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April 03, 2019


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Just a little request: Could you mention blanket dimensions in inches as well as centimeters for those of us in non metric countries. Please and thank you!

I look forward to making this lovely Dune Blanket.

Helen Toft

Hi, not on topic but just wanted to say I saw this today and thought of you and Yarndale and mandalas https://www.facebook.com/JurassicMandala/

I haven’t finished the sweet pea blanket yet so am trying not to get hooked into anything else. But love your work always.

Susan the Farm Quilter

I love the countryside of England!! I visited friends in Tealby (Lincolnshire) a few years ago and fell in love!! Even in August, it was so very green...really strange to me as I live in the high mountain desert area of the USA and August excels at brown! Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the English countryside with us!


Your photos always make me want to pack up my house here in North Carolina and move to the UK! It is so wonderful to take walks as a family especially if the older ones will agree to go! Thanks again for letting us peak into your wonderful world!

Tuula Maaria

Lovely photos! I'm just back after spending 3 weeks in Northern Ireland where it was also a lovely spring with so many flowers, especially in all kinds of bushes. A bit hard now to return to Finland where nothing has started growing yet and all grass is still brown and dead from the frost and snow. But it won't be long now that it will start to grow though, a lovely sunshine today!

Angela-Southern USA

Don't you just love spring, when everything is wakening after all those long grey days of winters sleep?! Our forsythias have just about stopped blooming along with our daffodils. The dogwood trees will bloom soon here and the redbud trees(actual purple flowers) are in full bloom and covered with bee. I adore spring! (except for sneezing/pollen.)

The shell blanket is looking lovely! Here's a shell blanket I made a few years back, in a blooming dogwood tree.
Have a fab weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




Lovely pitures, you a re truly blessed to live in a landscape that beautiful :-). Love the new blanket, I just finished the extra cute Sweet Pea blaket. And nice poem about the see, made me smile a lot :-).


If it’s brrr down here in the west, it must be doubly brrr up there with you at the moment; however the sun is shining.

Liking very much that your new blanket seems to have pebbles on the other side from the shells.

I’ve been catching up on your blog (bedtime & morning coffee reading) & so enjoying your beautiful, inspiring photos of both Dorset & Yorkshire. I’ve just reached your second (I think) shared birthday in Robin Hood Bay (May have that wrong) & the photos are particularly glorious. Your little Canon Ixus camera has certainly done you proud over so many years.... but, again, that just may go to prove that it is the eye behind the camera that makes the difference :). I’m looking forward to finding out if you are still using that little thing.

Finally, I first ‘spent time’ with you in the Attic not long after you started blogging (then drifted away just before the first Yarndale). Adored your use of colour in your blankets & so envied the yarn you could afford. I felt like the second rate cousin with my cheap acrylic. Returning now, I’m feeling happy that you found some acrylic worthy of investing memories in & loving that you generously share with us... ooh CALs, until last month I never knew there were such things. When you share your creative mind processes, you imbue your projects with such specialness, it’s a delight. I’m really pleased that you are rewarded for your efforts not just by our approval (those yarn packs are a wondrous thing). You deserve every success that comes your way.

Just wanted to comnent, instead of just thinking it. Thank you, Lucy. Now must get back your birthday in the bay before my coffee chills & I actually have to get up!

Hope the sun’s shining on you today, too.


We are slowly coming into our Spring, with temperatures up and down, but it is arriving. I love the pictures you posted of yours. I am looking forward to this next blanket you are making, the colors are so pretty and pastel, very Easter like or summery colors I think!

Kathy K

Your jaunts look lovely and the blanket is beautiful. I'm wondering if you could give more of a description of the density of the blanket so far? The shell stitch is lovely - just wondering how it feels. I love pretty much any pattern with lots of double crochet (US terms) - so I'm hoping that's the case here.


Elaine Hotra

I am in Southern California at our local hospital with my husband who has been seriously ill for over a week. Today is his best day yet and every day should get better.
Today, is the calm after a horrendous storm. Your post was so beautiful and comforting to me. I used to crochet and switched to quilt making. We, that work with our hands are so blessed to have our beautiful hobbies that are like a beloved friend and makes us so happy. Aloha

Beth in Maryland

Hi, Lucy! Regarding "Sea Fever," I wonder if you are familiar with John Ireland's musical setting of this poem? Bryn Terfel's recording of it is one of my favorite pieces of music and I know you would love it. I wish I could set you down (with a coffee and cake) and play it for you!
Thanks as always for your lovely blog.

lisa cullen

I just love your blog it brightens the darkest blustery of days. I love the thought of the tricky way I have a ten year old going on 14 and too cool for adventures most of the time now, but the river glass in your pocket brought a tear to my eye the little gestures they make that stay with us love your pics thank you so much


Here in St. Louis, USA, the forsythia are barely starting to bloom. Our daffodils are blooming and I have two hyacinth blooming too. We have warm weather then cold, spring is fickle right now. Loved your post today. What is it about teens that they stop being with family? They miss so much. Ah well, hormones.

gina in alabama

I am loving the Dune palette sooo much that maybe I might have to indulge in a kit after lurking and admiring your blankets for Years! The shell stitch you are using makes it equally as beautiful from the "back" as from the "front".
This stitch would make such a gorgeous pattern for a baby blanket too.


These kind of posts are the reason why I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing!


My teenage boy will no longer leave the house with us either, unless lured by the promise of Mexican food and Jalapeno peppers! I can't wait for the Dune blanket :)

Jo Sowerby

We had hail the other day and I live in Somerset! Very odd weather. Much like you the blossoms are coming out as are the magnolias a spring favourite. I am still working on the Sweet Pea blanket which I love but the Dune blanket is looking so gorgeous I feel the Sweet pea may need a bit of chivvying up. I was hoping to go to Lyme Regis today but the weather here is so awful Id be blown off the Cobb so another day, I hope.
Jo x


I realise you get many many comments on your posts, but just thought I'd take the chance to ask you (and any of your other commenters) what the must-do things are in the Skipton/Harrogate/York area. We are coming from Canada for Yarndale, and have three full days in the area before coming to the festival on Sunday. I'd love some recommendations of best walks/castles/historical buildings/yarn shops, anything really. Thank you Lucy.

Pamela O Ritch

Love your blog, love Dune Blanket, love dune colors, love John Masefield's Sea Fever, love your photos. Thank you so much!

Diane Blackburn

Your are lucky, spring is really springing out, here in Quebec City, winter is putting a brake on spring, we will be having snow tonight......so, I will be crocheting!


Beautiful spring photos, and I love the idea of the Tricky Way. I have happy memories of my littlest boy walking to and from school too. Love the look of the dune blanket, also the texture. I have my crochet hook out today and I'm embarking on some Learning. CJ xx


your walks look just delightful to me - I love seeing all these scenery shots - love that crochet blanket you are working on as well - gorgeous!


'And all I ask is a merry yarn'... Stylecraft Special from the wool warehouse maybe? <3

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