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May 22, 2019


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I also love May. I find myself taking masses of ‘cow parsley waving on the verges’ photos! It’s addictive every spring.


I LOVE the bunting. My sister has just moved out of home and of course I turned her old room into a home studio! I've been on the lookout for something to decorate the room with and this bunting is exactly what I've been looking for. A pattern would be AMAZING :)


Everything looks so beautiful. Love your yarn color combinations..like a delicious dish of candy.

Nora McGrann

Another lovely blog Lucy...thank you x


Oh my goodness, lime and seasalt dark chocolate, I can't think of anything better. I would have quite enjoyed being a chocolatier I think, coming up with lots of dreamy things. But I probably wouldn't be safe let loose with all the chocolate. The farm shop sounds good, I do love lots of healthy local produce to choose from. CJ xx

Julie Owen

you have to do a french inspired one surely !!!


You have GOT to do a hexagonal or star-of-David pattern blanket with those bunting triangles someday ...


So pleased you are back, I have missed my fix of your fabulous creative colourfulness. I love your blog. I used up nearly all my leftover Sweet Pea yarn making a blanket out of mitered square join as you go following the colour order from your blog. I took it to my weekly knitting group and our host fell in love with it for her 2 year old daughter, so when it was finally finished with a garter stitch border that had over 1000 stitches and took nearly 3 hours to cast off I gave it to her. She was delighted, I love to share the love of yarny things.
but now I have seen your bunting I was I had saved a little so that I could make some. That might be an excuse to pop down to my LYS and see if I can get the same colours there, 1 ball at a time so I can sneak it into the house as I am supposed to be using up my rather large stash!

Mary W

The stacks of squares and triangles are even more delicious than looking into a bakery showcase - WOW! Missed you and glad you have returned.


Hi Lucy....
love, love, 💕 your posts, they do make me giggle as you write like my brain works..lol.
Question; I noticed your blue crochet hook, posing next to one bunting, love this type of hook & my one 4mm is in constant use, would like to get a few more but am finding them hard to come by. Do you know a good supplier?


I can't wait for you to post the pattern. I need a little project and it does look beautiful in the sweet pea colours x

Kate Darby

I just love looking at your blogs. Gorgeous photos. Those tulips are to die for x

Josephine Firth

Lovely blog as usual Lucy.It was delightful to be free to crochet last week in the chateau, and chat to like-minded people. Such a delight.


Hi Lucy, May is also my favourite month. I think it’s not only that everything is fresh and green but the anticipation of summer coming. I live on the coast in East Devon and just noticed Elderflowers in bloom this morning on my way home from the supermarket. I am planning to make some bunting to go in our new summerhouse but I have two baby blankets that I MUST finish first.

Woola Oops

Very pretty ! I love how the colors mix together so well :)

Lea Lynch

Thank you for another lovely blog post! It has lifted my spirits enormously!!


I love reading your blogs so lovely. I told myself I have enough blankets and I mustnt make anymore but my finger slipped (nose growing) and the cosy blanket appeared in the post and 6 days later its almost finished (serious addiction) I promised myself I would stick to small projects!!!!!! Aaargh I blame you lucy he he he THANKYOU X


I love reading your blogs so lovely. I told myself I have enough blankets and I mustnt make anymore but my finger slipped (nose growing) and the cosy blanket appeared in the post and 6 days later its almost finished (serious addiction) I promised myself I would stick to small projects!!!!!! Aaargh I blame you lucy he he he THANKYOU X

Teresa Kasner

I am so happy for you to have your week in France and I bet it was good for you to be amongst like-minded people in such a beautiful place. I'm loving working on my Dune lap blanket, I'm making 2, one for each of my 2 granddaughters. I wish we could add photos to these comments! But I have posted photo of my progress on my blog. I'm looking forward to your next blanket idea!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Delightful post Lucy so good to see you here xoxo

Donna  Philpott

Oh, so nice to read a breezy, informative post of yours; I've missed them so much; but glad to hear you enjoyed your times in France.


Nothing beats an impromptu picnic, especially when there's something delicious from the bakery. xx Susan


Oh my! I realized I have that exact same stripy jug on MY table with some flowers in it! I got it last week at a secondhand store, and couldn't get over how familiar it seemed and how I was so attracted to it. Now I know! I'm sure I've seen many other pictures of yours gracing your table. Great minds!

Rosie Ann

I always love it when you post about your journeys home via the farm shop or market! It reminds me of when I first started reading your blog way back, at a difficult time, and it always cheered, and still cheers me up :)

Hooks and Needles

It all looks lovely Lucy, I made some bunting with your Moorland Blanket - leftover yarn. Here it's finished on this post if you'd like to see, Cathy x https://hooksandneedles68.blogspot.com/2018/08/hello-from-qt.html

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