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February 15, 2019


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Oh, good grief, Lucy!! (NOT Charlie Brown, Peanuts fans.) I forgot about the skip week, finished my CAL yesterday, and was waiting for the border this morning so I could gift my DIL on her birthday February 23.


Why can't l get my corners to lay flat. I have followed pattern correct. The rest is looking great.


I would like to finish the blanket at the last pistachio row, Will this be possible with the border plan please? Or will it mess It up.

Gunvor Madsen

Hi Lucy. I have followed you almost from the start and have made many of your designs. I am working on a blanket for my MIL for her birthday. I am using the trellispattern, but different colours. I have searched for a program or app that makes you design your own striped blanket. I always end up with random stripe generator in my search, and I don't need random stripes. will you perhaps be so kind and tell me which app or program you use to make your schematic Pictures of the blanket?
looking forward to the border :-)

Susan Smith

I love the baby blanket and would really like to make it to donate to a charity I support by knitting and crocheting baby items. I am following the Posy colourway for the main blanket, would I have enough yarn remaining to do the baby blanket?
Thank you.

Kate Bolt

Beautiful colours in your Sweet Pea blanket 💕

Julie Harrisonn

Love J's graphics, cool how they pop out too. Very professional x


This is so pretty and I love baby blankets. Thanks!

Lynn aka Silverypaws 😉

Thank you so much for including my blanket! I'm so thrilled that you liked it... it's made my day 😊🤗

Merete Vang

Wow, I have been following your blog since 2016,and I just love love it a wonderful blog. So to see my picture🐍 apear in the post,my heart just took a big jump 💓
🤗Thank you so much. Such a treat.
And Thank you for all the work making those cals so special and for writing your blog.

Kath Stephenson

Thank you so much for the baby blanket post. It is exactly what I need. I have used the trellis pattern using the Sunny Pack but am desperate to make the Colourwash. Two friends are conveniently having babies!

Arlene. Marcus

Thank you sooo much for the baby blanket conversion. You will have even more converts to your designs

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I'm sewing in the last ends today on my Sweet Pea sample repeat blanket. It's my favorite blanket ever, I love the floral colors in this so much! I'll be all ready for your border post next Friday. Thank you so much for this CAL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Monica Larlham

So pleased with the smaller version of colourwash. When we started I wanted to do the colourwash version but didn’t want such a big Blanket, now I can have both. Teamposy and colourwash 😀.

Maria Banzer Prada

Hi can you please tel me in what part of the blog are the instructions of how many chains and the stitching


After knitting over half of the colour wash version, using two repeats of feather and fan per stripe, so I have knitted over 160 rows, I have decided that it isn't going to work, so tonight's task is to rip it back! I've already previously pulled back over 10,00 stitches as I misunderstood things. Anyway, I should now end up with a double bed version, but I have no idea how long it might take me! It's a good job I like knitting feather and fan and that I am loving the colours, particularly the combination of the clematis and cream, which are not 'me' colours at all


I still have a few loose ends to darn in but I’m already using my blanket. It’s a welcome splash of color and warmth on my couch. My Annie kitty thinks I have it on my lap just for her! I can’t wait to finish up the boarder and have that Ta Da moment.

charlotte m.

I love the little yarn ball graphics. Your hubby is awesome to do that. It really jazzes up your post. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

Mary W

Thank your husband for making life easier for us! What a great combination you two make and how lovely to have your husband join in this hobby in his own way. So nice to share projects together. Loved the monster blanket but I wondered, aren't they all like that? I know mine is - still waiting for that hated dreadful task.


Dear Lucy, as I was reading your post just now and I kept thinking, that you are such a nice person. It always makes me smile reading your blog. It is really heartwarming!
And then something popped up in my mind, from the time when I was learning English in school!

Urban Dictionary: sweet pea
A Sweet Pea is an extremely sweet and attractive young woman. Most Sweet Peas consist of -beautiful brown eyes, sweet smile, and a very soothing voice.

Thank you very much for so many SMILES!


Sorry to cause upset by showing you all my ends!! I will sew them in!


Looking forward to seeing what the border is like. Can't wait. I have now started on another summer ripple blanket (already done one for myself) for my brother and his wife for Christmas - he just loves the colours in it. It is a surprise for them. I can't stop crocheting at the moment and am really enjoying it. The Stylecraft DK wool is so lovely to work with.


Lucy, I have gone completely rogue with my Sweet Pea blanket. I had intended to make a blanket in sweet pea colours since my Mum died 3 years ago. They are my favourite flowers and I grow them each summer. My mum had a little vase of silk sweet peas which I’ve now got on my dressing table. Other blankets/projects always got in the way but when I saw your CAL I knew I just had to make a start. I don’t really like crocheting rows for blankets so I thought I would go rogue and make Circle of Friends. The centres are all in pistachio and the outer edge in meadow. I make the raised circle in one colour and the others in a complimentary colour. It’s slow progress as I am also making a baby blanket for a neighbour and cushion covers for my daughter. I know this will be a long term project in between other crochet but I just wanted to thank you for giving me the motivation to finally start my sweet pea blanket.

Susan Randle

Love the snake..love all the work shown. Itching to find some me time to get a pack and have a go. Mind you, my cat will not even let me write a letter. She hangs on to the end of pens for dear life and walks all over the iPad. Last week, she actually managed to change programme to messenger and called my daughter.


Oh, good grief, Lucy!! (NOT Charlie Brown, Peanuts fans.) I forgot about the skip week, finished my CAL yesterday, and was waiting for the border this morning so I could gift my DIL on her birthday February 23. Guess I'll have to borrow another Lucy border or make up my own!!!
So, I'll have to make another Sweet Pea to use the proper border!!

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