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March 20, 2019


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All those Stylecraft Balls at The Craft Barn!!!! I can only order them online here in Australia so I just wanted to jump into that picture and squish them and see them all ‘in person’. I enjoy these yarny blog posts so much. Thanks for sharing Lucy 😊

Laura Walker

I tried to 'subscribe' to your blog by clicking on the link (above where it says "powered by typepad") and it takes me to a weird page full of computer code (I think?). Is there another way to follow your blog? I'm in the USA also, and don't know what 'typepad' is, but if I need to do some extra steps, please let me know. Thanks!

Kristine Schipp

#craftycath said it before I got here - Lucy, you're an inspiration to thousands... I doubt they'd follow you if you were boring. Boring is LACKING inspiration... you're like one of your blankets, huggy (as long as it's ok!), colourful, softly comfy, brilliant, an adventure in meandering and inclusive. Love it all, and you. Keep on keeping on xxx

lisa cullen

HI Lucy

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday and see all your blankets up close. I am glad your family had not been left without any squishy loveliness while you were out and about but bet they were glad to have you and the rest of the blankets home

Lisa xx

Angela - Southern USA

Sounds like a wonderful time and so inspiring I'm sure! Have a fab weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mary W

Thanks for sharing what seems like a really fun day with plenty of inspiration. I see a picture of a dream blanket that you have made - it is a wavy pattern of greens and browns but is mostly hidden behind the Attic 24 Black Sheep pamphlet. Is it also shown again in the second to last picture with the 4 women looking so happy? It isn't all green and brown but has some purples, also? That is a blanket I would love to make - wonderful waves of color but I would choose only greens and browns. If possible could you let me know about this blanket? Is is one of your CALs? Do you have instructions? A list of colors? Oh my it is certainly my dream blanket.


Sounds like you've been very busy! I just placed my first order of Stylecraft yarns at your recommendation and I can't wait to try them! They have so many beautiful colors! You are never a bore and I love reading your blog!


What a wonderful couple of days away. The Craft Barn looks absolutely blissful. Yarn, cafe, cake, more yarn. Happy sigh. Glad you had a good time.

Postcard from Gibraltar

Black Sheep Wools is a short hop from my parents home, and gets a visit whenever I’m over for a visit. I put a pin in the map there for Gibraltar! So glad you had a fun time there.


Delighted to meet up again after all this time, Lucy. My granddaughter was very impressed that her Grandma knew someone famous!


I see an Attic24 blog and stop everything as I just have to read it NOW ha ha
Such a lovely post again! How do you do it?
I haven't got time to do the links but certainly shall later so exciting...
Planning a corwall seasidey themey blanket using the sweet pea pattern as I love it so much.
Thankyou for your lovely blog

Fiona M

What a fabulous day out at Stylecraft! I love that red jumper that looks like it's made from granny squares, on the dummy in the second Stylecraft photo.
Do you know anything about it? Looks like something from a Gustav Klimt painting.

Shelley Corcoran

Hi Lucy, loved your interview so much. Fabulous read. Thank you for sharing so much personal information. So generous! So addicted to everything you do. Amazing!

Linda Lovick

Loved this! Thank you so much, Lucy ❤️ xxx

Lizzy Dillingham

I don't crochet but I love your blog, your color sense and ideas inspire me always. I do have a question, on the Romantic trend palette, I do not see watery soft pastels and blush pinks [isn't blush pink a very pale hint of pink?] , instead I am seeing rather clashing brights and two dull neutral battleship greys. Very confusing, is it my monitor



Fabulous Lucy just fabulous so thoroughly enjoyed xoxo

Janet Bennett

How I loved reading your blog Lucy, you always set my heart a'leaping and a'dancing what with all the colours and the vibrancy and the yarny bliss! Thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts, they are always uplifting and touching and they often move me very much. There must be many who would say the same, cheered by your blogs. So again, thank you. :-) xxx

Donna Philpott

I agree exactly with Crafty Cath, above.

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy! I'm in the USA but this yarn shop sounds fabulous. I just love your descriptions! Your blogs are always wonderful. Thanks for all you share with us.

Julie Harrison

Great to meet you at Black Shbep, the place was buzzing. You were just off for a well needed lunch break when we chatted. Great to meet Emma and have her sign mu Cute Crocheted Animals book. I finally plucked up courage to have a go at socks and, with Christine's help, chose sticks (including a round stick) and some very bright stripey yarn. Shan't let the socks get in the way of my Moorland though! Hope you lovely ladies enjoyed a glass or two of wine together that evening! Again, great to meet you all xxx


It was a joy to meet and chat with you and visit the shop for the first time. I live so close to the store as well, it's just convincing the husband to keep taking me back.

I'm glad it was a good day for you, there was little doubt the store had a good day everyone was loaded up with lots of colourful yarn goodies.

Winwick Mum

What great fun we had - and what a busy day! That cake was very well-deserved! :) xx

Crafty Cath

never boring - always inspiring :)

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