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September 04, 2019


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I discovered Skipton Castle When I made a special trip to visit me in May 2017 and joining your lovely little group at Coopers cafe. the castle was really special thank you for reminding me of such a lovely day


Lovely post with great photos!

Mary W

I just had the most wonderful cup of coffee and had to let you know about it. Actually, it was my normal cup but drank while reading your post making it a very memorable event! Thank you for a lovely day.

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy!
Thanks again for a wonderful blogpost! I smile all the way through reading it. It's like I'm transported to your town. Thanks again for this joyfulness...much needed break from the hustle of life!


Honestly, i am going to have to move there, where else can you go for walk in the fields and stop for refreshments in lovely places. Or hop on a train to visit cute places. we don't live far from a grand river and trails, but not close enough to walk there in less than a good part of the day. Not to mention we fall far short of holiday time here. Just started a ripple blanket for one of my sons, only one not to get a crochet blanket yet. So enjoy your blogs.

mrs. smythe

The soaps in that shop - the colors! And that ancient tree - amazing to contemplate. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Sheila  lack

Your Blog posts have me craving to visit England. The dilemma is when to go, summer for the heather, I AM going to learn to crochet that blanket or Autumn for the Yarndale.

Winwick Mum

I loved reading this post, and we did have such a lovely day in Hebden Bridge. I'm sure we should be stricter about more planning and less shopping and munching and chatting ... but then again, maybe not! :) xx

Angela- Southern USA

Those slow lazy days of summer when the kids were home, I remember them fondly. It's mind blowing to think of a tree living that long isn't it?! It was 100F here yesterday, definitely still summer. Enjoy the rest of your summer! xxxxxxx


awww so lovely peeking through your window!!! you write so well almost feel like I am there. The castle looks beautiful.
I wondered when summer actually ends we had a bit of banter about it in out house the other day. Now I shall expel my newly read knowledge to all and sundry when they get home and I see them ha ha ha

Lynne Stankard

Lovely Lucy - You appeared in my inbox at just the right moment, Thank You. Bit fed up after a doctor trip, came home for my comfort coffee and there you were - you calmed me down, wrapped me in a lovely September hug. I really must get over to Yorkshire, not been for years, for a visit and see Skipton Castle, been on my list for many years - I have to see that tree! OH that beautiful soap - all those gorgeous colours - fancy you choosing Seashore!!!! Yay, I'm glad someone else wont let Summer go until 23rd September - and who knows may be a lovely Indian Summer may come our way. Hope your September is warm and comforting xxx


lovely post lucy, a joy of photographs of simple, happy moments...cherished moments with your daughter too. Myself and my daughter Sophia have our little chats and walks, usual i'm taking in the surroundings while shes busy telling me things hehe.
its lovely to have those moments with them...summers rushes by doesnt it...people used to say to me 'cant wait for the kids to go back to school'...and i would always reply 'i wish it would last longer, i love not conforming to school routines'...quality time together is so precious. Especially as i share half the hols with her father now it seems even more precious.
but we always pack lots in and some days like you say just mooch about the house busy doing nothing but enjoying it ever so much!...September always seems like the beginning of a New year to me, so much more change than January. I waved my daughter off this week to start a fresh new academic year and although she is bubbling with excitement i feel sad in side i will miss her being here. I do love Autumn actually, but i would have been quite happy to hold onto Summer a weeeeee bit longerrrrr ;)x


Hi Lucy,
I also feel a bit down at the passing of summer, I think it’s because next summer is so far off. Having said that I do enjoy the gloriousness of autumn- the colours and fruits and dew on cobwebs. I would hate to live somewhere with no seasons. While reading your post I remembered a book I’ve had for many years and thought you might like it( you might already know it). It’s called Sloe Gin and Beeswax by Jane Newdick. It’s still available on Amazon. It takes the seasons and divides them into early, middle and late and has old fashioned recipes and gorgeous photos to illustrate the seasons. I thought it might be something you’d be interested in.


Really enjoyed your summer holiday blog. Just back from a week in the Peak District and it is lovely exploring new little towns! I get a milk doorstep delivery too! Can’t beat it!


Wait....you have milk at your doorstep? Actually or as a metaphor? Because if actually that is incredible to me!

Kristine S

Love ALL your pic, always... insanely jealous! Wanna see... and your won't mug is precious! I want one!
Hugs xx Kristine xx


Such a lovely post Lucy
My favourite blog
Thanks you


What a beautiful tour of Hibden Bridge you had. Thank you for sharing - the pictures are beautiful.
-- Across the ocean blue

Josephine Firth

Hi Lucy, I also 're-visited Skipton castle a few weeks ago, having not been for about 30 years or so.I really enjoyed it and as you said, it is so old! The tea room was nice too. I looked down on "your" path and wondered if that was part of your evening walk with Little B.
Well worth a visit and I just love that old yew tree.

Carol Partridge

I recently went in the Yorkshire Soap shop in Beverley. I bought a gorgeous shampoo bar.That was a sea salt one. They do 6 different ones. Lovely shop and staff. A nice long read on your blog tonight. You have had a lovely summer. I am enjoying the last few summer days on holiday here in Norfolk.


Lovely photos as usual, Lucy. Thank you for letting us have a peek into your world. Our two girls are much taller than me too, and oldest one is back to school as well, just as a teacher, not a student! Hebden Bridge railway station is looking very pretty. It must take a lot of work to keep it that way. Skipton Castle looks very interesting and when Little B's teacher asks them to write about their holidays, he will have loads of great memories to draw from. Well done.


What a lovely day out with Christine. Loved the photos. X


What a lovely post. I've been a bit sad to see summer slipping away - looking back at things just a few short weeks ago and feeling a bit sorry that they're over. But it's the way it should be, and I'm sure I wouldn't love summer so much if it was here all the time. You've made some fantastic summer memories I think. I'm glad it's been a good few weeks. I love the idea of your evening walks. I always enjoy it when my little people come out with me on a dog walk. That soap shop looks amazing. I was just this morning thinking about lavender soap and putting soap under my knitting - I'm sure I got that idea from you. Anyway, I have some lovely French soap given to me by our exchange student, and I keep a bar of it tucked under whatever I'm knitting. CJ xx

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