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November 20, 2019


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Hazel Hurst

Please can you help me find the Dahlia blanket crochet pattern

Heather Povey

Hi for everyone looking for the pattern, everything you need is in this link https://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/cal/
Everything from Introduction, work sheets for colours and pattern comes off this webpage including the link posted by Laura | August 28, 2020
The pattern as I understand it, reads to continue repeating rows given until desired length is reached.
I hope this helps


I found the link to the pattern (for those asking) - i'm also looking forward to get started on this after buying all the yarn!


Faye Gale

I've recently bought the Dahlia pack. Can I please have the pattern for it as I missed the CAL? Thanks.

Carole Ayling

I would like the colour sequence please after row 15

Alison Marsh

Please can you point me in the right direction to find the pattern for the Thalia pattern I know where to get the wool but it says that no pattern is included It was done as a CAL in January and February but i found the blanket in July on the website. Please can you help me. Thank you

Caroline Hale

I can't seem to find the pattern for rows 16 to 99. Please just let me know where to find them, thank you.


Where may I find the colors for the stripes after the first 15 rows?


Hi Lucy where do the nextcolours and parts of the Cal for the dahlia pattern? It’s such a lovely pattern and range of colours!

Marcia Nelson

I can’t find the colour sequence beyond the first 15 stripes....can you tell me where to find it please?

Georgia Pearce

Hi Lucy, I am late to the party and would love to make the Dahlia blanket. Are the instructions still available please?

Jane Archer

Dear Lucy
I’m in lockdown and have started the Dahlia Blanket (mixed colours) for my granddaughter. I’ve done 4 others, and just find them so addictive. I’ve found the colour chart to stripe 15, but cannot find where to get the stripes from Row 16-99.
Please can you let me know what stripes follow on. Unfortunately the pack didn’t come with the pattern.
I just love your work, you are keeping me occupied during my 12 weeks isolation! Thank you.

Helen Bason

when counting the stripes does each colour count as 1 or two stripes.

Anita Parker

I’ve just bought yarn pack and would appreciate colour sequence as going to use hydrangea pattern. Thank you Anita

Jayne Allen

Hi Lucy, I have missed the cal for the dahlia blanket. Can I get the pattern from somewhere?

Christine Condon

Please help me find the dahlia blanket cal & or pattern



I've posted this on the Rav thread for this blanket, but thought I'd post it here as well.

I’m making a swatch and have a question. The instructions say I should have 25 trebles on my first row on the chain, but I only have 24. Does the end count as 1 treble? I chained 27, and then in the 4th chain I put my first treble. So does that end part count as one treble, and the one in the 4th chain would be the 2nd treble? Thank you for your help. I am new to crochet and am following the instructions to make the blanket.


Tracey WC

I have my pack and am excited to get started. I just needed to finish a couple of projects which I have done and can’t wait any longer. Just love these colours and very cheery with all this rains and bad weather we are having.
Thank you


I love these colours! I would go for the colourwash! But... I am not looking for a large blanket, I was searching the internet for a nice pattern for a blanket to keep my legs warm when in a wheelchair... I don't have a clue on what size I wuld need then. I recently used an existing blanket but that was way too large, it kept unfolding and got in the wheels or on the ground a lot of time... Anyone has an idea what would be a good size for a lap blanket? I may even be able to make 2 then, both colourwash and the stripes one, with 1 yarn package?


How exciting! Can't wait to get started 😍

Stevie Burrows

I've only just seen this, so behind before I start, and a complete beginner, but the colours are gorgeous and remind me of my dear Gran who grew the most amazing dahlias.

Jan Henley

OMG The colours are simply stunning. I can’t wait for my colour pack to arrive. Thanks also for the link to the Dahlia nursery. I’ve had to visit their website too and treat myself to some of their amazing plants!


So excited to start on such a beautiful blanket.

Eileen Shields

This looks fab.
I'm having trouble subscribing to the Blog.
Subscribe button leads to a source page?

Christine Summerhill

Very happy to say I received the Dahlia blanket pack as a gift for Christmas!!! Roll on the 3rd January....lovely hooky evenings ahead. Thank you for your inspiration Lucy, and may I wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year! XX

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