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September 08, 2019


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Your moorland is beautiful, Lucy. Like our moors in the South West, the Rowans are bursting with berries and not just on the moors too. It's quite early, so perhaps we're in for a hard winter? Your colour palettes are amazing, can't wait to see your next one:)


Those changes in the flow of your family can be hard but also so good!

Try as I might, I cannot imagine a prettier walk. What a gift to have that near!


Please Lucy a little peek of your colour inspiration. Mid-November is a long long time to wait otherwise.....


Would love to see please - hoping there may be some dahlia inspiration in there?
Working on a coastal blanket of yours at the moment - thank you Lucy xx

Ann Van Gampelaere

Please do share a little peak.

Angela- Southern USA

It's lovely seeing all the colors of the moors, and no, it doesn't seem like three years has passed since your moorland blanket. For sure they ARE magical properties in hot chocolate! xxxxxxxx


The moors always sound mysterious! I've never seen one (them? not sure which pronoun is the correct term, lol!) The house is so intriguing, just adds to the mystery. Does someone actually still live there? Thanks again for taking us along your adventures. I for one cannot keep a secret and admire your fortitude.


A little pick, please.... Getting so excited already!

Pauline Johnston

It is a perfect end of summer day here in New England USA so I am enjoying some relaxing time reading your delightful article. I was born in N Yorkshire and as a child did the Moore walks with my parents, oh the memories. Your blanket reflects the colors only nature can put \together so perfectly.. You have the gift for not changing what God has given to us. I can not wait to see your next project.


The only thing I know about moors as an American is that at night a big black dog comes out and gets you and then Sherlock Holmes has to come solve your murder. Looks a lot nicer in the day time!

Jenny Young

I think a sneak peak of an inspiration photo would be fun....let us guess the colors from your photo.

Janet Dudek

Your blogs about hikes through the hills and seashore are wonderful. Your photos in this one reminded me of a question I wanted to ask you. We were in Yorkshire in September 2017 (travelling from Canada). While walking near a reservoir I noticed the small circular building out in the middle of the water with the walkway out to it from shore. What is that? We also noticed a stone building along our walk - very old and clearly abandoned. It looked like the reservoir keeper's house in your photo so perhaps that mystery has been solved.

Miss Daisy

I love going on your walks with you so thanks for sharing . The colors of your moorland blanket really matches the landscape . You must be a proud mama. A sneak peek please and enjoy your week.

Susan rees

Sneaky peak please! I love the autumn knowing there is a CAL on the way. I'm working on the dune blanket at the moment. It's cold today and I'm tempted to wrap up in the moorland to keep warm. X

Heather Coady

So love walking in the countryside as well and been planning to do the moorland but will wait and see what next cal is! I must keep going and try and finish my version of Dune!


Please tell us at least if it will be something colorful or something more smooth going? My energy levels would be dying for some colorful right now. I would love to try some colorwash this time, if possible. Yes, colorful is something I am longing for!!

Janet Clark

A little peek please, it will give us something to look forward to. Love the Moorland blanket, the colours are beautiful.


Please keep it a secret, so it will feel like Christmas at the great reveal.

Sara S

Please, please, please give us a sneaky peak, the build up of excitement is very much part of the blanket journey (for me at least!) x

Susan Oliver

I am hoping it will feature the colour of the berries on the Rowan Tree and the background colours of the blue water and the different shades of green on the moors behind the rowan Tree.


That house looks like a set from a Harry Potter movie!

Barbara Buchanan

Please, please, please tell us! ☺️❤️


sneak peek plz

Sue Boulding

As a Yorkshire exile living in Kent I love your pictures of this beautiful county . And the blankets of course !


Oh my goodness, it's beautiful up there. And it really is amazing how the colours in your moorland blanket tie in so perfectly. They're beautifully natural. I always want to know everything at once and I'm absolutely hopeless at guessing, so I'd love to know where your next inspiration is coming from. I'm wondering if it's something summery. I know what you mean about the power of something sweet. When we were coming down Snowdon a couple of years ago the littlest boy was on his last legs until we reached the halfway house and I bought him some sweets. He actually ran down the last bit. Amazing. It's a similar transition here, to just three or four people walking at weekends. We're still getting used to it. The littlest boy really likes a brother along if possible, to make it more fun, so it's a bit of a balancing act at the moment. CJ xx

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