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November 20, 2019


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Pamela Lawson

Just got the wool in and cannot wait to start. Such beautiful colours. Thank you Lucy for another courful blanket


This blanket will be wonderfull..as usual !
Thanx for all your designs, i LOVE then all.


Oh! Those colors!!! 💗💛🧡❤️💗

When you start the CAL, would it be possible to talk about how to choose which size crochet hook? (Did you have a post about that already?) I can crochet enough to make a potholder, but no more. I love the colors so much that this may be the one where I take the plunge...!


Beautiful, uplifting, inspirational - your blog is the best and I love recommending it to my friends who are new to crochet. Thank you so much Lucy for your AMAZING generosity in sharing your expertise with us lot! So much appreciated.


I am going to print some of your photos and make myself a 2020 Dahlia Calendar!! I am really happy about this CAL!!! Can't wait to start!!!:)


Can we now assume that the "lots of pictures" you mentioned you took at this years Yarndale Festival including the table of Bears you promised will not be coming?
Those of us who contribute but can't attend look forward to those pictures.
This is what you wrote on October 3:
"I took lots of photos so will share much more of those when I write up my Yarndale post proper next week."

Mary Marsh

Absolutely lovely colorway! You do have an eye for making colors work; I envy you! Keep up the good work, LOVE your blog.
From across the pond in Maine, USA


Hi Lucy - another work of art! A quick question. I am thinking I would like to incorporate a green into this colour palette - for the leaves /stalk. I think the 'Green' colour in this same yarn migh work. Will there be a 'repeat' on the colour stripes as this might be a good place to include the green otherwise will just see what I hint.


Hi Lucy
I'm sure your work will be as brilliant as ever and I thank you for all you do for us crochet-holics. Just one tiny, whispered plea though - pleeeease can your next blanket not be so pink?!
I have a family which includes lots of males which is part of the reason for my plea!
All good wishes

Crafty Cath

I love Dahlias and I love your blanket - can't wait to make it and all the other blankets! I just love 'em all!!!


Ordered and I cannot wait to begin. Something pretty and colourful to look forward to in January.

Ruth White

Well the postman has just delivered a parcel of absolute deliciousness from Wool Warehouse. The colours are simply gorgeous. A real pick me up on such a wet and miserable day. I’ve never done a CAL before and can’t wait til January to get started. Just hope I can master the stitch as I’m fairly new to crochet and have never tackled anything this big before.Roll on the new year!


Those colours are so gorgeous hadn't realised there were so many beautiful colours and shapes of dahlias. You've translated them so well in your blankets. Congratulations, your blankets are amazing.


Dahlias always remind me of my long gone Dad, he grew them all my life, eventually he ended up on a farm and invested in tunnels, as in your photos. I used to help him then take off most of the buds, that way ending up with 3 beautiful blooms on long stems.
He sold them to florists.
They also remind me of my mum, moaning about the amount of earwigs that dropped out of the petals after he had presented her with yet another bunch, many years before the tunnel growing.
Good memories

I like them, don’t grow them though.
Blanket looks lovely, I love colour but do not have any colourful blankets here. They have worked well in older cottages and other houses.
All the best to you and yours from Dorset !

Silvia Broekhuis

What a gorgious blanker!!
Love it.
Is there a color wash version to??


Hi i love the Dahlia blanket can't wait for the pattern.
I have been trying to subscribe to your amazing web site but i am not having much look is there another way i could subscribe please i want to stay in touch with your colourful crochet work

Elizabeth Sawyer

Gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous 💕

Gaynor Jamieson

Oh, just what the doctor ordered for a dark wintry day! Have followed your blog for a while since learning crochet but never tried a blanket. Just ordered a pack to jump in and give it a go - something to look forward to in January! Thanks for all your lovely work, it's a joy to follow.

Lynne Stankard

WOW!! Lucy - don't know what to say apart from Wow!! Sat here on this very grey, dank November day - then I opened your blog - just blown away!! Those colours hit me like a brick (gently of course) - I've been through our blog about six times from beginning to end just revelling in thoe wonderful colours. I have a confession - I can't hook to save my life - I've had so many lessons and my hands just become useless objects that can't function! But as I make handmade cards - that' where my colour loving comes out. I need some clever person to translate all these colours onto card!! Lucy thank you so much you've made a horrible morning shine with colour. ((Hugs))) xx

Karen Hagan

Thank you so much for all your hard work and passion.
Your colour choices are always so beautiful, looking forward to trying the new stitch 🥰

Selina Baihn

g'day Lucy!
i don't often write as you usually have about 50 comments by the time i read your posts lol
i just wanted to ask about the stitch, the spiked? stitch, it looks like what i've seen as the Lark stitch? are they the same?
OMGoodness! those dahlias were amazing! so many colours, you have a wonderful colour sense, if it was me putting this together i'd probably throw a bit of green into the mix!
you always make gorgeous blankets & one day i hope to make one of yours but for now i have way too much knitting to catch up with (if i ever will, several jumpers, a cardigan & socks on the go) i do enjoy a little crochet from time to time & have a bavarian blanket going which has been going for quite a few years now.
you are always so generous with your patterns
thanx for sharing

Barb W

So PRETTY! I just ordered my yarn pack even though I still need to put the border on the Summer stripe and haven't even started Dune!


Fabulous!! I love the colors you have chosen...those dahlias are gorgeous! I so enjoyed looking at all of your photos. Love your enthusiasm and I just love reading your blog... thank you. I can’t wait to someday be able to visit your beautiful country. I fell in love with that area through the writing of James Herriott and I just love seeing all of your photos that put visuals with his words. I might join you in making this blanket... I’m overdue to make another afghan and this stitch is intriguing. Your afghans are just gorgeous!

Linda from Boston

CAL = Crochet A Long


Люси привет! Замечательная прогулка среди цветов. Очень люблю георгины. Их выращивала моя мама. Они всегда напоминают мне её. Спасибо

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