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March 27, 2019


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I love your colour choices, and the way you manage to capture the essence of an idea.

Susan R

I love your work and your wonderfully detailed blog. I find it both relaxing and inspiring.:What camera do you use, if you don’t mind me asking.

Kari Quiros

The colors and pattern of this blanket is absolutely gorgeous! Just out of curiosity (and I am sure that I am not the first person to ask this) but have you ever wanted to make a book of your past and present patterns?


I am intrigued by your Dune blanket and am looking forward to more. Your blog writing is so detailed and interesting. You have a real talent for it! I also enjoy your patterns and the process you go through to arrive at them.


Please continue your posts. It’s great to see how your life continues as your children grow. Just finished your harmony blanket...it was a joy to do.


omg it looks gorgeous!! so dreamy


xoxo <3


The new Dune blanket looks gorgeous and I look forward to making it. Your beautiful photos would make a very special coffee table book!


Lovely soft colours, I can't wait to see it in full. I always like your posts, the travel ones make me feel as though I was by the sea myself for just a moment, that's the magic of them I think. CJ xx


Love it! Your work inspires me!


Great soft colors. Another winning blanket on the way.

Sue Beneke

I loved the scenery and your beautiful blanket.

Deborah Whittingham

Lucy, your posts and blankets are always so beautiful and it brings me so much joy to read/admire them. I joined in your Sweetpea CAL and thoroughly enjoyed it thank you; my dilemma is that my children have eczema and so need cotton blankets and when I contacted Wool Warehouse about you being remunerated if I bought a colour palette in similar colours but cotton, I was informed you were only credited if I bought the acrylic pack. I did do that on this occasion but wondered if you’d ever considered doing a cotton yarn to run alongside the Stylecraft special?! Huge thanks for all the joy you bring to me and so many. Best Wishes, Deborah


Oh, that close up of the moon snail shells made me Ooooh out loud!! Utter perfection! They are more lilac and silver-coloured on our beach here in Jersey, and are my favourites too.
I've been loving your blog and everything in it for the last eight years, so just carry on as you are, please, it really does bring joy and creative inspiration.
Love, Jo


I positively adore the colors and inspiration! The water is a balm to me as well. I want to get your color pack and jump right in! I also love reading your minutia - so delightful.


Dear Lucy, your posts are such a TONIC! Having just spent a few days on the shore in beautiful Brittany doing just as you did , I thought what a lovely blanket the colours would make and here you are with those perfect colours all ready! Thank you for anticipated pleasure to come!


Love it! How beautiful are those colours? And that stitch! Fabulous. Can't wait for when its released

Esther Albors

I absolutely love what I see, Lucy! I live on a tropical island filled with bright colors, but the seaside is calm and reflexive. I am looking forward to this one as I finish my Summer Ripple blanket.

Pippa Moore

Thankyou so much for your reply to your previous post. We are off this morning on holibobs. Cannot wait for a trip now to Lytham and also the dune blanket !
We've been holidaying up near Skipton for many years now and we first went there because of your blogg. Love it now so much and very much look forward to coming up north each year. I've visited many of the places you've talked about on your blogg , your certainly a great ambassador for Skipton !
Best wishes Pippa


thank you Lucy for sharing the beauty of where you live , i enjoy it ALWAYS , i love your talent ,thank you for sharing , iam looking so forward to April when the Dune Blanket starts ,by then i will be finished whith my sweet pea blanket,I love love love your talent of choosing the right colors


Looking amazing, as a beach babe this is a lovely combination of colours; does it include any of the new ones - Cornish Blue, Spearmint, Toy, and the pink one?

Jenny Boucher

Oh Lucy, I am so excited about your Dune Blanket. What I have seen so far is gorgeous. Loving the colours in your photos too. You have such a wonderful way of 'talking' about what you have done and what you will be doing, I can't help but be excited. Thank you so much for such a fabulous blog. I absolutely love all the information you put into them.

Jane M

You have such a wonderful eye for colour, Lucy. I can’t wait to see the finished article 👍🏻


This is such a pretty pattern and I love the colours you have chosen you amaze us every time with your lovely creations once again another to look forward to making.
I am on the last 8 rows of my hydrangea blanket so not long until it is finished.
Thank you Lucy for all of you wonderful blankets this is my 5th blanket I just love making them you encouraged me after 30years to pick up my crouching hook and start again.


We (my daughters included!) love it! Can't wait to see the whole blanket. Beautiful photos, my favourite times at the beaches are when they are deserted too.

Christy H

Thank you so much for your inspiration and dedication to the craft of crochet. I have lived by the ocean and mountains for more than half my life and am very much looking forward to the next addition. I have done several of your blankets and have enjoyed each and every one. I can't wait to get the yarn and start this subtle and beautiful "Dune" blanket. Thank you for your blog sharing your life and creativity.

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