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July 01, 2019


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Green color everywhere, neither hot nor cold, summer in the countryside it is fantasy. Thanks for sharing!


You are soooo very lucky to life at such a Beautiful Place Lucy I wish i could life there ,
i love and enjoy reading your posts especially the pictures i think it is soo awesome how beautiful God made everything
Thank you for sharing


We’ve just come back to Aus from a European holiday and while we were in the UK saw loads of lupines (I think) growing along the sides of the road in all their beautiful colours - such a lovely sight.


I feel like you should design a foxglove blanket! Is always lovely to read your posts, and I share your feelings about the restorative power of being outdoors.

Angela- Southern USA

OMGoodness...the foxgloves!!!! Thanks for sharing that. xxxxxxxxxx


I so understand where you are coming from with the hormones. I was having a terrible time sleeping recently and lots and lots of hot flashes. Out of nowhere it stopped and I'm sleeping great again. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. Hugs to you during this time! Hope you get lots of sunshine and warm weather this summer!


I've just been reading an article in New Scientist (1 June 2019) which discusses the simple health benefits of getting more sunlight! It's not rocket science but talks about how it improves sleep, combats the effects of staring at computer screens, reduces the risk of low mood and aids recovery from injuries and illness. Like you, Lucy, I crave being outside no matter what the weather or season. Seems our bodies and our brains know what they need!!


My little heart tugs when I read your blog- can identify with so many feelings and emotions you bravely share. I have been researching HRT and you may want to explore and discuss with a kind lady Gp (or man if specialises) but NICE guidelines are quite clear depending on individual history- maybe worth exploring to give some relief and protection into next chapter of life. Thank you for all your dedication to maintaining your fabulous blog Xxx

diane wilalrd

Hope you are feeling better. Hay fever can make you feel so blah. Thank you for sharing all the pictures of your outings. You are so fortunate that UK preserves so many areas and that it is safe to be there on your own or with your children. Enjoy the rest of the summer. A little hot here at 97 and 95% humidity.

Teresa Kasner

I'm glad you're taking the time to do what you know will be good for your well-being. What a find to see such a cluster/field of Foxglove! I hope your July will be a good one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Loving your self care,perfect remedy walking in the fresh air❤️

Trish Annie

Those foxgloves! I love foxgloves, but have never, ever, seen them massed like that. Quite amazing. I'd have stood in awe like you, Lucy. Another great blog post. Thank you.


Beautiful scenery! The foxgloves are amazing!

Mary W

Do foxgloves naturalize normally in your 'neck of the woods' or did some visionary plant these for reasons only a nature lover would know? That has to be the most glorious sight.

Sue Floyd

Ahhh!...just the inspiration I needed this morning! Thanks for the joyful post and lovely photos. The dinner sounds delicious...may fix tonight:)
Thanks as always, you are a blessing.


I have been amazed at the amount of wild foxgloves and poppies this year and the foxgloves are so tall they are amazing. So nice that you have been able to get out and about with or without little B. There are sometimes when it gets to about 9pm and everything is still and quiet outside and I just like to sit and enjoy the peace.



Beautiful photos as usual. Sometimes 'hiding' outside somewhere is the best tonic isn't it! Hope the lurgies are on full speed out of the Attic. xx Susan


Wow, those foxgloves are amazing, I've never seen anywhere near that many. Stunning. Your picnic sounds delicious, evenings like that are wonderful aren't they. I hope you have plenty more good outings over the summer. I know what you mean about the not sleeping and hormones thing, it is much the same here. I hope you're feeling more yourself very soon. CJ xx


The second from the last photo should be printed and framed. It's lovely. As I tell my husband, it doesn't matter if it is in perfect focus. It's just a nice reminder of something beautiful I've seen. And you should do the same. Print it out and prop it on the mantel, so you can remember how it looks every day.

Karen Megginson

The foxgloves are beautiful and makes me want to find the time to get in the car and drive the short distance to Bolton Abbey to see them. I wonder where the little bridge over the stream is? looks like my kind of walk, all the other views I recognise......I wondered if it was Embsay reservoir?

Barb W.

I second Claire's suggestion about a foxglove throw! I had absolutely NO idea they grow wild in Britain or anywhere else. And the masses of them you found: I know the feeling, because it must be the same as when I round a bend and see what looks like an endless field of bluebonnets.

Bev Farrall

Thanks for sharing Lucy, just love the views of the countryside that you are so good at photographing. Hope you are feeling better very quickly, no fun with hayfever etc. Love following your adventures which makes me wish I could come back to Yorkshire to explore it in more detail than I did a few years ago! x


Urgh, hormones and hayfever - same combination messing with my ability to function too! The foxgloves in the woods around here have gone rampant this year - they seem more abundant but also significantly taller than in previous years. Must be the weather! They are such a pretty colour though. Will there be some info soon about this year’s community project for Yarndale? I’m hoping I’ll have time to get started before the holidays begin xx

Winwick Mum

Those foxgloves are stunning, I've never seen them en masse like that either. What a sight! xx


I tried to guess what the flowers were and failed. They are amazing.

You have my sympathy with lack of sleep and hayfever. My hayfever has been mild for the last couple of years but is bad now. The GP said the pollen count is high and it is a bad year for hayfever sufferers. The rain should help not that we have had any here in Poole, Dorset.

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