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March 26, 2019


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As is often the case with these things, once I start noodling on a creative idea it becomes a ginormous itch that absolutely has to be scratched and I simply cannot let it go. I obsess to the point of crazy, and then I know that I have no choice but to begin the journey. I choose the colours and search for the perfect stitch, then off I go, working those rows so that my brain will stop clammering for it and my fingers can gently bring my ideas to life.

---THIS! I do this about yarn or writing or cooking or whatever the current creative muse that pops her head in, I've just never been able to put it so succently into words!


When I look at your pictures it is like being at the coast. Thank you for sharing these great pictures.


As soon as I saw the picture of the sand hill, I thought that looks like St Annes! I live in Lytham so get to see the water all the time as it is on the estuary. It is sad though that they stopped dredging the river in the 60s and let the grass grow all over the beach and its spreading along Granny's Bay which is very muddy and almost to St Annes.
It used to be called St Annes on Sea with Fairhaven and Ansdell in between St Annes and Lytham. Fairhaven had its own row of shops too and Ansdell still does but sadly no bank.
Am glad that you enjoyed Deacons - it is a bit pricey for me and I preferred it being my bank! Sadly, due to 'progress' in the last 8 years since I have lived at Lytham we have lost 3 banks, 2 newsagents, our Police Station and our Library. They were going to shut Ansdell library too but then karma stepped in and the roof collapsed on St Annes library so they had to keep Ansdell library open. It is such a hub of activity!

If you come again do join us at our Sewing Afternoon on Monday at Ansdell library 2 - 4pm (just bring a project or crochet if you like) and be sure to visit The Haven Chip shop on Alexandria Drive and sit in the little back room cafe. It is like being served by your auntie in the her living room (closed on Mondays). Find Fairhaven Road opposite the Beach Cafe on the Prom at St Annes and then turn right onto Alexandria Drive. Be sure to take a camera and snap the facade above Alexandria Pharmacy too.
Hope you visit us again :-)


These beach images you post always AMAZE ME for how different they are from what I'm used to. They look absolutely nothing like CA beaches, where there is no more than 50 yards of extremely dry sand and then *boom* the Pacific Ocean right there in front of you, deep and blue as can be on a clear day. The British beaches that seem to go on forever and slope down so gradually are like nothing I've ever seen before. I would never have imagined that beaches could look like that ... It would be fun to visit one.

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Those ripples in the sand!! Wow!!! 😍🌊🌊🌊


Love the new stitch for the Dune blanket. I also love the manky feather...bet that was from littleB!

Heidi Clarke

We went to the coast as well, North Norfolk the only beach on East coast that faces WEST! It really is bizarre it has the same huge tide we didn't reach the water either, but 11mth pup enjoyed the sorft sand immensely and yes the weather was amazing no need for my new waterproof coat.

Pippa Moore

Lovely post and cannot wait for the dune blanket cal.we're going up to lancashire this week staying in Clitheroe but I will definitely check out how far st. Anne's is. Also cannot wait we will be visiting skipton again. Yay. Love the area. And lovely skipton market and yarn shops cannot wait x

Karen Dodgson

Oh Lucy this post has just made my heart sing with joy! We’ve holidayed in St Anne’s since the 1960’s and I love it so much. Every one of your photos made me happy as I have done the walks you describe so many times. And now you’re doing a blanket inspired by my favourite place on Earth! SQUEAL!! I will be first in line to order your yarn pack for this blanket! I’m already thinking of adding little crocheted beach huts to the bottom of it too, I’m so excited!
P.S. if you follow “St Anne’s Beach Huts and Apartments” on Facebook they often post amazing photos of the coastline....and they showed a video a few days ago of the waves crashing over the fence in front of the huts! Proof that the tide DOES come in occasionally!


I always enjoy all the beautiful and fascinating photos you post. I will most likely never be able to see these wonderful places in person. So your photos are a joy to see.

Sandra Ford

A lovely blog Lucy , I live by the seaside and ours has been ever changing these past few years our pier was pulled down last year (Colwyn Bay) due to its crumbling condition a new board walk is hopefully gong to built instead for now . They have deposited thousands of tons of sand so the tide doesn’t come in as far now . X

Kathy K

The colors I've seen are lovely....so calming and gentle. I'm VERY curious what stitch you've decided upon, the ripples in the sand are fun and inviting - but with the color pallet I'm think think something really softly "wave-y"!!

Julie Stevens

I never knew they were whelk egg cases !!!
Isn’t amazing what you can learn in your crochet journey 😃


I had to Google what a Mermaid Purse was... I learned something new!


A previous reader said “ a lovely blog to read at the end of the day “ I couldn’t agree more except I read it over breakfast time and it set me up in a great mood for the rest of the day! Thanks Lucy!

Miss Daisy

Loved today's blog ! I have one suggestion - you nixed the feather , would you consider working it in a corner of your blanket with yarn or embroidery floss . I love the feather. Glad y'all had a marvelous time , I hope you know what a very fortunate lady you are. Looking forward to your next pattern.

Janet Tomlinson

I'm still working with the sweet pea colours but have ended up learning to crochet straight sided granny squares as squares are easier to transport to my knit & natter class each week having had operations on my left wrist in the past. I am happy to say I have mastered the art of crocheting trebles(Not bad for someone nearer 80 than 70!!) and have received loads of lovely comments on the colours you chose.I have also unpicked some knitted cushion covers I made a few years ago and which have stretched.I want to sew them together to make throws to go over the chair backs.I now need a to make a border .Would you recommend a crochet border from one of your patterns.My 6 inch knitted squares are made in colours to match a carpet and are knitted in different patterns


Just what I needed this am ! Would really like to go there looks so amazing is there a link for where you stayed please?
You have inspired me to try to make my own colour CORNWALL blanket as I have been ther so often and love it so.I will probably use the sweetpea stitch tho I love it so much.
But I have never been to Yorkshire or Lancashire and it looks bloomin lovely.
Loving the post as usual.


Wow, what a wonderful break, the weather looked glorious, and in February too. Lovely to spend time with your family, but also to refill the creative well, I know how inspired you are by the coast and nature. And I know exactly what you mean about that pre-project excitement. I shall look forward to seeing your coastal-inspired blanket. CJ xx

Winwick Mum

I've seen mermaid's purses on the beach but had no idea what they were! Your post was a mine of information for me today! :) xx

Amy J

Fantastic blog as usual, along with everyone else I cannot wait for new blanket, you are AMAZING! X

Fiona M

Have a feeling the coastal colour theme will be right up my snicket! Can't wait.

Susan Smith

A lovely post Lucy, which I enjoyed thoroughly, also being a coastal lover & not living near enough. Thanks. Ooh, a new blanket & I've still not bought my sweet pea one yet. I must get a wriggle on. Take care.

Carol Pullen

I remember the week so well. Glorious weather so no wonder you went to the beach. I love shells to and always have my head down when walking on the sand and shingle.


Yesterday's (Tues 26th March) Blue Planet UK (S1 E2, at 36mins in) had a segment about whelks and their development which your little boy might find interesting. It's currently available on iPlayer.

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