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November 20, 2019


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Amy Davis

I will definitely be joining again. Yet another gorgeous blanket I can’t wait to make.

Ellen Przybylska

Gorgeous colours but what is a CAL?

Carol B

Hi Lucy.......thank you for another inspirational blog ......just what was needed in this gloomy weather
. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but do you watch the TV programme Gogglebox? One of the families who comment on current TV programmes sit on a sofa festooned by at least two of your blankets !!!!!
Television stardom !

Debbie Tristram

Hi Lucy dahlias are one of my favourites too. I've found the best way to start them off is in pots until they are big enough to put in ground and this has stopped the slugs and snails munching on them!! Little blighters! I think Sarah Raven has info on her site.Love the new blanket.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I'm in.. and ordered my yarn pack this morning. I *LOVE* the bright colors and the pinks and reds and purples. I agree that it will perk up my winter which is dark and grey. I may do a 3rd option which is darks to lights and repeat. I'm actually doing a 2nd Dune lap blanket, I finished a first for my eldest granddaughter and am now many rows into the 2nd for the younger one. Your devoted blog fan..

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lyn Williams

You take all the time you need - the lows always inspire the highs even tho it may not seem so at the time; we always benefit from your inspiration - you are so right, dahlias bring a smile to the face every time!! Enjoy your wonderful talent and skill...

Jane Halvey

It's so lovely to have you back again! I love the look of your new blanket. Such super colours, although I do like dahlias in the garden I do find they have a rather strange smell when cut and brought into the house.

Pamela O Ritch

Such gorgeous colors! I've ordered my color pack and can't wait to start this blanket during the dreary days of Winter!


I love, love, love these colors! I’m in!


Sue Boulding

Fabulous colours .

Mary W

Ordered and patiently waiting to begin. Colors are simply GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see it on my couch. I have two granddaughters that will be eyeing it so I might have to come back for another pack once they re-order as I know they will run out with this one.

Marjorie Sanderson

Lovely blog Lucy fell in love the Dahlia blanket as soon as I saw it lovely colours ordered my yarn pack as a Christmas present and am looking forward to January to start. Hope you are now feeling better like me the dark nights and winter are not my favourite time of year your lovely blanket will get me through the dark January days.
Best wishes and thank you for your blog which I always look forward to reading.

Ann Chapman

I live near Halls of Heddon so visit several times during Dahlia and Chrysanthemum season. I take thousands of photos as there are hundreds of varieties. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable and they really are the best at what they do. I’ve ordered my pack today so really looking forward to this one!

charlotte m.

Oh, Lucy, you've done it again. Such a beauty this blanket will be! And thank you so much for all the lovely pictures of Dahlias. Such wonderful eye candy. Looking forward to beginning this CAL.

gina in alabama

Lucy!!! the Dahlia bigger than your head is incredible! I never dreamed that they could be so big!!! that picture made my head feel like it was exploding!!! congrats on another gorgeous blanket!!!

Angela- southern USA

Oh what a day that must have been! I wouldn't have known which way to walk. lol The blanket is very lovely, you've done it again Lucy!. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Daisy

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL !!!! WOW ! The size of some of the blooms , amazing . The vibrancy of the colors !!! Words fail me , a first.


WOW! I promised myself I really can't start a new project (especially not a new blanket because I have one in progress and more waiting to be made!) but I absolutely LOVE the Dahlia colours! Who knows...


I love dahlias as well and your visit to the flower farm sounded fabulous! I definitely need these incredible colors to help us stay cheerful tnrough our very long winter. Ordering the yarn pack and am excited for my first Attic24 CAL,

Linda from Boston

Wow!! The colors are a feast for the eyes. I’ve ordered the yarn pack; can’t wait to just look at it! I love how the yarn comes in an organza drawstring bag. On the Wool Warehouse order form, there’s a box you can check if you don’t want it in a bag. Who wouldn’t want that......it’s the best part!! Thanks for all your hard work. Love all the pictures, especially the dinner plate flowers. Unbelievable.

Moira McIlroy

I just wanted to say how amazed and in awe I am of how much work you put into your blog posts. You go into so much detail and it's so interesting to see where you get your inspiration from with so many photos. I know how much work a blog is and you do a great job. I've only just started crocheting blankets and did the Dune colorwash with a ripple pattern, wouldn't have been able to do it without your blog's helpful instructions. thank you for all you do.

Karen oakley

Aww I so love this blog Lucy, such amazing beautiful Dahlias...... I love the dinner plate Dahlias, such fabulous huge blooms.... we usually have some dahlias in our garden, but nothing compares to these. I am so excited for this CAL, I bought the pack at just after 8 this morning. Thank you for all your hard work, love from Karen x


Eeeeeek!! I LOVE it! I am feeling super excited about joining the CAL, which is super exciting in itself as I’ve not felt like doing a CAL for ages! I’m hoping I’ll get the pack for Christmas but if not, I’ll buy it as a treat for myself! I can’t wait to have my wintery days filled with so much glorious colour!! Well done lovely Lucy, you’ve done it again!! 💖


Excited already - I'm quite a novice but have had a go at 2 of your blankets now and am loving the process. Have you seen Ben Pentreath or Charlie McCormink's Instagram accounts - or Ben's blog? If you love dahlias these are an absolute treat.


Every time I read your blog I get a little pang of homesickness. You are so blessed where you live. Counting the days till I get to visit Skipton in May. Till that time the new CAL will keep me busy.

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