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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 12, 2019


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Angela- Southern USA

Creative minds must make! I wish I were one of those organized souls that finished one project before starting another. I always have too many WIP's at any given time, with more circling in my head wanting to come out. lol I have two buntings on the go, one for another bike I've added to my garden, for you can never have too much yarn bombing action, right?! The other one is for my porch swing. I have a two round hexagon throw in the works for a gift, a stash buster of all my grey and purple yarns. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ruth Ender

Hi Lucy, my name is Ruth and I'm from the west of Austria, close to the border of Switzerland and Germany. I follow your blog for a while now and I want to say THANK you for all your great pictures and stories. Right now I'm making a potholder. A nice little thing to finish. Besides I'm working on the Sunny Log Cabin Blanket. It always amazes me how you created the squares and the colours. Thanks to all your tutorials and photos. They are easy to understand and follow. Even for me, that English is not my mother language. I hope, that you will keep on putting stories, pictures, tutorials and and and on your blog. It's always nice, to go on your blog an find something new from you.

Annie Chermak

I have waaaaay too many interests (obsessions?) to just choose one project at a time. So, I have a Dune blanket started (with a few changes to the colors), and a purse made from a Guatemalan weaving in the works, miscellaneous portrait sketches in digital and watercolor laying around unfinished, plus more stuff in my head! Additionally, we've got our house on the market and the kitchen is in the midst of a minor remodel, so I have to keep everything clean in case somebody wants a showing!!!! Whyyyy can't I stick to one thing at a time???


A fellow introverted Libran working alone but liking a little social interaction here as well, so I know what you mean about meeting up with people. I try and meet up with writing friends when I can and I walk every morning with a fellow self-employed friend and her dog. Otherwise I'd just be talking to the dog all day! I am trying to guess what your colour palette inspiration will be. Seaside cottages? Summer flowers? I shall look forward to finding out. CJ xx


I just finished a baby blanket and felt inspired to get out my moorland blanket and finally finish it! I started the CAL with you but somehow life got in the way - just a couple of rounds more on the border and it will be done - hopefully this weekend - thank you so much for sharing your ideas and inspiration


oh and I accidently got some cotton and some sock yarn on my last wool warehouse order funny how it falls in the basket eh?


At the moment I am trying to work on my bucket of unfinished projects that include hot water bottle covers, doll, elephants, hats, bunting, baby blanket and many more he he.
Perhaps I should write an order on what to do first?
Lovely and exciting blog thankyou


Hi Lucy. This post is like old times. Like your old posts. Full of new ideas and pattern news. Loved it. I’m currently making a KNITTED rabbit from the Little Cotton Rabbits blog. Just fancied a change from crochet. `It’s coming out good (well for a first attempt I think so). I’m like you and my head is buzzing with what I should be making. I bought an actual crochet planner from Amazon and plan to do what your friend advises and write down all my project ideas and inspirations. Love the little houses on your mantel and will take a look at the shop site. Also making some table runners in Orla Kiely colours. Going to have a go at the jar covers on your mantel too. I still use the ones that I made from your jar cover patterns from ages ago. I also hope to finally master knitted socks. I get so far and then things go wrong and I give up but I have found a lady who does private tuition so will finish it off with her instruction. Have a lovely weekend and looking forward to your bunting pattern and next CAL. Could you please ask the powers that be at Stylecraft if they could branch out into some merino yarn in the Special DK colours? So on my wish list. Lesley

Louise Kennedy

Hi lucy, ive been following your lovely blog for years thanks to my very creative crafty sister janet. I love your seasonal photos and am in awe of your colour combos. But...im really writing about your baby bunting design, which will make an excellent crochet bikini pattern! Thank you!

Donna Philpott

I'm working on my 3rd cushion cover in bright pastels to match the bright pastel lap throw I made last year. I'm also working on the harmony blanket; but it's made of solid squares. I made a cupcake lap throw & also a weekend bag of yours in the spring. I love your blog & am glad to see your inspiration firing back up!


I LOVE making crafty "to do" lists and usually make a few a year with the "crucial" one about September-ish so I make sure and get things done for Christmas. Crocheting, quilting and sewing are my top "crafts" so I have lists for all of those. I always have more on my lists than I can accomplish but if it's something I really want to get to it just gets added to the next set of "lists".. Right now on my crochet list I have a Harmony I need to finish joining the squares for, 2 baby size Sweet Pea's that I need to do the borders for, a C2C in Red Heart Ombre (because I love the color changes) and just started making a bunch of solid granny's with Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in "Macaw", since it's getting warm enough that I don't want a full blown afghan on my lap all the time. I LOVE reading your blog and seeing all your pictures, and especially love seeing your mantel. Thanks so much for the ongoing inspiration you supply in abundance!


