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November 28, 2019


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I’m doing your Winter Wreath right now :-)


I've made a garland too. It's hanging below my Christmas cards in the hall, and it's a line of alternate Jolly holly leaves and berries, and stars and jingle bells, all tied on with fine gold ribbon.
It's strange how sometimes you just get the urge to MAKE something festive!

Tracy in Alberta, Canada

I always put up all my Christmas things mid-November but take it down a few days after Christmas/before New Year's. It usually snows by the end of October and it's cold so we're feeling winter-y already. We have Thanksgiving at the beginning of Octover so all holidays are done. Need a festive pick me up and it's fun to enjoy the things you collect and have for as many days a possible


I don't know how to crochet but I really enjoy following your blog. You have such lovely, colorful blankets and your home is so cheerful with all the color. I love all the outdoors photos you post as well. I will likely never be able to see those beautiful places in person, so your photos are a wonderful substitute. I don't have any holiday items on my needles, but I finished up a tint pair of baby socks yesterday. They are so very cute. Happy holidays.

Angela-Southern - USA

I've found it hard to pack away Autumn décor this year as well. Both girls have been home for the Thanksgiving holidays and we've been decking the halls non stop. (I could really use a break! lol) Currently I have some holiday granny bunting on my hook in red for my garden bicycle that is painted white this year. I'm thinking of adding some lights on it this year as well. Have a lovely day! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jools Morgan-Jones

I'm knitting flip top mittens for friends for Giftmas, having just finished crocheting three ripple blankets (thanks to your instructions) for my youngest grandchildren as part of their Giftmas presents, too.
And I decorated a tree at work in the library today, helped out by one of the young homeless lads who volunteered his services because he doesn't have a tree of his own to put up. It was a lovely thing to do together 😊


I've been crocheting ornaments with #10 thread, and Christmas stockings for different family members and their new family members.. Love LOVE this time of year and the fact that my family loves our traditional "homemade" ornaments/decorations and not store bought! We usually decorate around my birthday, Dec. 6th, but all our grown kids and family that stop by have asked why our tree isn't up yet so apparently even though they are all adults they are all in the same frame of mind as your kids! Bring on the festivities!It's wonderful to have a child's excitement about such a wonderful time of year so I agree! Christmas decorations, here we come!

Kathryn Ashe

I am crocheting cute Christmas tree ornaments...angels, wreaths, stars and peppermint candy.

Lisa Sutton

I am still working on a ripple blanket for my oldest grandson‘s October bday. 😞😀. I did receive my two dahlias yarn packages yesterday. 🎉💕

Teresa Kasner

I love your Autumn hooky decor. I made one of your pumpkins and I want to make more with the stripes, they look so realistic! I got my bag of Dahlia yarn last Saturday, I'm so excited for your CAL!! I'm with the kids of get your Christmas decor up now. I am going to do the same. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Crafty Cath

Awww!! kitty has the best seat in the house :) Love the Autumn ornaments, so cosy and warm.


I'm working on a top down crochet sweater, but I'm making also a crochet Christmas tree to give as a present to a friend of mine.
I love Autumn and winter above all for the opportunity to spend all my free time crocheting or knitting.
I hope to make a garland for the mantel of my fireplace too.
I love all your garlands and the atmosphere they create.

charlotte m.

I am still working on my Dune blanket. I am hoping to finish it in time to start Dahlia. My yarn arrived Wednesday for that and the colors!! Oh, Lucy, the colors!! I didn't think there could be any better than sweet pea, but I was wrong.


I don’t do Christmas, it’s bliss !
Well I knit stuff for the local village school to sell, and silly sweet covers for grandchildren, but apart from dotting around a few twinkly lights if family pop over that’s it.
Hopefully with decent weather Christmas Day we will be out walking with cameras whilst everybody else is either slaving over a hot stove or wishing they hadn’t drunk /eaten so much, wonderful. I fancy lulworth, or maybe Arne, or even durlston this year!
After children have left the home I totally recommend it.
Have a good one all, whatever you choose to do , peace and joy to all

Lynne Stankard

Hello Lucy - the weahter over here in Lancashire (still can't get on with Greater Manchester!!) has been awful too - so grey and rainy, somedays it just doesn't get light at all. So I've got on with Christmas card making - and they are almost complete. But got up this morning and wondered where the light was coming from.........it's sunny and blue skies!! Very frosty too but I'm off out later to enjoy it.
Let the children crack on with the tree etc., sit on the sofa with a large cuppa and maybe a mince pie, just keep out of it and before you know it the tree will be magical and you can praise them to the moon and back - they have a job for life! Or until they leave home - I still miss my girls 'doing' the tree!!
((Hugs)) Lynne.


We will be getting the decorations out of the loft this weekend and going to get our tree on 8th December. I have been knitting slipper socks in chunky wool as extra presents for the females in the family - 5 pairs. We open these presents in the evening after supper. The tradition started when we were children and my mother put an extra little present (cheap and cheerful) for each of us in the branches of the Christmas tree. They were always known as ‘tree presents’. I have carried on the tradition for my children and now I’m a grandmother I’m still doing it. Isn’t it lovely how traditions pass on through a family. Our tree is decorated in red, gold and green as per my mum and my daughters do the same - none of this modern pinks or blues etc. Though my daughters have all moved out they still come home for Christmas plus other relatives - it’s a full house but wonderful!


I am studiously ignoring anything festive with an 'I'll think about it all in December' mentality. And I am ignoring the fact that it almost is December. It's looking beautifully cosy chez vous. I do have a new orange and ginger candle, which is almost festive, and I've eaten a mince pie and all the lebkuchen, if that counts. CJ xx


I am insisting we do on the first as well and there can be no arguments as is at the weekend and i am so excited. Cant agree more about the photography we have had so much rain and its so dark. Have fun at the wknd we will he he


I have been crocheting some Christmas trees, knitted Fr Christmas and have tried your Jolly Holly. I’m going to make more leaves for a wreath I think. Thanks for your pattern. Xx


I live in rural New Zealand. Imagine my surprise when my Dahlia wool arrived from UK, ordered on 20th delivered to my door on 26th. Unbelievable as local letters can take days and days. It’s simply stunning. Wishing year by now for instructions to start but it’s sure nice to look at meanwhile.

Linda from Boston

I just finished an advent garland. Eight socks, eight hats and eight mittens....oh and a Santa hat for the 25th. All knitted with leftover self striping yarn for the socks and leftover yarn for the others. I I-corded a long red cord for them to hang on. So glad I finished in the nick of time!!! Time is flying so fast. Waiting patiently for my dahlia yarn pack to arrive!!

Jun  Ed pirie

Just finishing my wonderful Winter Wreath, designed by a certain lovely lady called Lucy. 😘🎄❄️


Crocheting candy stripe colours into moorland pattern blanket for Christmas pressie for my sister-in-law as a surprise for her. Wool for knitted jumper bought for hubby for Christmas pressie. Few weekend handbags made for presents too but nothing Christmassy as such. These dark days hamper my productivity too. Tomorrow is meant to be brighter so I hope our moods are too. Think I'll get outside for some badly needed Vit D though!


I love your garland of leaves :-)

Jean Stein

I'm using non-wool sock yarn to crochet yoga (heel-less) socks for a Christmas gift. They are the ugliest socks I have ever seen because the "stripe" between the colors just doesn't work in crochet. Still will be gifting them, just for fun, with a generous gift card hidden inside. One sock and two boy hats and my Christmas make-it list is complete.

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