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January 02, 2019


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Kathryn Joelsen


Is there a printable version of each section of this? I am participating in the CAL but I hate having to look at the laptop screen to follow. Like it better on paper that way I can take it where ever I want to. I love all your beautiful work too!

Ruth Langford

Lucy, thank you so much for including my vintage sweet pea stripe cardigan! I'm making slow progress, but aim to have it completed by the last week of the CAL. And then I will make a posy blanket - there's no such thing as "too many blankets", is there? :)

Meta Karcher

Thanks a lot for that wonderful patterns, I just finished the first part and can hardly wait till friday. Sorry for my English, I'm a german lady.

Carol Chamberlain

I finished the first 15 rows on the posy stripe last night so am now going to start the colourwash version to fill in the time until the next section is posted.
Love it.
Thanks Lucy

Ali Allen

My sister bought me this gorgeous kit for Christmas and even though I'm only halfway through the lovely cottage ripple I just couldn't resist joining in the cal yesterday- I love the community feeling .....and of course Lucy, these Sweet Pea colours are irresistible....by the way it's the Posy style for me! Thank you for brightening the dark days of January. Ali x


I have ordered My wool, I visit the site every day, and waiting for the post man In Australia. I have chosen the wool wash. Summer In Australia very hot , but I want to do this for a very special young girl. Thank you Lucy your set up to do this Crochet along is great, so I am confident, that when my wool arrives I will be fine.

Gail Lapierre

You had me at the name, Sweet Pea, my nickname for my granddaughter. Is there a way to attach photos? I’d love to show you the doll beds for granddaughter and honorary granddaughter for Christmas. The afghans were made with leftover yarns from your kits, using your patterns. I’m hoping to have enough left over to make a matching doll bed afghan.

Nicole Wombolt

Thank you Lucy for being you. So loving and kind to your crochet friends of all levels of ability. This blanket is beautiful and i am so excited to be making it. Thank you!

Helen Lightly

These colours are just so beautiful and so very me 💕 I haven’t finished the woodland CAL yet so I wasn’t going to do this one just yet but the colours are so irresistible that I think I might have to indulge! When I looked on Wool Warehouse a couple days ago there were 150 packs available...today they are sold out again! That’s incredible, there’s going to be lots of happy blanket snuggles! I’m on notifications for when they’re back in stock so I can’t wait to join in 😊 thank you Lucy for another fabulous pattern, you are such an inspiration 💕


Ready to go here in Perth WA. Thank you Lucy


So excited to be starting this lovely project even though its boiling hot here in Australia 40 degrees


This is really pretty! And I give you a "head-nod" on crocheting a few extra just-in-case chains. I have done that for a long time and generally chain on for the number of repeats. J at J's Knit and Purl Jam on YouTube chains this way, and I got it from her long time ago. When I make an afghan, I just chain till it looks long enough, add 10 or 20 chains just in case, then work repeats until its as long as I want it. Pull out the left over chains at the end. This doesn't always work with every pattern. But I find that most patterns can be tweaked to work this way. Makes crochet life easier.

sandra dorey

I would love to help Miss Daisy get a Sweet Pea pack of yarn - we can do it - but how can we get in touch with her?
If fifteen of us donated a ball of yarn each we could get it sent via Wool Warehouse.

charlotte m.

I had originally thought to make the Posy, but seeing the colourwash has made me stop to think about it. What to do? Gotta go check on my hooks to see what sizes I have. Getting very excited for this new beginning. Happy New Year Lucy.


Wow! They are both gorgeous Lucy, thank you for all your hard work putting this together you are a superstar 🤩 really looking forward to the CAL. Happy New Year love and hugs Becki xx

Renata Prochazkova

That's amazing!They are both beautiful,I will be doing the posy.I can't wait.


I received my yarn pack yesterday! It's so pretty! I ordered on the 19 of Dec, thinking it could take a while to get to me - the site still warned that regular mail to Canada could be delayed due to the postal issues we had in December...but the odds were in my favour and it came in just under 2 weeks! Looking forward to using these lovely cheery colours as we get though winter!


Love the colour wash - more subtle and sophisticated! I am going to remove the purples as they don't fit with my colour scheme and I will need to consider carefully what I replace them with. Actually choosing colours is fun! Thanks and looking forward to starting xxx


I can't wait to see everyone's progress! The colors used for this blanket are most of my very favorites!

Carol Ann Cutajar

Im so excited to be doing my first CAL with the Sweetpea CAL. My lovely squishy bag of yarn was a surprise Christmas present that came all the way from Barnsley with family here for their first Australian (warm) Christmas. The weather here tomorrow (Melbourne) is a very hot 42 deg, I shall have the airconditioning on so I don't miss out. Thank Lucy. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's posts of their progress. Happy New Year and happy crocheting everyone xxx 😍❤

Miss Daisy

The sneak peak small photo doesn't do the colorwash justice - it hanging on the line in all its glory is STUNNING . I did not like it at all until I saw it there and it is GORGEOUS ! ,but I would still do the posy.ABSOLUTELY love the way you choose colors and thanks for sharing. Being on a fixed income I can only dream of doing one - which I hate. Would love to get my hands and hook into all that yarny goodness.


It is amazing how the order of the colour can change the final result. I didn't like the first version so I bought the hydrangeas pack. But when I see the colourwash version, I'm in love with it. Maybe layer I will make this version. Christine

Janet Heib

Oh my goodness Lucy I don’t know which one to do they are all lovely, I also like the repeat, but will probably do the posy colourway, I will be a little late starting as my Daughter is getting married on Saturday the 5th of January.

Thank you for all your hard work, lovely patterns, fabulous tutorials, and amazing colourways.
Sending lots of love xx


omg I was so convinced I wanted to do posy now I am oooooh that colourwash looks so different from usual stuff I do oooooh I dont know all of a sudden he he he (searching for stitchmarkers I know I have them here somewhere.
Thankyou so much for this cal so excited and feel it all mounting lovely to be a part of 'your crowd' he he

Lesley James

Thank you for the sneaky peek.I think I will do the the posy stripe first but as I have 2 Grandaughters who share a bedroom I will do the colour wash one too! They will look lovely together but there will be no arguments about ownership!

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