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February 19, 2019


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Hi Everyone, It's been sometime since I dropped in to look at the lovely rugs and read what been happen on the other side of the world. I am a knitter and who has a loves colours.
At this time of the year I start thinking about my winter clothes and what colours will I use for my new shawl. Not sure what my colours will be. Have been looking at all your sweetpea rugs. Lovely seeing the springs flowers around and so love Snowdrops.It takes me back to when we lived in England and walked in the woods to see the snowdrops. Will order some springs bulbs shortly and hope My darling man will look down and see sea of Spring Flowers in our gardens this Spring.
Thank you for sharing your part of your world.So miss the seasons you have.
Cheers Edith

Carolyn Dietrich

I would love it if you posted photos of your allotment as your work on it. I would love to see how you plant it and with what and the final result. I love your posts. Thank you for giving me glimpses of your life in and out of Attic 24 and for letting us in on your creative projects and beautiful blankets. You have brought me much joy over the years that I've followed your blog.


I’ve seen just a few here in Louisiana, but it’s very hot here. I guess they bloom in February where ever you are.

Michelle chappell

My favourite flowers although the last time i saw them was in March 2011 when i was home in Corbridge. Northumberland .
I now live in Brisbane Australia and its too hot for them here mores the pity
Back home for a visit but it will be in june so no snowdrops


Did you know that snowdrops are called perce-neige in French? To pierce, to lance... This often happens here in Canada, where they come right through the snow - but that is still another two months off.
Really enjoyed the photos and your spring joy!

Nadine G

Formidables photos, la nature reprend, la végétation se réveille, le soleil réchauffe, les projets fourmillent dans la tête, le moral est bon. Bon weekend pour toi chère LUCY. Bisous.


Lucy, thank you for sharing the Snowdrops. I have never seen them except in your pictures. Beautiful.


I think you should make a snowdrop blanket Lucy, or maybe a selection of cushions?..... A bluebell shade. Oh the possibilities! Thanks for sharing the pictures

Mary W

I can't think of a more beautiful thing than seeing a trailer load of horse hockey dumped onto my garden. We don't have that sort of service in Florida so our sandy soil doesn't get modified with rich dark loam unless we buy bags at the store. I'm so jealous!

Miss Daisy

Can I move to your little town - looks and sounds just AWESOME !


Hi, there does seem to be an issue with subscribing, when you click on the subscribe button at the top or the bottom of the page it takes me to the blog entry about snowdrops! I’ll try again another day!


It definitely looks like spring there. :) I live in Middle Finland and we have lot of snow and it's snowing again today. Some people from Southern Finland have posted pictures of snowdrops already even though there's snow. What a persistent flowers they are and so so beautiful!


My GOD what a BEAUTY! It is breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


Such beautiful pictures Lucy. I know exactly how you feel! We’ve just got back from a short break to Hay-on-Wye and the snowdrops there were spectacular. My husband was equally bewildered at my gasps and exclamations of delight, but they truely are ‘food for the soul’, so uplifting especially at this time of year.


That snowdrop carpet is so, so beautiful! Thank you for taking us along.


Oh wow Snowdrops! I've never seen them in the wild! How lovely. Thanks for sharing this, it's so inspirational for us who've currently have 6 inches of actual snow on the ground.


So beautiful! It looks like Spring already! Here in Minnesota we are waiting for our I don't know how many-th snow storm, and the excitement is that it will put us in the most snowy February ever. Beautiful, too, but less than your flowers!


After seeing so many photos of snowdrops over the past week or so I'm thinking that I may have to put "snowdrop appreciation" on my bucket list as we don't get them where I live. Thanks for the gorgeous photos and inspiration. xx Susan


There is a bungalow on my bus route home from work, which has a large garden, every February there was the most magnificent snowdrop display, tens of thousands of them. Was; the bungalow was sold and the new owners re-routed the drive and now there isn't a single snowdrop left, I am very sad about this, every year I looked forward to seeing them.

Carol Green

That is just beautiful. Never seen anything like that here in Sydney or Australia.


We visited Hopton Hall in the Peak District to see their snow drops ,they were gorgeous❤️

Becca Dixon

Thank you so beautiful
May I ask what a allotment is


I've just been to my snowdrop patch as well, in the local churchyard. Your photos are gorgeous, what an amazing spot. Big Floral Plans here as well, I hope I'm not biting off more than I can water. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner

Oh my goodness.. you certainly have an amazingly huge field of snowdrops to enjoy! I am inspired to take a walk around my farm yard and snap some photos of our wild little beauties. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oh my goodness! That is so beautiful. I want to jump in and dance around in them, twirling around like the intro to the Sound of Music!

We have SO MUCH snow where I live. We've had 30 inches since January and another 6-8 inches expected tonight. Yuck!!!

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