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January 02, 2019


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Sally Freeman

Thank you for thinking of everything Lucy. Can't wait to start. It's colourwash for me!!


Renk seçimlerin harika Lucy. Çok büyük bir zevkle takip ediyorum<3

Andra Ridout

Thanks so much for your wonderful patterns and fabulous instructions! I have too many projects to join in on this one, still working on a cosy stripe and a neat ripple as well as a poncho. I love the colors though and will definitely be looking to complete this in the future.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy... I have my yarn and am ready to go. I am going to use the repeating stripes of colors similar to how I did the Woodland blanket, almost just like your last image. It appeals to the orderliness of how my brain works.

I'm so proud of how many people are getting on board with this CAL.. you continue to inspire multitudes of people with you brilliant creations!

I posted about this CAL on my blog post this morning.

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I am so looking forward to crocheting this beautiful collection of colours. I think I shall be doing the repeat pattern. Thankyou so much for sharing your lovely blanket with us.


I enjoy your color selections so much! I am having a hard time choosing, but choose I will! Thank you for hosting this!


I am coming to the end of the Moorland blanket and asked for the Sweet Pea wool pack for Christmas. Now I cant decide between the posy pattern or the colorwash although my husband likes the posy. I suppose I have 24 hours to decide.


I’m a complete beginner - I can chain! Are there particular videos I should watch or just wait for the instructions? Getting a bit nervous I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

Margo Thompson

Much as I love the sweet pea colours, they don’t go with my decor. But, I love the stitch and I want to use it to make a birthday blanket for my mother in law who hates pinks. Her decor is creams and terracotta. So I am going to use copper, vintage peach, apricot, cream, parchment, mocha, cypress, khaki and walnut instead. I am looking forward to this new stitch as it looks very pretty and delicate. Can’t wait to get started!

Mary Lloyd Jones

It gets more and more exciting.....should I look ,think I had better. Just to make sure,a tension sample ....suspect that I’ll be looser rather than tighter. Wheest,I am only making problems for myself .😏


They are both beautiful, Lucy! I am not doing this CAL (working on the Moorland now and loving it!) but I love watching the CAL--reading posts, seeing pictures. Such fun. I would do the posy for sure!

Also, you have a tiny typo in this post--"Sweep Pea" instead of "Sweet Pea." :)
("The Sweep Pea blanket contains 15 colours.")

Green Girl Gardener

How has it never occurred to me before to use stitch markers in my foundation row? I mean! Really! I also have the kitty interruption issue so I will definitely be using this tip to save me counting my chains a gazillion times! Thanks Lucy! I’ve resisted (so far) looking at the pics. I already know I’m going to do the posy version - I love the feeling that the sweet peas have just blown in the breeze into random colour order. Can’t wait for Friday - my first ever CAL xx.


looks lovely thanks for the sneak peak - I am ordering my yarn here in the US and they were out of stock of a few colors so it is likely that I will be behind a bit but I will be following along closely to see what is going on. I must look for your facebook group!

Belinda Bramall

Wow both gorgeous, can’t decide 🤔😍

Deb Pighetti

Now I want to make both! Darn it😀

Elizabeth FOWLER

I'm doing the repeat in hydrangea stitch....but I might have to do a sweet pea harmony too

Sue Fortune

I’m a crochet beginner, and slightly terrified but Im sure with the help of the CAL I’ll be fine! Really looking forward to brightening up January with you, I love your blog and Facebook posts so thank you very much

Kim Scott

i will be doing the posy one this will be my first time doing a cal looking forward to this i cant read a pattern so im sure i will muddle through somehow and im certain there's a lot of ladies and gents that will help me if i get stuck waiting on the postman to deliver my pack woohoo and the reason im doing the sweet pea posy is when i had my first child my mother in law came into hospital with a posy of them for me out her garden and my daughters nickname became sweet pea lols thank you for this cal xx


Ok I have peeked and I’m going posy ...no colour wash ...no it’s posy definitely posy or shall I do colour wash mmm I could do both but then how will I get another pack past the Rottweiler i mean husband 🤣
Love love live them 2 more sleeepsss 😁

Heidi Clarke

Now I can't decide, I was going to do the posy pattern but seeing the repeat pattern I am tempted. Ohhh decisions.

Gillian McM

Thank you so much! So looking forward. Alas, the sweet pea candle cannot be delivered to the US because it's flammable material - what a shame!!


Love how you did it again Lucy, such sweet colours <3

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