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January 15, 2019


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I have been an avid crocheter for a long while now, since 2011, but there's one thing that I have always desired to make: Knit Socks! So I learned how to knit this year, my teacher said "why start with socks, that is so hard!" but that's all I dream of. Knit Socks. So, I started on Easter Sunday, finished it yesterday! Two whole weeks of learning! It turned out twisted and laddering on the edges of the gusset, but I love it. Can't wait for my sock collection to look like yours!


The soap idea sounds like a winner!


I have been reading your blog for about ten years; I’ve only commented a couple of times, but today I just want to say thank you. The fact that you put so much time and energy into your projects and patterns and then share them - absolutely free - is a generous act of kindness.

Angela- Southern USA

I've adored moss all my life, as a child I would pick any mossy area as the place to play,and set up camp with my toys. I can still feel that spongy soft texture under my bare feet. Lichen is fab too, my eyes are always drawn to it especially in the winter months. We have several trees right out our windows that are covered in both and make such a love pattern, and spot of color against all that winter gray. I'm off now to read moss musings, have a fab day! xxxxxxxxxx

Cheryl Thoms

Now I have to get some Sweet Pea soap for my yarny bag. Off to Etsy to do some shopping. :-)


There's nothing wrong with clutter Lucy it's what makes a house a home for the most part unless your hoarding extends to odd newspapers and baked bean tins. I did strip back my crafty corner a bit just before Christmas as it was make a bid for world domination of the house. Its lovely to get out and blow the cobwebs away. Not managed this so far in 2019 as spent all last week in bed with the flu. I have my non working day tomorrow and a list of jobs to do in town so I may just stop off en route back if we haven't been snowed in by then in which case you will ind me tucked under a blanket instead.



I love lichen and moss, especially the grey and yellow lichens and the bright green moss after rain. Are you inspired enough to do a mossy colour palate pease! I'm not sure the Stylecraft is up to it. The greens are not great.

Chrysta Stavrou

Hi Lucy, love your website but I am having trouble with subscribing or following the comment conversation. I just get a page full of unorganized words and signs which is unreadable. Can you help?

Donna Philpott

Ilove moss & lichens, too, & sagebrush which is tan in the winter. & our many cedar trees here in Middle TN, very nice blog post--


PS Have just discovered Dr Bronner's do a EUCALYPTUS soap bar - thought you should know! CJ xx


Oh yes, I LOVE the idea of scented yarn, how wonderful. Gorgeous photos, and you're right, a walk in the great outdoors is an amazing tonic for the mind as well as the body. The rainbow shot is incredible. It has been dry hasn't it, I've noticed the streams around here are very low indeed. I'm off to look and see what scented soap I may have tucked away now... CJ xx


such a lovely colourful yarny fix needed that on this quite dark january day~ the land around You is very much like the land around me on the edge of dartmoor,devon such far reaching hills and open endless landscape. You will need those cuddly, cosy socks!~ how beautiful lucy, just checked out the many sock posts on your link! wow! you have made so many beautiful ones lots of yarny love. I have been de-cluttering but i still like a home that looks very much lived in like you say...i like 'things' around me that bring me memories, beauty and joy! i dont think a house should be bare of character and soul ;)


Bronnley make Sweet Pea soap and hand cream. Try www.bronnley.co.uk. I have a bar in my underwear drawer. I think it might migrate to my yarn bag! What a lovely blog post today!


I love sweetly scented things! I have always wished for the drawer liners made by Evelyn & Crabtree but have never sprung for them. I keep my yarn in a big cedar chest, so my yarns are always scented like cedar... which is one of the comfiest and homiest scents to me!


When my children were little we always left litchen and not carrots for Santa's reindeer...cos that's what they eat!!!

Mary W

Yes Martha, Sweet Pea scent is a good thing. It may have to be concocted from your own oil stash but I'm sure you have the ingenuity to get it done. I once folded a tiny heart shaped piece of felt to put inside a rag doll I made for my daughter. Just before tucking it inside and sewing it up, I doused the felt with vanilla. It did last awhile but even better was the little doll I sprinkled with baby powder every time I thought of it. Smells are certainly one of the top freebies we all have and I breath in lung fulls as often as possible while walking my dog past great gardening neighbors homes. Truly I believe that someday science will discover that odors can enhance our well being in some way like scented vitamins. Thanks for a beautiful post this morning. Your bakery window of socks make me warm just looking at the stack. YUM


A delightful post as ever!
Totally with you on the lichen thing, must have a peek at that moss blog later . . . !


I keep a scented sachet in the box where I keep my spare yarn. Always smells nice!

Strawberry Patches

I use Chanel No5 soap in my smalls drawer and lavender sachets with my woolly stuff, but this opens up a whole new world of scents. Also noticing someone's comments about using lavender talc. What a good idea!

Nina Kellock

Well I am sure you found the RHS soap, sweet pea smelling? Great idea to put a bar of soap in the organza bag... I have some lovely locally made hand made soaps, so might give it a try.
How I wish I could manage a walk, once a week would be fine, but these days my hips and thigh muscles start to hurt after just a few minutes, and I find that depresses me, the lack of mobility, so I just don't do it. Lovely to see your pics though, reminds me of more mobile days!

sandra dorey

You might like this poem about lichen: https://blog.education.nationalgeographic.org/2014/02/11/lichen-it-already/

sandra dorey

In another life I would be a lichenologist. It grows anywhere - even on my little old red car and I can't bear to wash it off.
Lichen could hold all sorts of secrets to benefit us in the uncertain ecological future - oh and the texture and colours! Mmmmmm!
Gorgeous - as are your socks!

Laura Miller

Hi Lucy - loved your walk. In that last pic, that house reminds me of Wuthering Heights! Let me know if you see Heathcliff or Cathy.... Re scenting your crochet, you can put a tumbler drier sheet in your bag to make it smell gorgeous. I put two under the front seats in my car and they're great. They last about 3 weeks. xx

Teresa Kasner

I love moss and lichen too. Funny thing is I picked up a big patch of moss that blew off my barn today to use in a photo with some of my hand-painted houses I've done in years past.. for my blog post tomorrow! :-) I took a break from crocheting on my Sweet Pea blanket to read your post. We have some really powerful east winds here.. so every time I go outside I get blasted by wind. Have a lovely week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Leah Lynch

Look up Mossing Annie for another good read about moss. Did you know you can mail order moss?!

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