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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 11, 2019


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Hello, I too never comment on blogs but I am working ever so slowly on your hydrenga blanket pattern with your kit of yarn in the most wonderful colors and I have to tell you it makes me feel at peace to chain away on it. This is my happy place lately. The chaos of family and house and all that has to happen and the overwhelm of what we think should be happening is madness at times. I too love your honesty and openness and focus on the simple pleasures. Thank you!


Hi Lucy,
Just found your blog, it’s brilliant. I know exactly what you mean - feels like the summer is half over already, where has it gone? Glad you are taking time out for picnics and the wonderful Yorkshire dales. Hope you get a break and have a lovely relaxing summer.


I'm with you on the house overwhelm! Although many of the things are small and don't take long in themselves, when there is so much going on it's hard to focus and they all roll into one big 'to do' list!

As someone said above, make a list, room by room and try to prioritise things. Then when you have half an hour and feel strong enough, pick one thing and make a start - eg buy the loo seat, get a quote for the bannisters or the flickering light.
I agree, the children can take on some of the chores - even cook a meal now that it's holiday time. Good training for later.
But get Yarndale prep out of the way first - having something like that coming up plays havoc with your concentration! I really love the sheep!

Suzanne Apps

Hello Lucy I love reading your blog and thank you for all the pleasure it brings me. This may or may not help, but I thought to offer it. We live in a very old house in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia and there was a time when our children were young and our jobs very demanding and our old house in need of constant attention. I used to take on one project/issue each week or so and try to attend to that. Easier said than done, I know, but that was how I approached it. At the end of the year I had attended to quite a few maintenance issues and the house and I felt so much better for the effort. What changed for me was looking at the house with a long term view re maintenance.


Hello Lucy,
Just a few words after reading a comment made a bit further up ... I have never commented before and hardly ever read what people type as I think they are meant for you, not me. I have cherished for years everything you have given us and the way you went about it. I had the pleasure to meet you at your studio and also Yarndale and you are such a genuine, warm lady. I find that post about you not getting any joy out of Yarndale and the remarks made about the so called commercial aspect of your posts absolutely wrong. How much have you given for free in your blog, out of your generous heart? How many podcasters, bloggers talk about their granny stripes blanket, quoting your kindness? Loads ! At a time when designers on Ravelry talk about how to best help people with lower incomes to access patterns, they should take a leaf of you book for you have done it for years! I do hope this other comment won’t have hurt you ... not important, push it on the side of the road! It’s a free country and people can voice what they want but at time, they really should think twice before making unpleasant remarks.
With much, much love and admiration from all of us to you ....


Glad I'm not the only one with housework overwhelm. Hang in there, Lucy! In the grand scheme of things, it's not all that important. It's clear from your blog that your priorities are in the right place. All things fall apart eventually, including us. Making all the fabulous memories is what's important - family, friends, and feeding your Creative Mind. Big Hugs, Kimmy


Dear Lucy,
thank you for your honesty. I can relate to the feeling of overwhelm. Your posts remind me to look for little pleasures in life. Your creations make me so happy just by looking at them (I don't crochet) that I don't think they require time and work to complete. Thank you for sharing your talent with so many people around the world. Take one task at a time, have a cup of coffee and go out to admire the beauty of nature. You're doing great in lifting up other's spirits!

Mary P

Change is what life is about and we hate it as much as we hate being beset with platitudes like this. But, there is is.
I read and love every post you make, especially now when I have been jolted into widowhood, the club none of us wants to join. But your lovely posts have sustained me, kept me looking outside myself, and God bless you for that, and for all you do for all of us.
So, just a thought. You are at a moment of change, clear from what you say about yourself. It's a big one, about children and spouse but especially about you. You are a person who embraces and rejoices in life; you have it in you to soar, and take your beloved ones and all of us with you. Those of us who have been with you in this blog/journey have already been helped so much, by all you have written and shown us. Embrace the changes in your life, as you have embraced the quiet, calm loveliness you have shared with us. You have done so much for us--God bless you!


Your blog makes me happy because you are not materialistic. You rejoice in the simple things and look for colour in everything.
As for the house, you have a growing family and that takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention your work. Fix a few small things, one at a time and you will feel better. The whole picture is too daunting. Believe me, I know. I would like to de-clutter, but I also love my books and fabrics and china and do not know where to start.

Beth in Maryland

One of the things that's making me happy is reading your blog!

