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May 10, 2019


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nooooooo I mustn't nooooooooo! well maybe just a little look...………………………...


Like you i moved this year due to the first customs' charge last year...I bought an 18 month Kate Spade at £25 (we have now a KS shop in Glasgow)and it gives me the whole month to view as well as a week to view although it is quite bulky (although not as bulky as EC)...so we will see how it works.


Thank you Lucy for sharing. I ordered mine and it arrived yesterday. Beautiful and unique. Now I need to find more stickers.... Think this planner could be The One!! 😊😊💁🏻


Thank you for this post. I showed my daughter it, she is starting her final year at uni, in September. She had tried journalling and other planners but never got on with them. She is really pleased with the one she ordered, just what she wants. I decided after seeing her's to order myself on!! rather than buy a standard academic diary. Thank you.

victoria mercure

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victoria mercure

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You should check out another rabbit hole of MAKING your own planner and journal. There's a whole youtube world out there for that. check out the channels of Gayle Agostinelli or Nick The Booksmith. it is indeed a rabbit hole, a lovely wonderful enticing rabbit hole.

Katie Burman

Hi Luce,
I’m more of a random back-of-envelope kind of girl but I do love a Post-it!
Your planner looks gorgeous!
Hope all’s well,
Katie B xx


Oh Lucy what have you started :-) I used to plan everything when my older three children were still at home but now they have grown and flown there doesn't seem to be the necessity so now I'm sat here trying to decide what I could use a planner for and whether I really do need to open that can of worms to go alongside my rather big obsession with note books.....


Rachel Mckelvie

Thanks for the tip Lucy, I went to the website to have a look and ended up ordering myself one. Now to wait for it to be delivered to New Zealand!


This does look good , and I have ordered one too, but sadly it costs £5 postage to Norway!!
Ps For the lady who wondered...there shouldn’t be any importation tax between Sweden and Uk as you are both in the EU (for now!)


Inspiring !

Marion Handsley

Does anyone know if you pay customs from Sweden to the UK? Thank u on

Julie Letton

This could just be the answer for me! Thanks for sharing Lucy.

diane wilalrd

Oh my gosh. Talk about getting into trouble. No telling how much trouble until I start planning my planner and all the little extras. Thanks so much for the post. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.


I use my PP some time now and I still love it. You can create a birthday list, so it will be printed each year. That makes it perfect for me.



Thank you so much for this post. I've just designed and ordered my June/June planner - yet another fab feature - choosing when to start your planner. Absolutely amazing price. Thanks so much for enabling xx


Hi Lucy, your planner looks fabulous! I also never find the right layout, and I've started bullet journaling last year. My layout still changes a lot, but I did find a few keepers. I use an Atoma A5 with dot grid. I very much like it that I can take out pages and add them too. Some weeks are very plain, just black writing. Others are very colourful, with drawings and handlettering. I love it that I can vary the space I use for each day. I'm hesitating to visit the facebook group you mentioned, might spend way to much time there... Jill xx


Thank you for sharing these! I've ordered mine straight away and told them to expect lots of orders from Attic24 crocheteers!


I love the ones that have the blank page opposite the week. Makes so much sense to me & so useful. I used to find that format as an Academic Diary in the Card Warehouse. Sadly they no longer seem to sell them & i’m Now struggling with a ‘normal’ diary.

Your squares are looking so enticing. Looking forward to seeing your dreamt bag :)

Wishing you & all a wonderful Sunday. The weather is glorious today.

Angela-southern USA

I've not found the ONE for myself yet, I have tried many ways through the years but, they all fall out of use after a time. Thanks for sharing! xxxxxxxxxxx

Mary W

I did Documented Life Planners for several years and still refer back to them with much pleasure. They kept all info on when and where for me, the kids, the animals, and news. Loved the weekly time spent making it pretty and preparing for the next week. It didn't take long and washi tape held cards I received, news clippings, school programs, just all the cute stuff you accumulate and hate to throw away but what to do with it? DLP it. Enjoy for years to come. Please don't stop this habit as you will never regret it unless you do stop, then you will be sorry. It will also be a fun look back when older or for you kids.


I'm a diary person, paper, not on my phone. I'm quite fussy about layout so it's either a leuchturm weekly notebook or a castelli weekly diary and notebook . I can't even begin to comprehend journalling! I like simplicity.


I'm a huge notebook fan, so I absolutely loved this post. I always buy a diary with a similar layout to your planner - seven days on the left and a blank lined page on the right, it's perfect for lists. I really like the artistic element to planners, I imagine sitting down to set out to-do things is very enjoyable which no doubt helps with focus and gettings things done. I am going to have a look at planners now... CJ xx


This certainly looks like the best planner I've seen so far. I love the look of it. I'm currently using Google calender which works well as a planner, but lacks the extras, principally being able to draw, only having one type face and the fact that my laptop doesn't fit in my handbag! I'm seriously tempted by this one! thank you for sharing the info.

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