has also helped me hugely when I've been struggling.. your way of looking at things.. finding joy.. as well as your way of writing..
So thank you

Sorry this is rambly... what I mean to say is I'm just glad you're here.. whenever you are able to pop up.
You more than deserve time to yourself- though I don't imagine you get much.

*hugs* from across the miles.. xx


Lucy, you should not apologise for the break , true friends can pick up where they laid off with the same measure of friendship irrespective of the time away . I have been so busy myself I hadnt even noticed - love the photos you should do a calendar of the lovely scenery you have around you. You area a very talented lady x

geovanna conejo

Hola Lucy, que bueno saber de ti y que todo este bien.


Your blog makes me happy! It’s such a treat to look at your beautiful photos and read about what’s going on in your life. It’s obvious you put much time and effort into your blog, it’s so well done. Thank you!

Barbara West

I am so glad to read that you're feeling better, Lucy! I'll say happy belated birthday, too.

Your sea glass socks, Tilly, your beautiful blankets, and your nature photographs and all just spectacular.

I'm behind on blankets but I am looking forward to the Dahlia blanket. It sounds right up my alley.

kathleen price

Brilliant to hear you're voice again. You cheer up our rather dull days! I'm sure I'm not alone looking forward to the new CAL. The colours look amazing.
Take care of yourself. Xx

Mary W

I LOVE when you post pictures of the countryside but today they were second to that POW in my face basket of color. I knew you were busy with a blanket but this is the most exciting one yet. I can't believe it could be mine. Now I can't wait for tomorrow and to order that happy pile of color. Thanks!

Sue Floyd

Good morning Lucy!
Your blog was worth the wait!...it always is!
Don't know why some folk fuss about your absence. Everyone needs to stop & smell the flowers, fall leave,pinecones or whatever is in season. So glad you take time for yourself & family. You always inspire us to appreciate our surroundings and I am so glad you are who you are & well, just wonderful! Grateful for you, Lucy! Happy Thanksgiving!
Sue in Akron,Ohio,US

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