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June 20, 2019


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When I opened this blog post and saw the pictures I thought: Malham Tarn? Yes - it is world famous! Thanks for sharing! It brought back good memories of visiting that area years and years ago.

Diane Scanzaroli

I love your blog so much, It makes me very happy! Thanks for sharing.

Angela- Southern USA

I really should pick some elderberry flowers and make that, I have a few bushes growing I planted several years ago, the berries are great to make a syrup with for colds and flu. I totally understand that taste of summer, for me it's a wild grape here called muscadines that I make a kompot drink out of and can for just that purpose, to drink in summer during those long grey days of winter. Have a wonderful summer! xxxxxxxxxx

Hooks and Needles

Everybody seems to be making Elderflower cordial at the moment. I really must try it one day. A lovely walk out Lucy, thank you for showing us around. Cathy x


Wow you live in such a beautiful part of the world! All of these views are so different from mine and oh so gorgeous!


I tried elderflower cordial for the first time this weekend after reading about it here. It was really lovely. Reminded me of lychees.


Have never tasted elderflower cordial. Don’t know that I would recognize the flower. Must look into this.

Kathryn Grimshaw

Hi Lucy,
Thanks for yet another wonderful blog and thank you also for being such a wonderful ambassador for our corner f the World. I am a Lancashire lass but I know everywhere that you write about.....even your view!... I spend time every week in a Skipton as it is my favourite shopping spot.
It’s so lovely to see that others from farther afield love your photos and descriptions of our lovely( although often wet) Countryside. Thanks for the lovely blog x


I saw in your blog that you spotted Thym ( wild Thym)
Today we went up the mountain in the south of France , because we got a receipe for Thym liqueur
- fill a one liter bottle with thym flowers , don t presse it!
- put in 200 gr sugar
- 1 vanillia stick
- 1 stick licorice
- 1 branch of peppermint
- 2 wine glasses of ... here it s called l’ eau de vie 40% alcohol so brandy would be fine
- then filled te bottle op with plain water
- then shake the bottle
Let it rust for 6 months
Then filter it and put it in a bottle and let it rest for about 1 year or longer

Yesterday we had one who was 18 uears old
It was soft and good blend and not so strong


Loved your photos of Malham - we were there in May and had glorious weather for our walk to Janet's Foss, Gordale Scar, Malham Cove and Malham Tarn and then back again to Malham. I thought of you as we drove through Skipton so perhaps one day I'll get to Yarndale and explore your lovely town as well!

Kathy Faust

It's hard to imagine being so excited about pics on your blog OTHER than crochet, but I always LOVE your outdoors pics so very much. You live in the most beautiful country. I can only hope to get to visit there someday... :)

Libby Parker

Thank you for giving me an armchair tourist view of your beautiful Yorkshire area. I yearn to see it as so many of my ancestors were British. Your yearly cordial-making makes me wish I had enough yard in which to plant elderberry. Maybe I'll just have to make room...

gina in alabama

Thank you for the trip back in time! I remember Connievan with great fondness and always loved your trips with her. I hope she is happy in her new life, but she was a wonderful visitor to your blog and I do miss her.

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy!
Would love to try the cordial myself! Thanks for recipe & tips. The blog musings are wonderful! Please keep them up. I've never been across the pond but your " bird-eye" view (& skilled photography!) allow me to visit frequently. Oh, how you make me smile! Thanks for being YOU!

Winwick Mum

I'm going to have the song "Wild Mountain Thyme" in my head all day now! :) xx


We are staying in Malham when we come up for Yarndale, hope we will be doing that walk to the pavement when we are there.

Teresa Kasner

I always enjoy your elderflower collection photos and how fun to have your little man help with the harvest. The lemons and oranges look delicious and I am sure this syrup tastes good in the dead of winter. Enjoy your solstice in whatever way you find to celebrate. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


You have such stunningly beautiful nature & solitude..I can't even dream about living in a concrete, congested large city. Oh, If I ever get to England I want to be in the green countryside..sigh.


What a beautiful place for a walk. I have lovely memories of the Dales when I was there 20 years ago and suddenly have itchy feet again! I do find it a bit odd that it's so light at 7.30pm in your neck of the woods. It's pitch black here by that time, even in the middle of summer! xx Susan


You’ve put me to shame Lucy our house is surrounded by elderflower and i’ve Never made cordial. Still i’m sure the birds appreciate me leaving them the flowers and then the berries. Maybe i’ll surprise myself and give it ago.


Ali Dye

I live on The Isle of Wight but had a school trip to Malham in 1981 when I was 12 ! Your pictures brought back great memories of our week long stay there ! Xx


Fabulous blog as ever - thanks Lucy! Malham featured in one of the later Harry Potter films where they were looking for the various horcruxes, so I think lots of people should know about it. We recognised it in the film as somewhere we’ve been - an amazing place and so unusual. Very envious that it’s so close to you!!

Linda Lovick

Loved reading this, thank you Lucy ❤️


Ahhhhh beautiful thAnkyou


Goodness, it's ridiculously beautiful in your corner of the world. That walk looks absolutely amazing - I would feel as if I was on holiday if I could go and do that on an ordinary Monday. And you're right about the rain, it's made everything incredibly green, which is just as it should be. Elderflower cordial is delicious isn't it. As you say, it's such a pleasure in the depths of winter to find something that was made or grown in the summer, a real treat. CJ xx

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