Angela- Southern USA

No, not rice cakes. Although I do enjoy one smeared with Nutella, or peanut butter with a few mini marshmallows melted on top in the microwave. lol The lamp post covers are fab! Are their ever enough hours in the day?! My to do list has become a book! This is what I tell myself when things get a tad too much; it will be there when I get around to I (and if not, well it wasn't that important). ;D What's making me happy this week, a new pet, a Betta fish,(he's blue and white with a tiny touch of red on his lower fins) which of course I turned into a craft project. Instead of the traditional fish tank, I bought one those big beverage dispensers and added the pump/heater and such to that, then I had fun decorating his new digs. lol Hoping you have a relaxing time of it soon. xxxxxxxx


That's what I like about you Lucy

You tell it like it is..plain and straight..no embroidery bits..
You are always soooo busy with projects, helping us all enjoy your wonderful creations..even purely admiring your photographs..

So yes, take time out to have a little moan..we are all with you!
Haven't been crocheting in ages now, but have the yarn for the Sweet Pea blanket

Take good care
Nora x

Jackie Robertson

I love love liove the honesty and it's great to know that other people (like me) struggle to keep on top of house 'stuff,'
I always have the good intentions, which seem to be permanently on the to do list.
Good for you, for getting out and enjoying your surroundings. Grassington is spectacularly beautiful.
I too like nothing better than sitting in the garden and listening to the birdsong.


Admitting that you and your house aren’t perfect is very freeing. I’m sure we love you more for your honesty.


Dear Lucy,
As another commenter said, your blog lifts my spirits! Thank you for that.
I'd like to respectfully suggest that perhaps it's time the kids learn to do laundry and other chores around the house?
I have been a working mother all my son's life, and when my son was 10 or 11 I showed him how to work the machines, and he was responsible for his own laundry. When I was very tired or busy I would pay him to do mine, too.
He earned money and learned life skills, and I was not exhausted or cranky as often -- a win-win situation! ;-)
Best wishes for renewed energy from Ohio ~

Amy B

Thank you for time you spend sharing your creativity and inspiration. Seems to me you are spending your time wisely according to what is important to you - with family, creative making and preparing for Yarndale so that others can come together for the love of craft. That long list of house fixes will get done eventually. And, I was just thinking the other day while looking at all the Lucy projects I've done how very proud your family must be of you. I know a lot of effort goes into writing posts, patterns and directions. And, as many of us know, the balance between family, home and livelihood is never easy for working moms. Thank you, Lucy. Also, what a great family story that will live forever - remember when we smashed the light fixture?

Corinna Mazzotta

Actually funnily enough it IS rice cakes for me too as our local organic farm shop have finally managed to get some more of the sugar free dark chocolate rice cakes that they haven't had for months (I'm sugar & dairy intolerant so no normal cake / treats for me). So just like you, being able to have that yummy extra at the end of the day is bringing me lots of joy after a long while doing without! :-)


Hi Lucy - We live in a small and old house which sounds like yours in that it needs lots of things doing to it - and it all feels completely overwhelming sometimes. But you know one thing that really cheers it (and me!) up is to see your lovely blankets dotted about - my eldest is a teenager now and still wants his Coast Neat Ripple on his bed every night and snuggles under it for Movie Nights. THANK YOU so much for what you do, you're an absolute star. Be good to yourself, massive hugs xxx

Lynette  Assange

Your honesty is refreshing. From over here in Oz I would think your life is perfect. And it is but we all have things that we can live with but it would be nice if they were put to rights. My home needs some repairs too but I love it warts and all. I dont think its going to fall down. Love your posts. Thanks for taking me on your walks in the beautiful country side.

Mrs Jan Legge

Hi Lucy, I know you dont like using slug pellets, you can make a simple spray to spray your flowers and pots with a garlic spray. You have to reapply every 3 or 4 days but it does not harm anything🙂 crush 2 or 3 cloves in hot water. Let steep until cool then dilute some with water and spray all over leaves and soil

Elizabeth Wittig

I feel your pain - I do.

Just to say my house may lack the presence of little people (except when niece and nephew are visiting) I do have dad now 94 as of last Monday living with me.

I too have the dont know which job is most important so end up sitting knitting and trying not to look too hard I tend to keep out of the spare room so I dont see the crumbling plaster!


Love, love, love your Blog. So inspiring so genuine.
Any chances that you share the pattern of these cute sheep that you have designed ? They are lovely.

Karyn Brown

Hi there from Australia,
Love your blog, the blankets, the promotion of yarny things and all the beautiful ramblings about life.
Don't take any notice of negative comments they are not worthy of attention.
Do look after yourself, your precious family and enjoy the beautiful things.
With love
Karyn XXX

Sue Rostron

It's OK for you to sell your patterns to us as well,Lucy. I think we as crafters need to support women's craft businesses.


As a commenter above asked - why keep doing Yarndale when it obviously doesn't give you any joy? Unless of course you're looking forward to the money you make.

Sometimes enough is enough, there's certainly enough pushing of yarn kits etc without the added pushing of Yarndale. This blog long ago turned into a commercial enterprise.

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