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April 09, 2019


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Great Photos great lovely pastoralic view

Ig mo

Great wood Nice water


The colours are beautiful in your dune blanket and I think the border sets it off perfectly!I can see me making it in the future. I am making the hydrangea blanket at the moment and l am loving it so much. It's getting a bit warm for blankets now but come the autumn it will be lovely to sit in the garden with it round my knees! 😀

Kendra Smith

OOOh, this is one of the most beautiful blog posts I've seen all year. Thanks so much for sharing. i really feel grateful to be in April now!


O I am so excited to start a new blanket and the coloura are just delicious <3!!


Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us.


Sharon Wells

Cannot wait for the 16th. Have bought from Wool Warehouse before many times but we have a wonderful old fashioned wool shop I like to support. Just hoping they have all the colours next week 🙏🏻


I really like this shell pattern and may use it on an upcoming blanket. Not loving this color combo but I have taken the liberty of ordering 2 of each of the new colors to add to my stash of inspiration.
Thanks for sharing all your lovely thoughts and your process as well as the final lovely squishy blankets. I love them all!

Angela-Southern USA

SO glad spring has sprung in your part of the world! We are green with pollen at the moment, but I love seeing all the new leaves and blooms that spring provides. The blanket looks fab! I've only managed to crochet a few carrots to add to my Easter décor, at the moment all my time has been spent in the veggie garden, sowing all sorts of seeds. I even have a pair of birds,house wrens that have hatched baby birds in one of my watering cans! My youngest girl is a chatterbox too, my grandmother would say "she could talk the horns off a Billy goat." lol Have a lovely day! xxxxxxxxxxxx


beautiful woods near you lucy...love the wicker style lady im sure she will look amazing when the wild garlic flowers and the beauty of the bluebells too in the background. Although im in the west country, Devon i'm still awaiting to see the blue of the bluebells we have seen some early risers but not quite like a carpet of blue yet. I wait with sheer delight when this Spring Moment takes hold. Even my apple trees are still just starting to emerge with blossoms I so enjoy the Apple trees in full bud. But I think another week or two before that. I used to love the Autumn for seasonal beauty but I think now I'm starting to more enjoy these early spring delights. The embroidery is just beautiful...I have been doing some myself since christmas (but more teaching myself as i go). I find Pinterest really good for design ideas and after buying pretty yarns from Hobbycraft and few different shaped hoops i then found a bag full of hoops and yarns in the charity shop for just 5 pounds and skipped happily home with them!. The daffodil heads are beautiful I must admit I have bought quite a few over the last months and my partner surprised me with a beautiful bunch of cornish peonies and tulips~ A home filled with flowers is just sheer bliss to me. Lovely duvet and goes so well with your Dune crochet ;)


I love all that you have shown today such pretties! that shell stitch looks like it would be fun to make.

Miss Daisy

Little B sounds like a sensitive , caring , very observant guy . If the females have any sense one lucky one will snatch him up and her marriage would be the thrill of a lifetime . I didn't have any sense. Love your outings ! You're so lucky you can forage , they spray everything here. Bummer ! Enjoy your week and weekend. Looking forward to Sand Dune.

Corinne Wood

wow! this is amazing. I have created a Craft and Chatter group at my place of work and we are going to use this as our first CAL :)
I really can't wait!!


Love, love, love the new blanket. And the idea of a tug boat ice cream man, how fantastic. The willow sculpture is brilliant, a fantastic swirl at the base really blends in to nature. My youngest is an incessant chatterbox as well, chatty all day long. I am the complete opposite! CJ xx

Karen Dodgson

Yay, your beautiful Dune blanket is finished! Please tell Wool Warehouse to have plenty of stock ready, I really don’t know what I’ll do if they run out 😱😂 I am putting 16th April on my calender right now!


Loved reading your blog this morning I felt like I was walking in the woods with you. I just love Spring we have a few bluebells in the garden I noticed yesterday! Looking forward to seeing your finished Dune blanket although I’m still working on the trellis a smaller version! I will get round to it eventually love all your awesome crochet! 😊


So excited cant wait to get the yarn pack and start the dune blanket wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Your woods look so lovely and wild garlic looks so lovely can almost smell it by your description.
Another wonderful blog to start my day
Hmmmmmmmm wonder if the nearest Morrisons has that bedset hmmmmmmmmmmm

Chrisoula charalambides

Goodmorning you are amazing 👍👍🥰🌞

Tracey Joubert

Oh my word! Your Dune blanket colours are sooo gorgeous. Wondering if Wool Warehouse will risk sending me a pack down here in South Africa. They have twice now and both packs arrived (Moorland and Cupcake). We are just feeling the first delicious ping of autumn/winter. Such a hugely welcome change after months in the high sweaty 30s! Take care xTracey

Teresa Kasner

I am IN on this blanket, my friend! I hope Wool Warehouse has a huge supply of those yarn packs as I hope to be able to order one when you announce it ready to go. I am attracted to the gradient colors in you announcement. Can't wait! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sarah @ In Pleasant Places

Getting into fresh air after a day inside is pure deliciousness. I am cross-titching too, and am enjoying the humble repetitvenes of it.


I do love reading your blog and seeing the gorgeous English countryside from sunny Queensland!. Enjoy your springtime! Looking forward to the Dune blanket release. Have a happy day Lucy


The new blanket looks gorgeous! Sadly I have two other WIPS and my son has just asked me to make him a ripple in graphite and neon colours so I won’t be able to join in with seaside loveliness for a while🤣 BTW we have both snowdrops and bluebells out together in our woods - first time I have ever seen that!!

Sarah Richards

I love the colourwash effect in the photo for your date announcement (bottom pic). That really talks to me. Growing up on the Suffolk coast, I miss the seaside but the North Sea is definitely not those colours lol! Your Dune colours remind me of warmer beaches. I'm really looking forward to this one xx

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