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May 02, 2019


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Elizabeth Stuart

Love the colour wash version, yarn pack arrived today, and could not find this version when I started. So will be ripping out the first three colour stripes I have done so far this evening! Hoping to do this over the next couple of weeks, and then repeat the colour order for the hydrangea pattern to complement it for the twin beds in our lodge in Dorset. Love your colour selection so very much, and have come back to blankets after a bit of a break. Thank you so much Lucy for all your amazing patterns and colour selection.

Louise Fisher

The Color Order is very tranquil ~ Calming and Soothing
for the mind and soul to work on ~

The transitions are beautifully chosen ~

I might just have to go for the big size ~

Enjoy your week and thank you x

Louise Fisher

I think the more I see your pages on this it is perfect ..... Just perfect Lucy ~

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in for us all ~ x ~

Louise Fisher

Beautiful and perfect as is !

Calming and breezy ~

This has to be the way for this project ~ stunnying Lucy and thank you :) x


I love this blanket as I love anything to do with the beach, especially lighthouses and seahorses.
I absolutely loved the repeated colour order picture (folded blanket below the order one) but was disappointed when I lay the colours out as they seemed a lot paler to the photo, especially the powder pink, pale rose and spearmint . Is it the photo that has made some colours more vibrant or have the colours changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Frances xxx

Lesley Ward

Please can you help me is single bed size able to colour wash thanks

Jen Ballington-James

Oh No!!! I'm going to have to do 2 x blankets for our superking bed now! Should have bought 4 packs of wool, not two! I have become a wool hoarder! I've bought bags for my crochet projects and I have just enough room in my lounge for a couple more bags...my knitting projects are in the loft!!!! Where on earth do you find the time to crochet so much and so beautifully Lucy? Between you and my friend who got me drawn back into crochet after about 20 years I am seriously addicted to all your projects! My husband loves the Dahlia from last year - so much so he is nagging me to get on with the Dune one. I have ordered the wool for the new CAL but that is two single blankets - we couldn't decide which version we liked best! Nothing hubbie likes better than snuggling up underneath Dahlia watching telly of an afternoon or evening! You are inspirational, Lucy - no other pattern I have tried matches the fabulous instructions you give. I love the tutorials - I'm learning so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diane McKee

I'm new to crochet. What stitch did you use for the narrow sampler? Is that just single crochet?

Jen Bradbury

I made Cosy Blanket for my 1st grandson (cot size) and then a smaller one for his pram/pushchair.
My husband was so envious I told him to pick a blanket for me to make him, and he chose this one, in the colour wash design.
I am currently on Row 38 and loving it.
I had never done one single stitch of crochet before this April.....what a revelation it is, so calming, so creative!
Thank you!

Shirley Phillips

Hi Lucy, I'm making the Dune colour wash blanket and loving it - only another 50 rows to go!!! Can you please advise where to find the colour layout for the border please? I might be having a senior moment because I can't find it!!!
I've got a feeling I may need to order more yarn. Thanks Shirley x

Sarah Star

Hi Lucy, I am LoVing this blanket soooo much! I'm doing the full-blanket colourwash, I've always wanted to have a go at doing a colourwash and when I saw this one I fell in love with it! The pattern is your usual genius balance of enough-to-keep-my-brain-occupied but not so much as to detract from the Zen quality of it. Perfect, addictive crochet. Thank you so much! <3

Lesley Jackson

Hi my lovely crochet lady, how I love following your blog and crocheting along with you, I’ve completed so many of your blankets, Harmony, Moorland, Sweet Pea and now Dune to name a few and each time I’m so in love with the one that I’m doing, but I do have to say the Dune will take some beating, the colours, the stitch oh everything about it is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing and enhancing so many peoples lives xx


This blanket has helped me so much with my mental health. Thank you so much. I’m just about to start the border. Squeee!

Gez xx

Sue Boulding

How beautiful are these colour combinations! Love reading your articles .

Julie Inan

Hi Lucy. Thanks so much for all your hard work and generosity to the crochet community.

I’m working on the Moorland (I’m a Yorkshire lass as well). And just started the Dune colourwash as a gift. I’m making the double bed size. My tension seems to be ok but although I’m up to row 45 my blanket only measures 14” - it looks and feels fabulous, but I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong - I’ve only used half the yarn as well. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Thank you for another beautiful pattern, Lucy. I worked my blanket in the repeating colour order and just love the outcome. Here is a link to see it, if you're interested: https://lighthouserose.blogspot.com/2019/05/seashells-in-dune-colours.html


Absolutely beautiful! I love how you offer different ways to make your blankets! I am still working on the Harmony Blanket and loving every minute of it!

Naomi Bergstrom

Will this kit using the colourwash method be enough to make the same size blanket mentioned above?

Naomi Bergstrom

Yeah, I ordered my first kit (the Dune kit) from your site. I have been following your site for many years and finally bit the bullet. I love the colours of the seaside - as we don't have any ocean near by - live in SK, Canada. Looking forward to making this blanket in the colourwash.


I loved the Dune colours but not the random stripes so have resisted until now. We are likely to be leaving the Dorset coast for the Midlands and the colour wash will link me back

Hooks and Needles

It looks lovely Lucy x


Have just finished a full (90 row) colour "tester" for the Seashell pattern but using leftover Sunny pack and granny stripe colourways and it looks amazing!!(A perfect scarf as a result!) This will be the third blanket of 6 (6 grandkids!)I intend to make before Christmas all using your patterns, so thank you for all your work and designs.


I treated myself to a dune yarn pack and it arrived today - such delicious colours!!! Can't wait to start the colorwash blanket ♡♡♡ thank you Lucy for all these years of crochet inspiration!! Nina


Lucy, you are a lifesaver! I am currently laid up on sofa with bad foot and have my Dune colours at the ready...but last night was thinking how nice a colourwash blanket would be to make, and voila!! There this morning is your wonderful pattern!! Thank you SO much for this-it has made my enforced rest something I will now enjoy and am going to start this lovely blanket straight away. You are a real inspiration and have my sincere gratitude.
Best wishes


So much lovely colour Lucy and nice to see the colourwash. As always your blankets looks lovely

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