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July 17, 2019


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Lucy Caitlyn W

Very best wishes to Trudi and husband.
I don't know you, but having lost my husband to cancer in Feb (diagnosed in Sept) my thoughts are with you both and your family too.
Keep being You Lucy. It's what makes your blog stand alone.
I'm making a coat from your "Dune blanket" to wear in August when I take my late husbands ashes to Scotland to place them in the sea of the Island of Canna

Susan Smith

Thanks for a lovely post & although I don't comment often I read every post & love the photos of places I know well from when we visit. In 2016 I spent my birthday at Harlow Carr with hubby & it is a place we always visit. Is that pavilion where you saw the Sweet Pea display new? It just doesn't seem to ring a bell. Now I think I want to purchase the sweet pea pack of yarn.....whoops! Take care.

Tricia F

Candelabra primulas, Harlow Carr hybrids (the plants in exotic colours you were not sure of the name of). They were featured on this week's Gardener's World as well if you want to feast your eyes on them again. They were stunning this year - it's a lovely garden and one we love to visit when we can.


Oh my goodness!!! Those sweet peas. That is absolutely beautiful.


Aaah, jeg elsker denne type indlæg. :)


Really relish Little B playing like that! My 10 year old girl, my youngest still revels completely in all outside play ( inside too). Play is so important ! And 1 day it will change.. although we should all play, shouldn’t we!
With love and thoughts from another fan ( of blog)/ friend in heart.
Sending warm wishes to Trudi and husband too!! ( earlier comment)


There are many times while reading your blog that I wished I lived in England and this is one of them. The English gardens just are the most beautiful in the world, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing your trip to the flower show. And Little B seems to be bitten by the flower bug.

Mrs Jane Halvey

Those mystery flowers are a kind of primula, primula
candelabra that i think you can grow from seed. I love your post and as a sweet pea lover I always grow them in my veg garden around the edges of my raised beds. At the moment I am cutting them every other day and have a permanent vase full on my kitchen windowsill. Oh the scent!!!


Your musings are one of your many charms.
You've inspired me to get out my double yarn pack, re-read the instructions and perhaps get started on my sweet pea. I'd paused not sure which version to do, but in my heart its always been the posy one!

Teresa Kasner

Lucy, I'm glad when you speak frankly to us. That's what real friends do. And I do consider you a real and true friend. I enjoyed seeing that garden and especially the varied colors of the sweet peas.. my sweet pea blanket is my favorite of all those I've made of your designs.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


awww lucy, its so hard through a blog when people through the screen only see the snippets of life, quick snap shots and not really understanding the pressure and juggling act between motherhood and business matters...it can sometimes feel too much!
and with the last week of the School term I completely get it...Be proud of everything you have achieved and also the time it takes to make, create and put a blog post together as well as everything else!...its good to take time out, step away from it all and just enjoy some simple pleasures to blow away the stresses and strains...a good walk is always much needed when i feel pressure building. Absolutely l~o~v~e Sweetpea! rays of beautiful Colour!... Im growing a mixed Variety and they come up in pinks, purples and very pale pink. I grow them in a big pot now as for years i wasnt havent much luck with them. Where i grew up on an island we had wild sweetpea there and they were a mass of purple neverending blooms through the summer months ;) Jolly happy a posy of those. Enjoy your summer holidays with the little ones ;) x (instagram: Kazzyloves, blog: Country rabbit)


What a beautiful day! Never apologize for being yourself. We all need to express the good and the not so good.


I'm going to plant sweet peas this coming Spring/Summer. I missed planting Sweet Peas the last two years. The wire netting is still there for them. Can see them while still in bed. You may ask while I haven't planted them, I was busy nursing my darling husband.
What a lovely display on show. So pleased you enjoyed your day out.
Big thanks for sharing your post with us.
Enjoy your summer.


Such a lovely post, thank you. I love looking at all the flowers and the green space, and remembering how close cropped your lawns are. I think I would’ve like to join Little B with rolling down the hill too. I’m sitting here looking out at the river in middle America wanting some sweet peas. I don’t think scented candles will help. Keep on being your lovely spontaneous self, we love you from afar.

Miss Daisy

Thank you sooo much for sharing All of the flowers goodness and beauty . ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ! Glad little B was able to enjoy it so , he might become a great horticulturalist ( possibly a new word ). I had forgotten how beautiful the sweet pea blanket is , would love to make it but can't afford the yarn. Have a blessed weekend.

Marjorie Sanderson

Thank you for the lovely photos the sweet peas are beautiful, I hope you are feeling better now I love your blog and your blankets you have kept me going through some difficult health issues over the last 2 years as every one else has said tackle the small jobs when you can so you feel you are moving forward you are at a very busy time of your life enjoy it.My husband and I are now retired but look back on our busy life juggling all the things we had to do, enjoy it Lucy time goes so quickly. Thank you for your blog sharing your life with us all you are so much appreciated
Love Marjorie


Lucy, can I just say, it’s because you type how your brain is thinking/feeling at the time, that your blogs are so appealing, heart felt, full of heart, soul & passion... (as your colour palettes). Keep it up.. fab, so are the sweet peas. x

Jen K

The unknown tropical coloured flowers are Primulas, specifically the Harlow Carr Hybrids, absolutely gorgeous!


Hi Lucy

What a lovely gift..sweet peas..beautiful..makes me want to start my Sweet Pea blanket..
Really enjoyed your photos again...with all the gorgeous colours..must have been heaven when seeing them in reality!
Looks a beautiful place..so many thanks again for sharing..

Hope your days are lighter again

Take care
Nora x

Diane Smith

Here in sunny Devon we are close to RHS Rosemoor which I have seen develop since it was first acquired in the late 1980s. The RHS gardens make a wonderful day out and, like Harlow Carr there is always plenty for children to see and do. I would strongly recommend it. But do you know what I find most comforting in all its RHS splendour? It is that they can grow exactly the same weeds that I can!! Love your blog Lucy.


Never apologise for being you I loved your last blog because of its genuine humanness which is what brings us to your blog again and again.
You inspired me to grow sweet peas I got 2 different types and I must say last year they were pathetic this year they are slightly better and hopefully next year will be better he he My sweetpea blanket might come in useful today we have a grey rainy day which is a bit of a shock as yesterday it was roasting.
Harlow Carr will be added to my list for when one day I get to Yorkshire.Beautiful blog as ever. Thankyou

Rosie Rogers

What a beautiful post! I love all the photos, a lovely way to start my day. Thank you so muck for your creativity and inspiration. I have made one lap size sweet pea blanket in the colour repeat pattern. Now contemplating my second one in random stripe.


Thank you Lucy for such an inspiring post. I usually grow sweet peas but didn’t this year for various reasons so appreciate the photos so much. I have just completed my sweet peas blanket started in January. I am delighted with it and will be giving it to my dear sister for her birthday soon.


So many gorgeous flowers! I love sweet peas too. Your sweet pea afghan is lovely! You really captured the right colors.

Trudi carter

Thank you Lucy. I have always followed your blog and your tutorials which I love. A few weeks ago my husband and I were both diagnosed with cancer in the same week. We r getting over the shock and Into treatment.Words cannot express enough how much your sweet pea article has cheered me up, even tho I feel tears at the same time. Sweet peas have always been my favourite flower too, and to see them there in all their glory has lifted my spirits so much today.just wanted to let you know how much it has helped. So thank you, you are truly inspiring.

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