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August 13, 2019


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Lisa Smith

I love the Wool Warehouse and have been several times- it's only a 15 minute drive for me!

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Your walks in the countryside make my heart sing. It is so incredibly gorgeous there. My youngest is 17 and just began his senior year in high school. Cherish those days with your little one, they go by so very fast.


How cool to see your blankets in miniature form displayed so smartly! Thanks for such a relaxed August blog and beautiful photos too! I wonder if you have been thinking about your next blanket? Might there be news of a crochet-along coming up? ;)

Angela- Southern USA

How fun it must have been seeing all your blankets in miniature!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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very nice



Yet another post pushing your yarn packs.


It sounds as though you're having a lovely summer. I like to go on the odd walk with my youngest, although sometimes he can be a little reluctant! Wool Warehouse looks amazing, and the little samples of your blankets are so pretty all arranged in a line. Very inspirational. CJ xx


Absolutely love the mini Attic24 blankets at Wool Warehouse! You must have beamed from ear to ear when you saw those!

Janette Surtees

Dear Lucy, thank you for writing so interestingly, so honestly and refreshingly. So glad your time at Wool Warehouse was fun. I love reading your blogs. Sent with gratitude in my heart. Janette Surtees


did you notice that on the photo of bolton abbey it looks like there are harry potter glasses made by tree branches on the left side?:)) I went through the pix but kept coming back to this one:)
enjoy the last bit of holidays - in no time at all it will be dark and gloomy again!

windy greetings from the west of ireland!



I was lucky enough to meet you at Wool Warehouse on Sunday (I was the person who told you my friend/crochet teacher emigrated to Australia to get away from my failure to learn crochet). Well after your encouragement and 4 hours on Sunday evening with the Bella Coco left-handed crochet tutorials, I had a pile of sample squares and the start of a granny square blanket.

On Monday I decided to go all in and start the Sweet Pea blanket you recommended - am now 10 stripes in and loving it! Thanks for the encouragement to try crochet again!

Suzanne Elliott


Did you know that the butterfly you photographed is rare.....
In the United Kingdom, millions of painted lady butterflies have been sighted in what is believed to be a phenomenon that only occurs about once per decade. These brilliant butterflies usually live in North Africa and the Mediterranean, but by traveling up to 100 miles per day – and at shockingly quick speeds of up to 30 mph – painted lady butterflies have been spotted throughout the UK.


Hi Lucy

Many thanks again for your wonderful blog..

I envy you capturing all those beautiful landscapes...especially enjoying your " visiting " butterflies..
I have the plants that attract them, but have only seen a couple of them during the past weeks..
Keep uplifting us with your wonderful blogs..
Nora xx


Beautiful pictures. I especially loved the colorful display of your blankets. Inspiring! Thank you for the shot of pure pleasantness I get whenever I read your blog post.

Lynne Stankard

Oh Lucy - your blog arrived at just the right moment - it's been an awful week here for various reasons and it's not finished yet! Then I sat down with a cuppa and your lovely pictures and blog washed right over me - calmed me down amazingly. All that colour popped off the page and has given me a lovely idea for my card making. The day ahead isn't as daunting as it first seemed and I cannot thank you enough. xx


I loved reading your blog post. The pictures you shared are awesome. Sounds like you had a stress-free day! Sounds like the perfect outing. Thank you for sharing your day with the world. I'm enjoying reading your other post!


Our son always had built in body clock too when it came to food! We visited Yorkshire for the first time earlier in the summer and just like your lovely images we were very impressed and thought it was a beautiful county.

Heather Coady

Just love these updates


Oh wow! imagine having all your blankets in one place - what a fabulous selling point. Genius! You must be so proud. :-)


A lovely post, Lucy! It's great that Little B loves his evening walks with you, a very special time with just the two of you :)

Mary W

Oh my, your egg breakfast looks good. I have an overripe avocado in the fridge and a new loaf of seeded whole grain bread just baked. I know what I'm having for lunch! YUM. I haven't made poached eggs in many years but will think of you and your colorful world as I eat one today. I think a banner using triangular pictures of each of your quilts would look so good strung across your mantel taking a cue from how Wool Warehouse decorated with them.


It's lovely to catch up with your summer, Lucy! I love spur of the moment days with my family, too. My little brother is turning 10 this year and I spend a lot of time with him running about the Pennsylvania countryside having fun!


Thanks for giving us this little window onto your world. I enjoy so many of the same things I wonder if I should write a blog, but not sure people would be so interested in it 😊

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