Your 'Cupboard of Doom' made me chuckle. I have one of those. Ever so often, something falls out so I have to straighten it up a bit. I am currently working on your summer ripple cottage blanket. It will be for my granddaughter. The colors are wonderful. I enjoy every row.

Heather Coady

Havenow started my dune which is also including gorse bushes!
Wasat Yarn fest in a Aberdeen last Sunday and now have a
Scheepiesfor a shawl and sock yarn to try and knit socks so have plenty o keep going just not enough time!


I have your Dune pattern but I’m starting to translate it into American terms so I don’t get confused. I’m mainly a quilter and as usual, I have 4 quilts going at once, no, I think it’s six. But I love to knit washcloths as I watch TV. My four dogs adore me and have to sit by me, so I will have to be very careful their claws don’t get caught in the yarn when I start my Dunes top. By the way, I’m a Libra too and I’m very organized in life, my husband says : Too organized.


I have to do lists. I currently have socks for Christine on my needles. A cross stitch that should have been ready by April for the other halfs 50th birthday is still on the hoop but hopefully not much longer and there is a granny blanket on the hook that may be for the daughters boyfriend for Christmas or for a friends birthday in July depending how long it takes me to get to it and finish it. I have just completed blankets for twins so I haven't been sat idle but sometimes get a little overwhelmed as to what to do next or what to complete first.



I've just found this blog and am so happy to find such skilled and lovely fellow crafty people :)


Good afternoon. I am from Russia. I read your blog for a long time, thanks for the inspiration!Now I continue to improve my knowledge of the English language - reading your posts and translating them as well. After reading about your desire to be more organized in knitting plans I also finally decided to make a list of my knitting plans, and that, too, in my head is a mess - I want everything at once. (Sorry, if not very competent. I am still learning)

carol partridge

Just finished a bag in the Dune pattern but my all time favourite is the Summer Garden Granny square. I have these little squares at the side of my chair and do one when I have 5 minutes. Theres a dozen at the mo. Don't know what they will be yet.


There’s a whole ‘atmosphere’, a relaxing creative vibe around your work and your Attic. It makes me feel calm and inspired.
Rather than make lists on paper, I have a book for ideas and inspiration, where lots of creative juices can run into one another. It’s very satisfying to look back over it after I have made things, and to be re-inspired by the Ones That Got Away x

Tamra Knox

I have had 12 weeks off and am crocheting up a storm. I have done three baby blankets and several small pieces like a little evening purse and a couple of glass covers that sop up the condensation. I am working on another baby blanket to enter in the local fair. I also have made several scarfs for co-workers for Christmas. I knit also and love my book Knit Loves Crochet. I should make a tea cosy for my new pot. Love your blog.

Kathryn Ashe

I am very happy to be making a table runner using #10 crochet thread. The part that makes me really happy is the fact that my 45 year old son chisr the pattern and asked me to make it for his family. He grew up watching me crochet.


I've got a chevron blanket on the go at the moment from a book my sister got me, it'll be a while yet until it's finished (I'm not the quickest hooker!) but hopefully it'll be alright. The pattern doesn't mention a border so I'm not sure what to do at that stage yet.

Have you ever thought about taking part in a local Open Studios scheme? Artists an crafts-people often use these as a way to meet people and interact with other artists, to break away from the solitude and occasional loneliness of their work.

Sheryl French

Joining my Woodland Harmony at the moment.
At least once a year I try to make a Crochet/knitting to-do list for the upcoming year. It usually gets interrupted many times by sudden urges to do something completely off track; however, when I look back over the list I am amazed at how much I actually accomplished!
Looking forward to another trip to the UK next year!

Megan - Blue Skies and Apple Pie Blog

Your mantel is so pretty! It’s great to have a friend that can help motivate you in your creations and work. I have a crocheted granny square blanket to put together that is four years old. Actually I learned to crochet from your blog Lucy, and the Garden Granny square evolved and became a different bigger square in my blanket. I must finish it! Here’s to making to-do lists to help beat the procrastination and get some project goals kicked.

Linda from Boston

I finished my Dune Blanket and I’m not working on anything!! My fingers are getting antsy, longing for a project!!!! Can’t wait for the bunting pattern. I can use up my leftover yarn!! Thanks for your wonderful work that you share with us.

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