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April 16, 2019


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Claudia Ferriday

Hi Lucy

Nearly there with this wonderful project, but I need some help!

What's the colour sequence for border for the colour-wash version of the Dune blanket?


Cheryl Jones

Hi can someone help me with dune blanket as row 2 says it ends with a dc but i keep redoing and it never ends with dc .... thankyou


I just wanted to tell you Thank you for the recommendation of The Shell Seekers. I started listening to it as an audiobook last week, and now I'm waiting for a used paperback copy to arrive that I bought (hopefully the same charming cover that you have) and I'm really enjoying it a lot. Great book for this spring/summer. :)

Marianne Christensen

Beautiful! Just ordered my kit. Will this one be a CAL. Still working on my Sweet Pea, but I love the pictorials and clear instructions, Lucy. Another great project to look forward to doing. :)


Hi Lucy, I have just finished my 1st CAL, the Sweet Pea blanket and I LOVE it, I was a bit slow as some days were 40 deg in Sydney, Aus, in our summer! Thanks soooo much for sharing your amazing talents 🙂 I think my next blanket will be the Neat Ripple in the Sunny yarn pack, I love the brights so the browns of the Dune blanket aren’t calling me but I do love the sea shell pattern of the Dune ....ohhhh dear what to do?! 🙂🙂 xxx

Chrissie Hardman

You’ve done it again, Lucy, I used your original Dune colours to make Hydrangea and it turned out beautifully. I’m sure I shall be doing the she’ll stitch pattern with the new pack, though i’m In the middle of an ad hoc c2c in white with a diagonal slash of Hayfield Spirit chunky (408) which is turning into a real beauty, and I have a Coast pack waiting...oh, who am I kidding? I’ll order the pack anyway! I like to “sit” with the yarn for a while before I start. Hugging it, playing with it. Anticipation is part of the joy, isn’t it? Thank you, and have a great trip to France. Chrissie x



This one will be for me. YAY! Could you please a color wash color list? BTW, please relay to Wool Warehouse I love their yarns, colors, and quick delivery. I have ordered a ton of yarn for my collection over the years. I am in the Chicago area in the US, and get yarn faster from them than if I order stateside.


Lovely. Can't wait to see what inspiration you come back from France with! A market blankey? Have a great trip! x


Hi Lucy
I love this blanket but would love to see it in a colourwash if possible?


I grew up in St Annes, my Mum still lives there so I still visit but I see it through different eyes when I read your blog. I see the St Annes I knew all those years ago rather than the one I don't want to move back to now.
The blanket is so "St Annes dunes" you've captured them perfectly. I am even tempted to learn to crochet now to keep those happy memories alive.


Lucy, i would love to make a colour wash version of the Dune Blanket if you can post the sequence i would be very grateful. As always, a beautiful blanket. I ordered the kit!

Di Ross

Beautiful 😍


Simply lovely....

Angela-Southern USA

It's fantastic!!! Definitely has a beachy vibe. Have a wonderful Easter weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kathryn Grimshaw

Hi Lucy, I love all your posts as I live in a neighbouring village over the border in Lancs and I know all the places you talk about on your walks in Skipton. I am transported to Skipton Woods and the park and the canal, when you speak about them I love Skipton
Your latest creation is stunning and has convinced me that I must make it for my son and his partner who live in USA. They both love the sea and I hope that they will fall in love with your blanket colours just as I have. I’m very interested in doing the colourwash version and my pack arrived today, just one day after ordering! What a fabulous service !
thanks for all you do. I hope to bump into you one day! Xx


Wonderful Wool Warehouse - ordered the Dune pack on Wednesday morning, it arrived in this mornings post (Thursday). Couldn’t wait to get started on this lovely 😊 blanket. Thank you Lucy - it’s gorgeous. I love the colours, makes me want to go to the beach, to collect shells 🐚.

Michelle Kupreisis

Hello from Chicago Illinois. What a wonderful blanket love the colors. Have a wonderful Easter holiday.

Alison Richardson

Greetings from South Africa. Your blanket is sooooo gorgeous! Love your blog and stories. Much love from Africa


Your new blanket is stunning! The colour palette makes it a masterpiece despite the pattern is so simple.
Many compliments Lucy and thank you for the wonderful photos of your country. I've been in the Uk twice and it's always in my heart. I'd love to come again.

Sue S

Mine is ordered! Hoping it will arrive for me to binge on at the weekend :D
Lucy, it would be wonderful if you could create a blueprint for a Colourwash blanket, as that was my preferred version of the Sweet Pea too...
Thank you so much for all your inspiration and creativity x

Linda from Boston

Ordered my yarn pack! Can’t wait to start this.

Charlotte Skelton

What wonderful colours! Yarn pack arrived in one day. How could I turn each shell into a square, so I could use the leftover yarn to make a shell granny square blanket? So looking forward to making this! Love from the Jurassic Coast. Charlotte

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy! I ordered my yarn pack and am looking forward to receiving it! I will be doing the color wash design. I'm in love with these sweet colors! Thank you so much for putting this together for all of us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤


The colors-my favorite!! I just ordered the yarn and looking forward to making this gorgeous blanket.Thankyou!


I had just started your Harmony Blanket and ordered my yarn right before you announced this gorgeous Dune Blanket! This may have to be my next project! The colors are just so beautiful and I think that's my favorite border ever! Also your grumpy husband gave me a good chuckle! Mine would have been the same way! Thank you again for all you do and sharing your talent with us all!

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