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February 22, 2019


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Hi Lucy

I am reaching the end of my sweet pea blanket but I am confused that it finished with three rows of the sweet pea colour not 4 when the start is 4 rows of colour before a green. This maybe just my need for patterns to repeat. Can you help?


Wow! What a beautiful blanket! Thank you for all the effort you go to Lucy, I can’t wait to try this one when I’ve tackled some of my To Do pile 😊

Denise Fordyce

I've FINISHED and all the ends are woven in...woohoo!! It looks so lovely, thank you...

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Hi, Lucy! I've come back to say that I'm making a lap blanket as a gift and I'm using the idea I had while I was at your Crochet group in early November last year. I'll post a photo or two once I'm further along. I want to tell you that, while the Hydrangea stitch is easy and stunning, the Trellis stitch is even more so! I'm using several of your stitches, so the blanket will be a sort of Attic24 sampler. I really, really love the Trellis stitch and I plan to use the Trellis border once I'm done.

I lived near the sea on Canada's western coast for about 30 years and I loved the fog and the sound of foghorns. Now that I live inland, I miss that in the winters . . . so it's nice to think of it in your part of the country, even if you are not so fond of it yourself.

Thanks again for a lovely and easy, yet visually appealing pattern. I've been talking you up in the crochet group I joined here recently and even in the knitting group, because we have so many people who do more than one type of handwork.

Warm hugs from BC ~ Linne


I just love how you share your creative process with all of us! The yarn community is so incredible all around the world!

Angela- Southern USA

The border is like icing on a cake, well done! A idea for those scraps, use a floral doily pattern and make another hoop to spin in the wind at Yarndale, or at your allotment.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi, Lucy! I love all your blankets, but I think you have outdone yourself with this one! It's stunning! And now I'm wondering how the Hydrangea would look in those colours . . . no, I think I'd stick with the original. I can imagine a stack of flowery blankets one day.

I love how you take us along on your life's journey and your outings and all your everyday doings. You brighten so many lives, from what I read here.

BTW, what Sue says about scarifying the sweet pea seeds is absolutely correct.

I have three books by Helen and Scott Nearing (Living the Good Life, Continuing the Good Life, Loving and Leaving the Good Life). What Helen did for a hobby was to grow three long rows (I think it was 3) of sweet peas. Every Saturday morning she would get up extra early and cut the blooms, making bunches with elastic bands. Those would go into five gallon buckets of water in the back of her pickup truck. Then when she went to town to do the weekly shopping, she would hand out bunches to people on the street. I've never forgotten that. And now you've given me another great association with one of my favourite flowers . . . Thanks so much! ~ Linne

Tuula Maaria

I love the little crocheted flowers in two of the photos, so sweet!

Joya Roy

i'd love to see a bohemian modern baby blanket made from the scraps!

Kathy Downham

Not sure where I have gone wrong but can only get 39 points along the top edge. looking back I can't see where I can have lost so many stitches. any tips on how I can do this edge


I'm thinking I might make some of Janie Crow's mystical lantern motifs with my leftovers :) The Sweetpea CAL has been a ball - thank you xx


I spent half the day trying to decide whether to do the border you posted here or your Linen Stitch border. I generally don’t like bumpy borders, but I decided to trust your design and go with the Trellis Edging. Took me 3 hours to do the first round! And I still don’t like the bumps :). But I will persevere. I know the first round of any border is the most fiddly, and it’s really not a good indication of how the finished border will look. I do love the trellis stripe pattern and the Sweet Pea colors. My Posy blanket will go on the back of the couch, and I already have the pillow form for the Blooming Flower cushion that I’m going to make with the leftover yarn.


Lucy I think you have achieved a wonderful harvest of sweet pea blankets across the world. You took your little packet of seeds and sprinkled it across the globe. With gentle watering every week the blankets began to grow. They are all now almost in full bloom (edging to go) and about to add colour in everyone’s home.

Thank you for a wonderful CAL. Love from down under.

Denise Fordyce

So, so lovely. I finished my Colourwash 2 days ago, ends all darned in (yay) so I'm ready to start on the border. I've only ever made granny squares before so THANK YOU for making this such a fun journey.


HEDY--to get your sweet peas seeds off to a fast start, first "scarify" your seeds. This means gently abrading the hard outer seed coating. I use two 8x10 sheets of coarse-grit painter's sand paper. With one sheet laying rough side up on a flat surface, place a packet or two of seed on it roughly in the middle. Then top with the second sheet rough face down. Place your flattened hand over the top sheet, and gently but firmly move your hand in circles, using the seeds like tiny ball bearings, to move the top sheet while the bottom one remains stationary. This movement of the seeds over the sandpaper will make the tiniest nicks in the seed coats to let water in quickly. After swirling for about 30 seconds on the paper, pop the seeds into a glass of water and soak overnight, then plant the next day, 1/2 " deep in good loamy soil. Keep moist and seeds will be up and sprouting in a week or two depending on soil temperature. No fertilizer needed till the second set of leaves appears. Use an organic fertilizer every 3 weeks until plants bloom. Keep flowers cut--the longer you keep them from setting seed, the longer they will bloom. This scarification method works wonders with any hard-coated seed like beans and such.

Susan B

Thank you for this CAL, this is the first Lucy blanket I've made and more importantly, the first time I've kept up with a CAL! I love my blanket so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary W

Both blankets are wonderful and the edging is perfect for the 'feel' of sweet peas - all frilly edged. I'm in love! Can't wait to finish my colorwash.


I'm way behind, probably just less than half way but since we are coming to the last lazy days of summer here in South Africa still have a month of two before I will need to get it onto the bed. Just wanted to pop in to say this is my first crotchet all in one blanket (I'ms usually doing the more labour intensive squares) and have loved it. Happy colours, happy life ;-) Thank you so much Lucy, I appreciate you openly sharing your life and love for all things hooky. Your blog makes me smile every time - it is like sunshine to my soul. Will post a pic when all is done in a month or two.

Miss Daisy

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blankets and the wondrous border is JUST the icing on the cakes. WELL DONE !!


Today I bought a packet of sweet pea seeds and I’m thinking of where to plant them in my garden. This is new for me so I’m hoping they grow. I’m mainly a quilter so your colors are calling to me in quilt form. However I believe I will try a crochet blanket soon too. Maybe next year I can do the CAL with you, I’m not a great crochet person as Ii used to be, but I’ll try. I love reading your post though.


A perfectly fluttery border! I love the way it looks so good on both versions of the blanket too - you are a genius😁

Dawn Mann

I commented that the border looked a little frilly for my taste, but hearing your reasoning and seeing it finally in situ I think it’s absolutely perfect. This was my first CAL ever and it’s been a total joy from start to ‘nearly’ finish. Thank you for fostering that wonderful sense of community that our everyday lives sometimes lacks.

Lisa Cullen

thank you so much for this blanket Lucy I have loved every min of it its my first CAL and have enjoyed it very much I just have the last two rows of violet to do on my colourwash and will then move onto the border thanks you cant wait for the next one xxx

Jo Tomlinson

Just perfect, thank you Lucy 💐❣️

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