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March 18, 2019


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Can any one show me a picture of the Kasbah blanket I’ve only just completed the first colour and it doesn’t seem to look anything like the bit of blanket I can see,you can only see little die bits of it. Jill


TB, thanks for that, I don't do Instagram and wouldn't have known how to do that. But I will contact them with the suggestion. There was a comment on a forum on Ravelry the other day about someone making dolls in a whole range of different skin tones, I meant to follow it up.


Louise, Lucy, I've signposted to your comments on stylecraft Instagram, hope you don't mind. With all the conversations about inclusivity in the woolly community that have been happening recently, it feels like a monotone toy is a bit of a miss.

LIsa Smallridge

These are such fresh, soft colours - I instantly thought of 1950's decor. Very "now"! Lisa from Melbourne


That's a terrific idea, Louise, we should write to Stylecraft and suggest it. It's stupid to imply that skin comes in only one colour! I'd be up for writing to them, but contact me if you want as it was you idea lucy -dot-kmptn-at-gmail-dot-com, or I'm on Ravelry as Acernegundo.

The colours could just be given people's names, rather than 'toy - white/black/Asian' whatever. They could commission designers to create a range of toy patterns to celebrate diversity.


Toy?? Singular "flesh" tone for (white) dolls? Why couldn't they just do a range of skin tones and call them the Toy Range?


Colour is just endless isn't it? I feel that one life time simply won't be enough to get to the point of understanding it where you and the people you have met already are.

Interesting about 'toy'. The other commenter who said it was really referring to a 'Caucasian' skin tone, reminded me of one time when I was on an observation in school for teacher training, in a rural part of the UK, and an older(and generally not very aware) reception class teacher plonked down a pot of ghastly pale pink paint she'd mixed and told the children 'that's for people's faces'. The single black child in the class looked lost, and I felt quite angry and embarrassed. 'Flesh'.'skin' and 'nude' (which I find just as creepy as the other two!) all presuppose that's the default, natural, skin colour. However, it seems to me that 'toy' attempts to avoid that, it's a more neutral, opaque name,(it doesn't even refer to dolls), and was perhaps chosen with that in mind.

If one wants to make toys and dolls in any other colour, including non-white skin tones, other shades are also available, I guess!


Can't wait to see the new blanket. Can I be cheeky enough to ask for a winter blanket sometime - it would be lovely to have one to pull out for each season! :)
Thank you so much for sharing with us - we are so spoilt!!


Toy fits if it is a very Caucasian skin tone, feels a bit exclusive?


My "Hydrangea Stripe Blanket" has been completed!
Lucy, thank you so much !!
I enjoyed to knitting your pattern♪
I'd like also to challenge the next pattern.
Please enjoy your spring!


Love the new colours but so wish that they would bring the colour range out in merino or a merino blend and also a cotton acrylic blend. I know they do Classique cotton but not enough colours from the Special range. I suppose it’s all down to cost.


AWW toy my brain when ay toy what kinda name is that!! didn't click at all about toys and yes its true it will work well he he
Cant wait for new blanket excited
Love the explanations and the new colours I have a shade card so will have to check any missing and just order anyway so can add to it
But like the idea of a peg bucket too

Teresa Kasner

Ohh.. I love the new colors. Not long ago I saw a blanket done in vintage looking pastels that was so pretty. You're such a tease on a new blanket.. lol.. can't wait to see. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lovely colors! I think they could have called it ‘nude’ instead of ‘toy’.



Thought the above pattern might appeal to you - in your own colours of course


My first impression was that spearmint was the same as aspen, but when presented them together I could see the difference. My work in progress has aspen as the background color. I like cornflower blue, and I think the cornish yarn is like cornflower blue. I had not heard of cornish pottery (I'm located in the U.S. near Washington, DC), but I have admired so much about picturesque Cornwall (and the idea of cream tea with scones and jam). Do you think Cornwall is named after the corn flowers? Ha! I'm so glad I can get Stylecraft special yarn through your shop. That is the only way I know how to get it, and it has become my favorite. Happy early springtime to you. Alexine in Maryland


They’re lovely. Although I now feel like a ‘former crafter’ it’s been nice seeing the newbies.


I *thought* I'd decided on the colours for a blanket for our bedroom, but am now wondering if the new Spearmint might be a better colour than the one I was thinking of using. I'm trying to colour-match the shades in our bedroom curtains and duvet cover (patterned stripes in green-toned blues, pale yellow and cream, with a bit of mocha thrown in).


Hurrah that they have made toy, as I have struggled to find a decent colour for toys. As a matter of interest are the yarns made in the UK?

Ondrea Delahoy

I love them all and I think 3 of them will be perfect for me to crochet a baby blanket for my 2nd grandchild due in September. I love this SSDK since i was first introduced to it by you with the 1st CAL I did. Looking forward to seeing your new blanket.

Mary W

I just adore soft pastel colors and also monochromatic palettes which these would work into beautifully. These new colors are just yummy!

Miss Daisy

Such lovely colors !


They really do make an amazing range, there is literally something for everyone. The blues and neutrals are lovely. CJ xx


The new colours are beautiful,esp. loving the spearmint.The palette is gorgeous, makes me want to get a crochet hook in action. Looking forward to your new project as always x


Oooh, its been too long with no new colors. I love all the new colors, but Cornish blue is my favorite. Can't wait to see how you use them all.

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