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March 04, 2019


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It’s always so easy for me to feel depressed in the winter months. Thanks for the ideas to help brighten up my winter days with color!

Lynn Bailey

Ooh am loving those colours at the end! Hope it's something exciting! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from the sweet pea blanket and I only finished it yesterday ;) x

Veronica Cooke

Just to say I watched Gogglebox on Friday evening and unless I'm very much mistaken the woman I call 'the crochet lady' on there, was busy crocheting the Sweet Pea blanket! She is always crocheting something; is surrounded by lovely crocheted blankets and has crocheted mandalas/doilys on her table - I don't know her name...


I like all your photos and I would like to be in the third photo and walk for a long time.

Crafty Cath

oooh is that a seaside shell blanket in the making??? really nice colours, very calming :)


A little late but I wanted to tell you that I made the Cottage ripple for my Mom for Christmas and she loved it. More ripple kits please! Maybe even in other yarns that are readily available but perhaps a bit more expensive for those special gifts for others or oneself? I have no color sense at all and rely upon yours, LOL. Thank you for all your hard work with crochet and your blog; it's greatly appreciated. And P.S. I have a tortie cat too named Lily. _ Alison

Green Girl Gardener

Hasn't the beautiful weather this February just made the whole month more bearable? I normally hate February, but I think I probably enjoyed this one more than any February ever! Very excited to see what your creative mind is going to make out of your coastal finds xx.


I just loved this blog post! I have never heard of a Fool's Spring before but it's such an apt description! I love a good walk outside no matter the weather. I once heard the saying that's there's no bad weather, just bad gear. I have taken this to heart and now go for a walk regardless of the temps!


Crocuses come before daffodils and are definitely February flowers. Sometimes even January flowers!

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy! Loved the post. Especially the photos & story...& The shells...my oh my! Made me smile so much. Thanks for being you!


So nice to find something that makes you smile when the cold weather just won't leave quite yet.

Spring is near in Canada too, although we have about 5 feet of snow piled every where.


Oh, Lucy! The Tulips from the supermarket are a great treat. Tulip is my favorite flower. They're lovely :) Fool's spring! haha :)

Mary Pobedinsky

Fool's Spring makes me think of the ending of a favorite poem, Richard Wilbur's Winter Spring:
"This too-soon spring will pass
Perhaps tonight,
And doubtless it is dangerous to love
This somersault of seasons;
But I am weary of
The winter way of loving things for reasons."

Beautiful photos--thanks!
--Mary P


Oooo love the photos. Happy birthday J. Last photo looks yummy - sea grass blanket????!!!


That later half term was a gift weather wise.I was doing Forest School and we could take off our coats!Bliss😎

Sheelagh Franklin

Love the look of those new colours Lucy, anticipation is in the air! Xx

MaryLloyd Jones

Just come in from walking the dog down by the Straits,so lovely..sunshine but a wind that is bitterly cold! Settling down now with my Sweet Pea crochet,now on part 4...so getting there. Loved your post . Happy Birthday to J.


Happy birthday to J, I'm glad you both had some time away together and with the family. Starlings are wonderful aren't they. We had a couple of years of them flying in sight of our house, and every single time we would all stop what we were doing and stand and marvel. It's a beautiful, mesmerising, relaxing sight. CJ xx


Ooh love those colours! Is that a new colour pack coming along?


Ahhhhhh the seaside and shells and fresh air and trees and sun and starlings ahhhhh lovely post thankyou


Hopefully another lovely easy pattern. I had never crocheted before as I was left handed but my friend showed me how to do it right handed have just finished my sweet pea blanket. Thank you Lucy for making it easy.


Great photos as usual Lucy. Hopefully your short break in Lancashire will have left you rested and restored. I love your new colour pegs. If that is for a CAL count me in!

Teresa Kasner

I'm so glad you and your dear one got to have a getaway just the two of you.. are the kids old enough to stay home on their own or did someone stay with them? *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your husband. That is a momentous celebration. I love the colors of yarn in that last photo.. you tease! I put a TaDah post up today on my Sweet Pea blanket! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Crocuses, lilies of the valley, and daffodils always make spring to me. I love seeing the flowers come to life in the spring and I love the spring colors all through your blog posts!

Pam Emerson Clarke

I am back reading yr blog again Lucy after being inactive for awhile.. Too lazy to get my laptop going so use my phone most of time these days.. I am still crocheting & see yr FB posts .. Always in awe of yr colour combinations.. Your countryside looks lovely at moment.. We are still having that long drawn out Drought, Everthing had died in my garden, can’t afford the water .. Most of our rivers have dried up.. awful.. we have a beautiful river fed by a dam about 50 kms away but now on water restrictions because a Copeton Dam is becoming low like most of the other dams all over.. So we are all praying for rain.. Keep up your great interesting Post.. Best Wishes from Pam , Bingara, nth west NSW, Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺

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