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September 23, 2019


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Lynne Stankard

Hello Lucy, Many, many thanks for a lovely Autumn Blog - this really made me smile this morning. Remember, tell Little B., it starts with tiny conkers and soon they are HUGE!! Loving your pics., sunflowers - adorable, Milky coffe - yummy, leaves - beautiful, canal barges - evocative and shroom teatowels - made me smile. If there is a greeting like Happy Autumn I'm wishing it to you (and if there isn't there should be!!) xxxxx

Susan R

Lovely to hear from you again...love your blog .xxx

Teresa Kasner

I love it when you share your canal walks.. I'm rather obsessed with those colorful canal boats. I hope the good weather holds for Yarndale! I'm looking forward to the photos of the event. Don't work too hard!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Thank you Lucy for such a lovely note. We all so enjoy seeing your pictures and taking a piece of your life into ours. I wish we had walking trails here in the US.

Nora Mcgrann

Thank you Lucy..anotherlovely blog. Xx


I enjoy so much seeing all the beauty of Yorkshire (and the other places you share); but it has made me stop and look around and enjoy the beauty of my region. The beauty is there but perhaps I have stopped "seeing". Thank you for your example of being "aware".


Wishing you every success at Yarndale.


I do hope the sun can find its hat again for the weekend. Every time we have come up to Skipton for the Yarndale weekend it has been glorious sunshine even if it was tippling down the day before.

Look forward to seeing you in the knit & knatter lounge at some point over the weekend Lucy.


Mary W

I could almost smell autumn in the air with your glorious early morning pictures. What are corkers? Are they the nuts? Do they float? Are they used for fishing? Are they the empty shells? How does he open them? I'm too curious! Your beautiful mantel just screams summer! Keep it up as long as possible.

Miss Daisy

Love the tea towels , those mushrooms are just too cute. I enjoyed our walk this morning , love your town. Have a Blessed week.


hello Lucy, lovely to see your posting, look at those sunflowers such a cheery sight!;)
I love seeing other peoples landscapes and views...
yours though with the canal and rocky moor land does look quite similar to here down in Devon...I love the canal boats , we definitely dont have them on my canal...i'd love that if they did. I often dreamed of owning a boat in my 20s, but sometimes i wonder where they put all their things. we'd soon fill it up and have to sleep on the roof i think hehe!.
I always remember a place in london with a canal and they had all the pretty gardens on the top of the canal boats filled with flowers...Camden used to be similar as well.
I love toadstools!...i have two of the Ck mugs with the toadstools on, but i love those new tea towels...my mugs must be over 5 years old when she first designed the pattern.
Your mantel always looks so sweet and colourful, love the bunting and colourful cottages.
We'd had two weeks of beautiful sunlight and golden rays of light in the evenings but now the rains have arrived...hopefully not for too long.
Loving all your yarn dale makings too! bet that is exciting but full on for you, good luck!
lovely post as always, kazzy ;)

Susan Smith

A lovely post & as it isn't long since we got back home, I can still feel the joy of also walking alongside the canal & down to Coopers Cafe. All the best for Yarndale & I'll be in touch after it's all over. Thanks for the photos, take care & huggles.

carol partridge

yes, Yarndale usually has good weather. I remember the first one. It was beautiful and sunny. As well as wool my husband bought me a woven basket to put it all in. That looks a hard climb.Your photo's are always lovely.Hope you have a good Yarndale...then you can have deserved rest ! ( until your next project )

Carol Langley

I love your cheery blog Lucy, despite the fact that I can’t knit or crochet to any useful degree. Your photos are always so lovely. I also like the tea towels - I’ve got a few yet to be used that I bought because I liked the fabric.

carolyn mary jackson

Hi Lucy, I have enjoyed all your teddy photos, but a bit worried I havent seen mine, I do hope it hasnt gone astray, being from NZ. I will keep looking as I have sent a parcel each year to Yarndale and they have all arrived. Hope you have a great w/end and all goes well.


Your town is so very pretty, a lovely place to walk about I think, and I love how you still appreciate it. It looks beautiful up on the crag, well worth the climb. I hope Yarndale goes well and that the sun shines on you all. Good luck! CJ xx


Hi Lucy,
I always love to get a sneak peak of your days. You always take such wonderfull pictures. the nature around you is so beautiful. I get why you're always go hiking. I would too if I lived somewhere like that.
I wish you lots of fun at yarndale.
Have a lovely day.

Sweet greetings,


Dear Lucy, I love your blog and wanted your new posts to pop up in my email inbox - I'm experimenting with going lower-tech (used to use a blog aggregator called Feedly to collect all the lovely blogs I enjoy but it is a bit mindless-scroll-y!). Anyway I hit the 'subscribe' button at the top of your homepage hoping I could get your blog by email subscription instead as then I won't miss any. It doesn't work! I know you are ramping up for Yarndale and this is not going to be your top priority at all, but just letting you know for when you get to draw breath... Many thanks.


Good luck with Yarndale and the weather..it’s usually glorious isn’t it? Xx

Molly Goodwin

Lovely blog and photos. Conkers are the nuts from a horse chestnut tree. They are rich brown and shiny with a green prickly shell. When I was young, children would pierce them and thread a string through then have a conker fight by swinging their conker and trying to break their opponents conker! It was great fun - then along came health and safety, and it was banned in schools!

Miriam Stevenson

Lovely blog. We've been very lucky with the warm sun and hazy mornings. A real taste of autumn in the air now and my favourite season begins. Good luck for a wonderful Yarndale. I hope you have a wonderful time and get a good rest afterwards x


Thank you for another great post! I am so looking forward to Yarndale and hope the weather is better by then so we can have a walk around Skipton too!


Where is your studio I would like to pop in


Hello Lucy,
thank you so much for yet another post with beautiful pictures. I wonder if the British tourist industry knows what a great promoter of your country you are :D. I never considered the UK as a vacation destination for some reason (I don't know, maybe the weather?), but you share so many great pictures, just gorgeous and I would really love to come and walk those moors myself one day.
Looking forward to your next CAL-pattern, if you feel like sharing a sneak peak, pleeeeaaaasseeeee do, can't wait :) :) :)

Josephine Firth

I love your photos Lucy, so warm and inviting. I also love sunflowers, tea towels and conkers! (My auto correct changed that to consumers!!)
How strange that we share some of the same ideas! See you at Yarndale on Sunday, hope you have a peaceful run up to the weekend. Even though a wet one is forecast for our region. Love Jo.

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