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February 11, 2019


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עיצוב משרדים

Great share, thanks.
Looks like a peaceful enviornment.

ריהוט רחוב

Great article. my followers over at https://www.hadas-rihut.com will love this,

Cathy Ham

Hello Lucy

I discovered your delightful blog and your stunning work recently, and can't tell you just how much I love all the colour. It truly brightens my day.

Only once in my life have I seen a murmuration of starlings and I still marvel at the magical experience. I'd like to share it with you if I may. I would have emailed you privately if I had an address, but will comment on your blog instead; please don't feel you need to post my remarks.


Wishing you all the very best.

Cathy Ham


what wonderful mossy pictures. I have only been to Bolton Abbey once (after a Yarndale trip) but I loved it.

Sarah R

I am considering getting your Sweet Pea pack; it's gorgeous and lovely to see ask the different ways people are striping their blankets.
I too have followed your tracks to Christine's socks and am quite addicted - and I've started introducing others! What is the yarn in your photos? I like the greys and teal ☺


Thank you for a lovely little wander through your life, I find it so calming and relaxing in this fast-paced world. Happy Valentine's day 💕


Amazing moss, it's fantastic stuff isn't it. The Sarah Raven catalogue is like magic I find. Can't get enough of it, I am always rather obsessed, every single year. There are packets of seed in the kitchen as a testament to that! The top photo is gorgeous. I thought I detected spring in the air today. CJ xx

Angela- Southern USA

Signs of spring here already, daffodils blooming and some trees as well, I even spotted a house wren with dried bits in it's beak on our porch looking for a place to build, our indoor kitty had his nose against the glass wishing it wasn't in his way I'm sure. lol The mossy tree is gorgeous! My rock walkway is looking very mossy at the moment. I gathered moss from our back yard a couple years ago and tore tiny bits and pressed them between many of the stones, I'm so glad to see it spreading. I love your yarn bowl, and the socks are coming along nicely. I just finished a pair for my hubby for Valentines day. Have a great day! xxxxxxxx


I hope Little Lady enjoys her waitressing job. My now 20 year old started waitressing at an Italian cafe when she was 15, fell in love with Italian food and Italian culture, went to uni to study Italian and is now spending her year abroad in Genoa. She still works shifts at the cafe when she is home. I know a Saturday job doesn't usually have quite such far-reaching effects, but the independence and experience of the adult world that they gain is so good for teenager.


Lucy, so lovely to read your posts, I am trying to imagine myself walking those paths you describe and, I love photographing lichen!
I am just about to finish the 3rd repeat of Sweet Pea CAL and absolutely loving it despite being a little bit behind. The colours are gorgeous :) Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the border even though I am a LONG way off that!
Last night at 7 pm it was 37 degrees C, today minimum was 19 degrees C, that’s Sydney ATM in summer. 🥵
Thanks again for reigniting my interest in crotcheting xxx


We had starlings around this time last year. They roosted in a tree in a neighbours garden - literally thousands of them. I’m hoping they come back this year, but there’s no sign of them arriving just yet.


Dahlias are easy to grow from seed (I don't see why you couldn't grow them in pots, I know you don't have beds for flowers in your garden) and are a plant that keeps giving, much like Sweet Peas - you can pick and pick them for the house and they still keep producing more flowers. A pack of dwarf mixed will be enough for you and a few friends. I had a row of about ten plants on my allotment, months of cut flowers for my kitchen windowsill.
x Rusty


I LOVE your photos!! In my neck of the woods we are seeing mostly white. :)


I love the starling photo where they have formed a heart, what a perfect pre-Valentine day gift for you!

Margie from Toronto

What wonderful photos - especially the trees covered in moss! I envy you the greenness and he promise of Spring. Half of Toronto is shut down today as a massive snow and ice storm has started and will continue through tomorrow with 15 to 20cm of snow predicted (but it's the ice that is the major problem) so no signs of Spring here I'm afraid.

If you like Dahlias and are a reader - there is a mystery series called "The Darling Dahlias" by Susan Albert Witting - they are about a bunch of ladies in a garden club in depression era Alabama and they are quite charming, a good mystery along with recipes and gardening tips!

Mary W

The Bluebells emerging from their loose blanket of golden leaves provide the most warming palette of colors. I would love a blanket that made me feel as comfortable as that moss covered tree must feel. I also take pictures of moss and bark and emerging flowers - the tinier the better. I'm wishing for a moss CAL with all the lovely shades of green that nature provides and bits of warm earthy brown bark and fallen leaves to ground it. In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than moss and bark except maybe watching Sirius silently twinkle its amazing colors in the dark moonless night or the breathtaking murmuration of starlings. I ADORE your blog and have added one unattainable item to my bucket list - to take a walk with you to all your favorite places! Your blankets will very adequately suffice.


I have been reading your blog for years now. It is my favorite go to place when I need the world to be sane. Bless you m'dear. MO

Heather Coady

Love reading your blog ! Makes me feel so good!

Heidi Clarke

I have my cupcake blanket firmly on the bed,but it has too stay on my side very warm hubby complains about the 10 tog duvet!


Lucy, I think you'd love the photos and videos on this blog post of my old school friend (from SGHS no less) - amazing murmuration: https://www.sarahmasonphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/4/13/a-sky-full-of-birds?rq=murmuration


Moss, it comes into its own when there is such a lack of green elsewhere. We were on holiday in Hawkshead last week and on our walks it was everywhere! Trees, drystone walls, fences,rocks, buildings. There is such variety too. I have been meaning to do some research on the subject and look up the names of the different types. Thank-you for reminding me. Happy walking!

Susan Randle

I love your posts and would liketo send you a link to a flower grower in the US that you would lfind inspirational. They do a free newsletter and growing tips. May I send and how? They spécialisé in cut flowers and some unusual seeds they can post to uk too. Dahlias and sweet peas are magnificent for instance. Only a small family run flower farm . I live in France and currently have no garden but read it for pleasure and inspiration .


Love reading your posts! Has Christine got you into sock knitting? She has me addicted as well🤣🤣


Such beautiful photos and some quite surreal. At least you have consistent weather over there. Ours is topsy turvy with 35 degrees C one day and 20 degrees the next. I have literally had the air conditioner on one day and the heating on the next. Despite this I have loved crocheting along with you and look forward to Friday.


Catkins are so tempting, but they turn into a shattered mess when you bring them home, at least the ones near us do. Just another thing to teach us the lesson that we don’t need to possess everything we admire. Anyhow, it’s lovely that you share your walk with us. Too bad we can’t share the exercise benefits as well.

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