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May 08, 2019


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It is one of the best sites that I have visited. I hope you will share more quality blog posts thank you.

Catherine Schafer

May is also my favourite month. The colours in the woods are just breathtakingly beautiful. The carpets of bluebells mingled with cow parsley elderflower buttercups etc etc & the 40 shades of green.
I wonder would you ever consider doing a May woodland blanket Lucy? Would LOVE to make one but have no talent for colour coordination.

Miriam Coulter

Hi, love your sweet Mandarin Drake. I live in Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. My hubby is a keen photographer and took this image of a very elusive mandarin. Only ever saw it twice in two years. Quite rare here. I thought it so beautiful I matched with stylecraft yarn but don’t have a blanket pattern yet to do it justice. Thought you would like to see so here is a link. https://www.facebook.com/miriamtaylormade/photos/a.359281154913808/409242999917623/?type=3&theater

Katie Burman

I love the “stalking horse” Lucy!
Hope all’s well with you,
Katie B x x


Love seeing your corner of the world..green open countryside..wow! The festive boats look fun..I've become addicted to making Pom poms since I discovered the clover Pom maker, so much easier. Definitely gonna try making your cute, pretty granny squares.😍


I enjoy this post a lot!! I love water, rivers, seas and canals so much, I think you live in paradise💖
Here is the begining of autumn and I love the brown and golden nature and the warm temperature,
By the way, I had the same trouble witn my baking tin but things went well after all.
Wishing you a happy weekend, I send hugs from Argentina!!


Thank you for sharing. Beautiful pictures and interesting reading. As always :-) Your pictures on the canal boats reminded me of a television series shown here with Prunella Scales and Timothy West. Together they did "Great Canal Journeys" where they also visited the Göta Canal in Sweden. Very interesting about canals in England and other countries. I'm excited to see your new crocheted bag when it is finished.Take care

Angela- southern USA

I so enjoy seeing the canal boats, thanks for sharing them again! Once the heavy pollen passed here I have spent some time outdoors everyday this spring. It's been glorious! Have a wonderful weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane Smith

You have just brightened my day considerably for which I thank you. Such lovely photos of your part of the world.

Cecilia Joyce

Love this post. Love all that green and the pops of colour from the canal boats. Thank you.


I love your posts, they bring a little breath of freshness with them.

Mary W

One picture has inspired a delightful watercolor. The little brown path leading through the trees. I see a gorgeous worn leather that has been polished to a scrumptious soft and pliable finish. The brown used for this would be held upside down and the dripping brown and amber paint would create the tree trunks. When I had enough trees, I would upright the painting again and drape the most lively young growing green webs across the branches to come sort of close to what your picture captured. At least in my mind.

Megan Drennan

Loved seeing your May Weekend holiday festivities in Skipton,which I intend to visit soon.Barges are great.
I was enjoying the May holiday weekend in Llandudno where I live and where we have a Victorian Extravaganza weekend every year since it is a Victorian town. It is good to think of people all over the country in their little local places enjoying the beginning of summer.Have a happy May and thanks for your very feel-good blog. Diolch yn fawr!

Crafty Cath

canal boats and crochet = my favourite things :) Thanks for the post. Can't wait to see the lovely granny squircle bag xx


It really is breathtaking out there at this time of year isn't it. Sometimes I just stand staring out at the garden and marvelling at all the green. The Waterway festival looks magical, the boats are so pretty with all their decorations. The doughnuts look pretty good too. Glad you had a lovely few days. CJ xx

Hooks and Needles

Lovely greens, enjoyed seeing your photos thank you. My youngest is just starting his GCSE's next week and I've been thinking back to the toddler and primary school years. Though it's good the teens are growing into independent young men, those days of you being 'the one who knew all things' are long gone. Enjoy the growing stage is all you can do, Cx


Love the canal festival! We love wandering along our own rural canals (edge of South Staffs) 'oohing' and 'aahing' at the beautifully decorated narrow boats - They're always so joyful. Some near us have their own little tow-path gardens too. I wonder if the owners ever get fed up of us peering and photographing?! :)
I absolutely LOVE May too - my very favourite month - so lush and green, with everything bursting into life.

Winwick Mum

Loved reading this post, it's great that there's a May Day celebration on the canal - a lovely tradition xx


I loved your blog today and seeing your Bank Holiday photos. May is my favourite month too. Up here in Scotland the bluebells are fantastic at the moment, as are the lovely new fresh green beech leaves. Throw in the odd bank of primroses as well and it’s heaven. What a gorgeous combination of colours - Inspiration for a new blanket possibly 🤔, or a Spring scarf. I’m very into the Dune blanket at present. Thank you Lucy for all you do for the crochet community. Ann


Thank you for the lovely photos and telling us about the canal boats. I’m so ready (in spirit) to jump the big pond to come live in your village. I just received my yarn to start the Dune blanket and will start reading your pattern. I’m not a great crochet person but I can look up how to do stitches, I hope. I love your granny squares so much, I made a few blankets like that years ago.

Selina Baihn

amazing photos, so much going on, enjoyed the walk around your little town & aren't those boats just so cute! am a big fan of old cars too
gorgeous woodlands, such bright greens! i miss being able to grow winter bulbs up here in Queensland, it's just too hot, this month of May is still a little too warm for even winter vegies.
awww love granny squares & those are looking so sweet, can't wait to see it finished
lovely post
thanx for sharing


It was a lovely May wknd I love reading your posts and seeing your part of the world through your photos. That festival looks so gorgeous. Thankyou for sharing with u.s

Sandra Chilvers

Loved your blog today as we are on our narrowboat at the moment cruising the waterways all during the summer and I always bring a project with me ( I’m on the Cupcake blanket at the moment) . Were the photos taken at Skipton if they I will be there in September at Yarnfest which I have read about but never been to so can’t wait for that .

Heather Coady

I so love reading your blogs so much more than reading a book and keeps motivating me on my crochet! Just love all your creative work and so envious as I have problems taking it up and just doing a bit even when don’t have a lot of spare time! Grandchildren and dogs take up a lot of precious time but love that as well!


Please share your Victoria sponge recipe with this American baker! And what is the filling? I keep thinking of Paul and Mary on the Great British Baking show, and how Paul called it a "spuuunge," with whatever his accent was. Thanks for sharing your lovely May weekend, always a fan and follower.

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