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June 10, 2019


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Emily Munguia

Good job. I really like your pictures. Thanks for sharing

Mondal Construction

Thank you author.Keep it up.

Tamal Bose

Thank you author. Keep it up.

Nora McGrann

Lovely tale again Lucy and gorgeous colours..x


Glad you had such a lovely time with your dad and Lady B I'm sure they had a fabulous time with all the family. Meadows are great at this time of year. Unfortunately for us its been a bit of a damp squib. It has been non stop rain since Sunday evening and I'm really rather hoping that its going to stop soon or I am going to be armed with wellies and a big brollie for Gardener's World live this weekend.


Nina Kellock

Buttercups and clover, so redolent of my childhood in the 1950's. A lovely calm post to read.


Lovely pictures, I so enjoy wildflowers. I look out my windows and see my lush garden, so full now because of our rain. It’s a little weedy right now and I know I have much to do to tame it but I do like seeing all the green with blooms here and there. I wish I could walk and see wildflowers but alas, not here.


so very beautiful Lucy, Its very similar to the Devon landscape (except for Today its raining non stop)...But I sooo love the buttercups...I seem to be thinking its the best year ive seen them or just noticed them more this year...The Cowparsley, hogweed and campion too is just covering the lanes and farmers fields, just such a beauty of a Month!.
We were getting our car through its M.O.T and while we waited we walked to a local farm shop got some hot freshly baked pasties and sat in the farmers filled together! its was the best date ever~ i said we should do this more often.
Sound like such a lovely family time you've had, but wowza cooking for seven that is a lot of chopping and preparing~ Its just myself, stevie and Sophia and I love the night off for takeaway!... ;)x


I feel the same about summer, it's so brief, but oh so glorious. I wonder that maybe if it was longer I wouldn't be so overexcited about it. Those perfect sunny days always take my breath away. Your photos are utterly beautiful. I love this time of year, when everything is so green and new and fresh and full of buds. Long may it last. CJ xx


It looks lovely Lucy your photo's are beautiful. I know what you mean about Summer and these lovely long days, it ends far too soon. xx


Hooks and Needles.... in Australia we are soon to experience our shortest day around June 20th. Our weather is all over the place and sadly in drought, even though it is only just winter. Longing for decent rain.
Lucy needs to come to Australia and enjoy our seasons and back drops ..... we have plenty! 😃

Barb W.

So lovely, all your photos. I do enjoy your blog.

I clicked on your link to read your post about Elderflower Cordial, which was dated 2015, and guess what? In the comments you had a reader asking whether you had ever considered making a blanket based on the Yorkshire moors!

Lyn Zalk

Oh Lucy how I love your photo laden blogs!!! I dream of someday coming to your beautiful and dreamy Yorkshire Dales!!!! Thank you for creating this amazing ability for me to feel as if I’m already there!!!!!

Susan Smith

Lovely post Lucy & I recognised Salts Mill from seeing it when we visit UK. The meadows look wonderful. Have a good week & take care.


So refreshing! What a nice time. I have viewed your “I have been” post several times just so. Thanks.


Buttercup meadows are such a relief after the oil-seed rape. Beautiful photos! I once heard that the fairs start off in the North and work their way down the country. Might be a myth, but yours in June fits with that idea. Ours is in late September. x

Teresa Kasner

What a beautiful meadow full of wildflowers! Did they find a 4 leaf clover? We have Mock Orange and Roses in bloom.. I made a big lush bouquet of them and just posted photos on my blog. It smells divine!! I'm glad you got to spend time with your Dad and his lady love. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I love 💕 your landscape photos.

Hooks and Needles

I'm glad you had a nice time Lucy, it all sounds lovely. Somebody mentioned on Sunday, the longest day soon before nights draw back in again. I shouted, 'that sounds such a Dad thing to say.' Lovely photos, Cathy x

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