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August 08, 2019


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Thank you for sharing this as I love Dorset. I am now determined to stay next year in Dorset after looking at this blog. xx


I live in Brittany now; I love it and after 20+ years have a store of memories and special places. I seldom feel any kind of homesickness or nostalgia for the UK, where I only occasionally visit family in the south-east. But your posts about Dorset, where I spent many childhood holidays and lived for a time before we came to France, nearly make me weep with longing. Eggardon Hill is surely one of the most beautiful places in all creation.

I may go back there one day, but I'm almost afraid to in case it doesn't quite meet the kind of 'blue remembered hills' memory I have of it.


Beautiful images of West Bay and Dorset. Did you notice the new Discovery Centre at West Bay? It looks like your first image down here at the moment! Sarah x

Nora Mcgrann

❤❤❤❤❤ LOVED it ☺


I loved seeing your visit to Dorset....I recognized those cliffs and scenery from a show I have now on DVD called "Broadchurch"......West Bay was always our first port of call when travelling in early June with my Mum and Dad as a girl from Essex. Such fond memories.....funny from that show those cliffs looked so familiar...now I know where it is...so thank you! You also live in another part of the country I love. I don't crochet....but admire your work, my aged mum still does and I often show her your beautiful work. Having lived in Australia a long time its lovely to see your photo's.....time to plan another trip I think. Thanks!

Libby Parker

Lucy, I feel wonderfully refreshed after reading your Dorset posting. I could hear the waves on the shingle and put myself there. I miss the ocean and each year think we may travel out there but living in the Midwest of the U.S. means traveling at least two days or more to reach it. Thanks for the vacation.


Thank you for sharing. It feels like I went to Dorset.

Kristine S

SO lovely to be "alongside" you in your visits to parts of England I've never seen -- or heard! Shingle beaches are not a regular feature in Oz! Thank you for your wonderful commentary & photos! X

Sue Floyd

Lucy, thanks so much for this blog post. It's almost spiritual in a way. So soothing, yet charming & fun.
You made my day!


I feel the same about going back to the Isle of Wight where I grew up. It's been 15 years since I even lived there part of the time. We've had some lovely family holidays with our young children but I'm missing it so much as we're not going this year. I'll have to console myself with the beauty of the Highlands instead. Maybe I'll start my coast blanket pack ready to take on our next trip back.

Jane Dorfman

It was nice to come along on this visit.


Thanks for taking us on holiday with you! Your blanket on the beach is stunning :)

Susan Conklin

Thank you so much for sharing your vacation and lovely photos with us!

jennie craine

We lived at the other end of Dorset near Poole, and my favourite place to explore was the Isle of Purbeck. I have accepted we're never returning home permanently,but on the occasions when we do get back, it does feel like home (even though I'm a Hampshire Hog!) I'm glad you all had such a lovely holiday and great weather.


I had just finished a blog posting and then saw your lovely holiday post~ That wonderful view across the landscape with you and your family within it, beautiful, love the sun setting too across the fields...The misty rain is what we are experiencing here today with a storm blowing in...always enjoy your down-to-earth posts Lucy, a real joy!~ isnt it just wonderful when you dont need to plan anything just see how the days unfold, not in a routine of rushing around, so enjoy those precious moments...we always say 'its a magical mystery tour!' ;) x

Mary W

The Eggardon sunset was glorious - a small blazing jewel of enormous value to life and soul. The chapel open door view was such a pleasure. The picture of your family on the hillside just enjoying nature is a treasure. The Summer of '17 blanket is perfection. (I now think I do love mustard yellow) What a bright and beautiful post today. So happy for you and your family. Dorset is magical.

Smallridge Lisa

The video with sea sounds of crashing waves on shingle makes me wish I was there. Thank you for including this... We just have "sand" here in Australia. Glad you had a relaxing holiday, Lisa


I know St Catherine's chapel. We stayed in a pub at the bottom of the hill, very dog friendly and with a roaring fire, jolly nice food too. And we went to West Bay this year. Has the cliff fall rubble gone now? wasn't a great fan of those little pebbles . We liked the vintage stores just before you get to the beach. The beach I really wish we had gone to is the one in Portland. Dorset is indeed a grand county, not as good as North Yorkshire but defo ok.

Kathy Dignum

Lovely post Lucy....going through a difficult phase myself and it gave me a lift!!
I'm really LOVING the idea of a Fairground palette as I love bright colours...bring it on and a kit to go with it!! <3


Beach holidays are not really for me as I find the colours and landscapes rather dreary especially combined with the weather. I like nice greenery in preference. Sometimes of course the two combine.
But I see the sea as quite scary I think.

The colours of the fairground might be interesting though. They are a little brash but nevertheless quite interesting together. I am reminded of the Marseille tarot cards deck - a very old and traditional one.

I enjoy seeing where other people go and what they do, even if I don't want to go there.

gaina owen

This is the first time I've read your posts and now I'm hooked!! Lovely simple family holidays :)
Just great.x


It sounds like an absolutely blissful break. It's a corner of the world I love too, although I haven't been there for a long time. I really should try and go back soon I think, it always looks so beautiful in your pictures. Chesil Beach is a delight isn't it. I'm glad the weather was so good for you as well. I fear we won't be as lucky when we tackle Wales later on in the summer. It promises to be bracing... CJ xx


A wonderful post so many memories for you and me.
I am just doing the borders on the Dune blanket it's so pretty, this one is for my Daughter this is my 5th blanket of yours now sand am so looking forward to the new one. I do think I will be using the odd wool and doing a granny square or maybe something else. Thanks fir so many memories Lucy.
Hazel c uk


Love all the pictures - that last one is fab, the scale of it and that you’re wrapped up in your blanket next to two of yours. 💕

Heidi Clarke

I love Dorset too, my Granny moved to Portland in her 90s so we enjoyed the larger rocks at the other end of the bay,but the sunsets over the water are stunning.

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