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January 25, 2019


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Dwyane Johnson

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Hi Lucy I am just wondering is there a printable version of the blanket. Thanks so much, I have my pack already, but quite new to crochet. thankyou


Loving the colours and I am making the kingsize blanket, working on this blanket has helped me as my lovely hubster is ill and it keeps my hands and mind busy.



could you please make a written version that can be printed out please? I love to crochet on an evening whilst watching the tv and there is no where to place a laptop, a paper version would be fabulous

Lesley Hunter

Hi, I’m sorry but I am new to this and not sure whether I am just repeating myself. I am doing the colour wash blanket and can’t see where I am to be using the violet colour. If you can enlighten me I would be grateful.
Lesley H.


well oh well. All those snuggly pets made me smile wide this morning. Perfect start. Thanks for sharing it all Lucy. Have a good week.

Michelle chappell

A lady on the post from Australia says there is a knitted pattern for the morland blanket can anyone tell mme where i can find it


It is funny reading about being snuggled under the blanket as it grows while I have had the air conditioning on so I can keep up with the CAL at 40 plus degrees C. I am making the throw size and think it may be completed now until week 5. Am I correct? 3 repeats of the sample version? I also note you mentioned showing us how to make the last row with an even edge. Should I un pull my last row? Thankyou for this delightful array of colours to crochet. They really make me smile despite the heat.


Hi, Lucy! I haven't left a comment for ages, but I have been following the progress of your Sweet Pea Posy blanket. It is absolutely stunning! I think of the alternative uses of the colours I like the Sweet Pea Harmony blanket the best, but then I look at the others . . . I love that you have created this amazing All-Seasons Harmony of a community that stretches around the world.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every day of the week to come. Please say Hi to the Cooper's Groupers (lol) from the Canadian lady who dropped by twice in early November. Joining you all gave me some very treasured memories.

Love and Light ~ Linne

susan bishop

Hello Lucy
I have mentioned you on my blog - please let me know if you are not happy about this.
Susan (SpinningStreak)
PS I couldn't work out any other way to contact you - almost certainly my fault!

Helen England

Well that was a surprise to see my Josie here! This is My first CAL. My first crochet and the first group I’ve been in that’s sooooo uplifting and so kind. Thank you Lucy and the Moorland and more group for giving me this! Xxx

Maggie Clarke

I’m not a crocheter but I love to knit so I was thrilled to see a knitted pattern. I have just ordered the Moorland kit as it has the colours of Heather in it. My mum’s ancestry is Scottish so I’ll be knitting it for her. Lucy, is there anything I need to think about using the moorland colours with knitted version you shared? Thank you
Maggie in Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. X x

Gillian Reay

I'm attempting an Hydrangea stitch blanket in these colours,but battling with the Foundation chain "rainbowing' after the first row of the hydrangea stitch. Am I correct in counting more stitches in the pattern itself than the foundation chain? into 4 stitches of the FC there are 6 stitches created to make the "shell"?

Suzanne horsfield

My first time of joining with a big group. I love the stitch, love the colours too. A lovely thought that there are folk everywhere sat hooking the same blanket at the same time. Lovely idea. Thanks Lucy. Keep the ideas coming please. Soon everything in my house and my kids and family and friends houses will be full of crochet. My daughter asked for one of your wreaths, but in fluorescent colours....she has a 10 week old baby called Sunny who doesn't take her eyes off of it. It is rather fun although I say it myself. Back to crochet....see you next week. Xxx

Teresa Kasner

What a fun post, Lucy.. with all the crocheters, blankets and furred and feathered companions who sit patiently with us as we stitch along. I have to say I'm so happy to be involved in this blanket CAL.. it's way more fun when you're "in it" with you and all the ladies (and at least one man that I have seen) around the world. And now.. just so you know.. I'm off to sew in a weeks worth of ends.. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
PS - I did a blog post about my week 3 completion today. :-)


First CAL for me and only started crochet two weeks ago. Lovely friends have helped me on my way. Loving the stunning colours and value for money packs - definitely addicted now and can't wait to see the colourwash sweetpea blanket complete. Great pictorial too.

Sharon Arnold

Hi Lucy! Such joy this has brought to so many, myself included.
Unfortunately there’s not much else being done around the house! Do you have the pattern online for the sunshine and raindrops blanket


This is my very first CAL. I've been crocheting for a few years but never joined in on one of these. So much fun to be hooking away knowing people all over the world are doing the same thing. The trellis stitch is one of my favorites now, it's so rhythmic and relaxing. Thank you for all the hard work you do to share this wonderful experience.

Angela- Southern USA

Such fun seeing all the fur and feathered babies with the gorgeous blankets! Have a fab weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Can anyone figure out (using math probably) how to do the color wash in a baby blanket size.

Arlene Bomback

I just finished part one and trying desperately to catch up. It looks amazing and all the colors and peoples pet are just the best . I love it all!


LOVE the animal pics, Lucy!! We need more of those. Blankets are lovely. Great shots of the makers all together too.


Oh my, how gorgeous is this blanket no matter the sequence. 💗 Lucy you absolutely blow me away with your creative mind. I found your blog a few years ago and love reading your posts. I find myself being transported in the beauty of your surroundings, whether in the Attic, in your home, or out and about in the beauty that seems to wrap you in its glory. Thank you for each and every entry you provided for us. 💕

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