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June 22, 2019


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Gau Teddy

i love summer. i love beach and beer

Patricia A

Winter Solstice here. Sun is setting before 5 pm and not getting up until 7 am. And will stay that way a little bit longer.
Enjoy your longer days. :-)


I was reminded of you as a bought a couple new mugs. Since you like color, you might want to check out Fiestaware: plates, bowls, mugs, and serving bowls/platters that come in a variety of bright colors. They do change the colors occasionally. It's made in the USA so I'm not sure if it's available in England but you can google it and see! Thanks for your lovely posts and patterns. I'm working on my third Lucy ripple kit now! Made the Cottage one for my mom for Christmas and she loved it.

Kathryn Ashe

You had a beautiful evening. Sad when the kids grow up and don't need Mum as much. Generation after generation, it always works out that way. But you were not alone...we are with you in spirit, dear Lucy.

Caroline Ray

Wasn’t it fantastic?! We came back from Malham at 10.30 and were treated to two barn owls hunting in the fields near here. Perfect.

Kristine Schipp

Thanks for some of your Summer, Lucy! It was WINTER solstice here - YAAAAYYYY!! Days will get longer now!! Have a WONDERFUL rest of your Summer! XxxxX

Mary Sutton Pobedinsky

Just north of NYC the bats are flapping, munching mosquitoes, and the fireflies are doing their flash dance in the trees. Other side of the ocean, beautiful life goes on. Thanks for reminding us--
Mary P


Wow! Can't believe how long your sunlight is during the summer! Even our longest days here in North Carolina are several hours shorter. Looks so lovely where you are!


Happy Summer Solstice Lucy!


Happy Summer Solstice! Wishing you heaps of warm sunny sunshine and a summer to remember x


Happy Summer Solstice to you too Lucy! I enjoy reading about your personal yearly celebrations .... especially that it includes wine, cake & crochet (the best combination in my world). Enjoy the start of summer! XX Sue 🌼 🌞 🍷 🍰

Julie Letton

Thanks for sharing - lovely post! x


I think most Americans in the mid-Atlantic states have this vague sense that the UK is equivalent to us in terms of how far north it is. Then I read this post, went to a map, checked out everyone's latitude, and was surprised to realize that we're nowhere near you guys -- we're almost equivalent to Gibraltar for pete's sake!

Sunlight until 11pm sounds amazing to me, but wow I understand why you have a tough time in the winter now ...

Hooks and Needles

The longest day of the year, how it's whizzing by! Glad you enjoyed celebrating Lucy, have a good week. Cathy x


And just look at the colour combo of the Bat's night sky... just saying.


Happy Summer Solstice! What a beautiful way to spend the day!

Mary W

If I find that I can grow elderberries, I plan to. But have never seen or bought or known anyone that has so I know only what I read - they are valuable in the diet. Can you give a brief summary of how you make your cordial? Do you eat them any other time? Your pictures and quiet celebration of our earth is beautiful.


Friday evening was so glorious. Think I might try putting my Elderflower cordial in icing, sounds a nice idea. Why have I never thought of freezing it before!!! I hope you are having some sunshine today. Trudi x

Miss Daisy

Thank you for taking the time to share , what a lovely evening . Always look forward to your posts.

Lyn Z...

There's NOTHING better at days end than to snuggle up with a cuppa and read one of your blog posts!!!! It doesn't even matter if it contains crochet... the photos and feelings they invokel make my spirits both soar and relax all at once!!! Thanx for yet another beautiful experience!!!

Heather Coady

Just love it when there is a blog from Lucy. I did the same went a walk at 11pm myself!

Geraldine Stroud

How beautifully you have described your midsummer's day, I love reading your blog! Thank you.

Annie Chermak

My favorite day, too! However, I do prefer the late light in the evening to the 3:30am light in our morning sky! I am also working on a Dune blanket and loving the color waves as they develop . . . Cheers and Happy Solstice!!!

Nancy Valera-O'Keefe

Thanks for sharing...


Sounds like a perfect day and a great start to summer!

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